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  1. Thanks Keif ❤️❤️❤️ (Warm and fuzzies) my eldest bought my a socket set...I’m thankful I had boys for maybe the first time 😂 hope everyone’s having a good weekend! 💕
  2. Fist day at the new job (Senior Project Manager) done and dusted. Working for government is awesome, I got to move organisation’s and keep all my long service and leave etc. Everyone seems amazing and we even have a team beer fridge 😂 Most excitingly I am finally in a position I was working toward for the last few years and I managed to get there without and engineering degree, based on my knowledge and achievements. Lets hope it continues to go well 😬 How is everyone else? Hey Keif, where’s Arronm been hiding?
  3. That little piggy went... wee wee wee... all the way home.... to Rabs House. 🥓 Well this morning all the boys wanted McDonald’s pancakes but I’m a tight arse so I went and cooked some from scratch with my famous recipe I googled. Turned out okay. Nice and fluffy 🤣🥰 Honourable mention to last night... nibbles platter, footy and beers... farrrrk I love my new house ❤️
  4. Thanks biddie! might steal the keys to the J@ later and rip some fat skids 🤣
  5. Hahah thanks Rab ❤️ And thanks tranny banger j@! Have felt very spoilt today. J@ got my the most amazing gift, a piece of art which I have been eyeing off for ages. I have always wanted to start a collection of amazing art throughout our home which grows as our family grows. This piece just blew me away with its detail, story and colours and I have been wanting it for our entrance for so long! My camera just didn’t do it justice only that photo^^ the colours are astounding in light... The artist is an amazing indigenous
  6. Thought I’d do an update on the new cooking set up... Cannot say how much I love it!!! Got a Westinghouse cooktop... honestly I went for the most economical but largest one I could find/afford and it is performing amazingly. The elements are far enough apart I’ve never once not had enough room, the largest element is a twin so can be used for small or large, the cast iron pieces can be removed for cleaning of the whole set up... and it’s just working well so far. Much similar to the oven, Westinghouse again and working well, all digital and seems to be very
  7. I would.... but I’m balls deep in footy and beer 😂
  8. Heaps of pubs here are open 🤷🏼‍♀️
  9. Nice work keifffyyyyy!!!! kicking goals.
  10. Been a while since anyone posted on here but I’m excited to break the silence with some good news... Got offered a fairly awesome job yesterday. I’m now a Senior Project Manager (construction sector in government). It’s a job I’ve been dreaming and working toward for a long time now and stoked to have worked hard enough that an engineering degree wasn’t required due to enough proven experience and results. Pretty excited to say the least and ready to take on the new challenge! 😝🥰
  11. It was all the extras above our current car that got me. I really wanted leather, electric seats, suspension upgrades and a sunroof, plus the kids will love the screen.... but yeah my eyes watered at the on roads after luxury car tax 😩 Luckily our current car was worth 10k more than I thought it would be tbh so it worked out okay.
  12. Remember when 300rwkw was a shatload! 😂😂😂😂 1500awhp is so scary!
  13. That’s way more complicated than I’d ever dare to do! 😂 CBF finding the “cool things you just bought” thread... Just ordered the new family bus.... the first one was so good we decided to get another! 2021 Toyota Prado... but this time we got the Kakadu! 🥰😬 Charcoal grey with matching bull bar. Won’t get it for probably 5-6 months but excited for it to come! https://www.toyota.com.au/-/media/toyota/main-site/vehicle-hubs/prado/files/prado_online-brochure_dec2020.pdf https://www.toyota.com.au/prado/prices?material_code=427
  14. Well we’ve just been doing some finishing touches... waiting on curtains and shutters and some furniture but we mounted the TVs on the weekend.... loving the living area and the built In cabinetry is now also. (don’t mind the alfresco which is a junk area) Completed bar... other than the holes in the ceiling which need patching. Bedroom cabinetry looking good also
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