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  1. Shoulders today … the last couple shoulder days I’ve managed to DB shoulder press the 25kg dbs for reps so pretty stoked… also took a pretty cool photo and realised how much back gains have been made May 2023-Feb 2024
  2. 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
  3. 240 is hauling ass puff welldone 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
  4. thanks I am actively trying to not build traps any further as they’re freaking way too big atm hahaha 🤣 I have started seeing delt separation the last few weeks which is awesome 🥰
  5. Well after 2022 involving a huge loss of 51kgs 2023 was a year of overall scale gain of 6kgs. I leaned down in so many areas overall though so there were phases of recomp and from the calculations I have gained over 10kgs of muscle in 2023… today was the first day of a 3 month mini cut to see where I’m at … aim is to lose 10kgs over 12ish weeks… bringing me down to a good lean point to assess what areas need focused growth for a lean bulk for the remainder of 2024. 1 year bulk results
  6. I’m have to agree with keiffff I had some wine last night and doing quads today was like a bath of sweat and awfulness bahah 🤣🤣🤣 plus alcohol hinders protein synthesis… don’t wanna ruin the gainssssss hahaha
  7. Merry Gainzmass peeps! Was glutes day today… I have been training legs of some form every second day on this program. it’s been 8 weeks roughly… I feel like I haven’t seem a difference in leg appearance, until I looked at a comparison photo today… August vs December Bring on 2024 growth!
  8. Photo says it all…. Training for wellness means leg training in some format every second day… growing quads and glutes to balance out the huge hammies lol
  9. I’m having a crisis internally today went dress shopping everything makes me look like the hulk and I have gone up a size… my back and shoulders don’t fit in anything and my quads and glutes don’t either but my waist is too small for the size up after focusing on being smaller for two years, it’s a mind f*** getting bigger. but then my mate put it into perspective today… me: omg I’m going up a size from this time last year and I’m so upset him: oh you’re a body builder and you’re muscles are too big and you need bigger clothes.. that’s shocking me: okay point taken 🤣🤣🤣
  10. I always have a niggle in my right shoulder… it’s balls… Been getting the gainzzzz lately only thing is in baggy shirts I’m starting to look like a square 🤣🤣
  11. Thanks Puff! ♥️ Body building is now something I’m actively doing I guess… but also I don’t have a specific competition in mind or even know if I want to compete… but there are a few transformation divisions which I have been told I’d probably do very well in. 🥰 But it’s a time thing I guess, just see where I can get to… ultimately a wellness or figure physique is what I’d love to get to one day. I have some pretty dramatic physique progress photos which show a lot but they’re not really forum appropriate lol
  12. At the moment maintenance is about 3000-3500 it seems… that keeping in mind I’m doing 1-1.5hours strength, 45 mins cardio then second cardio session of 45-1hr at night and getting in 20,000 steps a day. 4,500 cals I didn’t see any significant weight gain, around 1kg over 8 weeks but a couple days low carb and I dropped the scale weight so I’m assuming that was carb and food bloat I was carrying. over that period of more food I was doing a lot of strength and cardio too so it’s kinda hard to tell at the moment but I’ve definitely put on a fair bit of muscle and still losing fat.
  13. At first yes but now not as much cut is still 1900-2200 cals for me so it’s not terrible 🥰
  14. In a cut phase at the moment… Dropping pretty consistently in scale weight but retaining muscle… Solid bench press set this morning for a deficit… 10x 60kg 10x 62.5kg 6x 65kg 8x 60kg A few weeks between pics also finally starting to get abs showing for the first time in my life hahah Woop Woop
  15. Only 2 …. I am on my way back up after having a big downturn… got sick, ate too lean cals and really shat the bed the last 8 weeks… my lifts suffered big time but back on the band wagon and bam feeling like I’m getting my groove back. amazing how much nutrition effects your performance, sounds obvious I know, but munts ya hard hey. In other news I’ve been eating 4500 cals for almost 8 weeks straight now (with the exception of 3 days in too low cals which is what put me into the sh*t spin) and haven’t put on a single kilo 🤣🤣🤣 #muscles=fastmetabolism
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