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  1. What model engine do u have? yes it does make a huge difference
  2. Im like all or nothing with motor racing. Either it bores the crap out of me (sober) or I love it like I total bogan and vocalise aa such (plastered) hahaha
  3. Cooking dinner. Beef and pork ragu lasagne with mushrooms, bacon and egg Other than That not much. what about you?
  4. A paint colour is a paint colour. Theyre not series exclusive
  5. You didn’t pay for numbers. Money doesn’t equal power. The package you have now would be more efficient, better in the mid range, more reliable and have a heap less strain on your engine to make that power. that's about what a Bf makes on 98 fuel at 14 pound when working efficiently. Sounds about right to me. The fact of the matter is you can give someone two cars with two different tunes and the better tune will feel faster, doesn’t mean it’s reflected on Rwkw necessarily on your dyno sheet. Worry about how it feels not the numbers, unless you’re building a dyno queen car, in which case I suggest you change your entire approach mods wise. To make more power on those mods on that turbo it needs more boost... which your tuner may have chosen not to do due to a bunch of factors, condition etc.
  6. You’re kidding right? Its like the easiest sh*t in the world. Apple air play is the bomb.
  7. Everyone’s allowed to have a different interpretation of their best day and I think that changes over years and after many experiences.
  8. It’s always about you freaky. ... hahaha j@ just made me watch Training Day.... meh...
  9. S7s are for boring accountants who have been married over ten years, who never get laid (except their birthday), because their wives resent them as they married the “smart guy” instead of the “hot” guy ...but love their cheque book so stay married in infinite misery, usually with two teenage kids in a nice neighbourhood... not so nice they’re rich but nice enough to know one of them makes alright money. Their wife drives a 2012 Range Rover and whinges her car isn’t new enough because when she drops her two teenagers at their private school she has the least fancy car there... If freaky was an accountant in ten years he’d drive one.
  10. Only happens once a year after all.
  11. Good to know bcb! Our last Samsung has lasted ten years and still going.... we hasn’t purchased a nice tv in a decade now (only a 50inch soniqe cheapy) so we decided to splash this time around. It comes with Apple TV pre installed so saved us buying it externally as well. Currently watching john wick 3 on it as we speak and pretty stoked.
  12. I was a bad influence on j@ this morning and got a new 75incj Samsung at JBs
  13. I only needed half bahaha
  14. I had my pen*s cut off to donate to keif since he didn’t have one previously ... I’m sure you’re enjoying my 18” big black Schlong now wait ya @k31th 😉

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