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  1. Omg .... you’re telling me that while I was fashion shopping and didn’t get my $250 coat because I decided to be a tight arse... u didn’t even represent and get us LEGO!!!! *runs back to Myer*
  2. Sound good much yes. Hoist good lift forum happy conversation full of yes.
  3. Spent all day reducing some steak and mushrooms and a hand full of this and that.... to make home made pies for tea.
  4. I’ve never needed gum boots so badly lol
  5. He’s lying^^^ it goes vroooom vrooooom
  6. This thread hurts my face.
  7. Very clever car for quoting if you think about it. Rich lookinng enough to say... successful and professional business ... not rich enough to say... ima bout to go bankrupt and lose all ya deposit. 💸
  8. This thread need more JDTuning Sprint modification build updates... we’ve had it nearly 5 days already... hurry up bruh!! 😝
  9. ArronM making sense for once. People who buy hardware based on internet advice then take the car to their tuna and say “here make this work” then get annoyed when the parts run out or have issues and the car cant be tuned properly or to what they want. *insert eye roll* Monza coolers... Jebus I didn’t even know they were still a thing.
  10. Maybe... but I did sell new Turbo falcons all the way up til FG and drove a chit load of them and this one just feels toite like a tiger That sucks puff. Our 2.5 year old is like that atm too... smart arse central and doesn’t shut up. Spent long enough not talking now won’t stfu HA. Hope you dont all get sick, that’s the problem with multiple kids, one gets sick you all get sick

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