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  1. Hahaha I guess it’s dependant on era, styling and taste. these same tiles have featured at least three times on either the block or equivalent shows and a few more in a lavender colour also. It was so funny because we were renovating my Nonno’s bathroom only 12 months ago laughing about his purple toilet, shower and bath! 🤣 (I’ll post pics below) I decided to make such a bold choice because the pattern is very adaptable and easily sprayed white or Grey and then becomes on trend again, but for now, I LOVE the pink and it goes perfectly with my pink bed
  2. Well I went for a theme on all lighting which remains to be seen as a positive or other... All our down lights are cool white (white white) and all feature lights are warm white. I’m no lighting designer but I did this for the “homely” feel at night, but all the globes are LED so easily changed. Given those same lights are above our bedside tables it makes for a warm and dimmable light. The bathroom and ensuite still have white down lights in the space so you don’t have to use the warm wall lights (eg when doing make up etc) I also changed the down
  3. Ok so I was heavily questioned about my vision for our ensuite by J@ and today I got my vindication... Finally the custom made cabinets and the lights arrived and it has transformed the space and j@ only hates it 40% instead of 120% so I am taking that as a huge win! 🤣 I will photo in stages: Stage 1: The dreaded pink tile Stage 2: Grouted and looking better. Stage 3: Sinks, Tap wear, basins and lights Stage 4: Custom Cabinets Stage 5: M
  4. Funnily enough it’s loads of room. That means it’s nearly 1800 off the ground and it’s over an island... doesn’t matter how tall you are, if you bend over to grab something there’s no way you’d hit your head on it... unless you’re drunk dancing ontop of the island 😂😂😂
  5. https://carolineondesign.com/how-to-hang-pendant-lighting-over-kitchen-island/ I can’t reach the middle but I’m fairly midgety 😂😂
  6. Some beers and putting in some lights tonight... pretty stoked with how all the downlights look! turns out j@ can actually sparkie (think he just needs the right supervisor 🤣) also stoked with how the ensuite is looking
  7. Hahaha that’s not Aaron btw lol... that’s my work sparkie lol. he’s just being a funny carnt
  8. Happy Hump Day Keiffy how u doing? I cbf this afternoon... flat AF in the middle of a bunch of projects. this is what happens when I try and manage my 50yo sparkie 😂
  9. Well today was a sh*tshow from start to finish! Up at 4.30 to load up a container and some infrastructure and drop them in... Then get called back to site because I have concrete issues, relating to the fall of the new driveway and a burst pipe... but all sorted One driveway done!!! exposed ag... looks the goods!
  10. Ticked some serious stuff off the list today interior wise. - Up/Down Lights for the Facade - Small Sofa for the Master Suite - Funky Light Fitting for the kids rooms Then the boys picked their art work.... The first is Hudson who chose this big 1800x1200 hand painted piece which will go on his large charcoal wall to make a statement And then William has the funny monkey, hand painted piece, going above his bedpan the mustard wall... Also forgot to ta
  11. Thanks Bbc! Shower door isn’t clear due to the fact it’s open plan and you can see it a bit waking into the master. pink tiles are definitely controversial. j@ doesn’t like em, my site foreman didn’t then they were grouted and now he does.... EVERY SINGLE girl in my office loves them hahaha.... they match the pink bed that’s coming so it will all make more sense haha.
  12. Yeah, always on the back foot when I answer with my professional greeting like who da feck is this Kent HAHAHA 🤣 Speaking of which, haven’t heard from you in ages... you must be turning into too much of a country bumpkin nowadays 😝🤣
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