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  1. My fake tan gets caught in my calluses and makes my hands look so horrific 😂
  2. Just some proof scales don’t mean sh*t… something I have to remind myself of every day after this journey as it plagued me and still does… I suffer from body dysmorphia severely after this journey…. Below left = 69kgs after a 51kg loss and no exercise Below right = 75kgs after 4 months straight weight training, footy and eating like a machine constantly.
  3. Low cal cheese cakes 120cals per cake with 6g protein
  4. True that on the heat cardio side!!! Footy training in 36 the other day… normally my recovery rate is sensational… my HR wouldn’t dip below 140 even after a solid 3-4 mins of rest. This was a super light session with loads of breaks but you’d think it was straight work out due to the consistent high HR… but in reality this was half standing still or sitting… but HR wouldn’t drop due to heat…. Keeping in mind my resting HR is 56 average and my recovery HR drops to like 70-80 almost straight away normally.
  5. Well speaking of body building … thought I’d elaborate on some nutrition and sups stuff… Puff in answer to your question, yes creatine works… but I get super water retentive despite having the concentrated version … so I kinda fluctuate on and off it. It adds a solid 3kgs to the scales for me. Strong at the moment, hitting a bunch of PBs this week… 65kg lat pull downs being the one I am most happy with…. So a typical day for me looks like the following: 4am: Pre Work Out & Creatine 4.15am: Gym - 1.5-2 hours strength & 30 mins cardio 7am: Protein Shake & L-Glutamine 10am: Protein Bar & LeSnack 12pm: My Muscle Meal 2pm: Protein Bar & Berries 5.30pm: My Muscle Meal 6.30pm: Second Cardio 2hrs (Footy training etc) 9pm: Desert of some description, usually a high protein low cal home made something like a protein cookie dough or protein baked cheesecake… I like the muscle nation vanilla ice cream protein powder and powdered peanut butter for making a variety of desert options. 9.30pm - Bed Time and Supplements Total - 1800cals & 150-160g Protein Dinners and Lunches I like the My Muscle Meals… they’re the best tasting, highest protein to calorie ratio of a lot of the pre made meals… the beef stroganoff is the best but I haven’t been able to find it for a while. Quest branded protein stuff is the bomb imo for low cal and high protein and taste. The Quest Loaded Taco Chips are the best ever!!! The quest birthday cake bars are the best also. The musashi wafer ones are good for a sweet snack also. Any of these shakes are the best calorie and protein bang for buck and taste good too Pre work outs I like mixing up occasionally… these are on the rotation at the moment… Creatine and L-Glutamine and also smash a few hydralites per day also… Also on these mix of sups and also a once a week vitamin D …
  6. Feeling a non scale victory today…. my RHR used to be 80-90bpm when I was obese…. Im now approaching athlete territory with a RHR of about 56bpm…. health wins FTW
  7. After losing 51kgs total … went into a small bulk for the last 10weeks or so and now into an aggressive cut to get ready for my 2023 footy season… playing centre half forward so gotta step up my game… program is pretty strict with loads of cardio and weights still but calorie restrictive af on high protein first 4 weeks - 1200cals & 120g protein second 4 weeks - 1500cals & 140g protein last 2 weeks - 1800cals & 140g protein For an idea on an average program day I’m burning 3400-3800 cals easily. not a long term sustainable system but hard and fast to get lean for footy and make the most of my gainzzzz Pics of December when I started the bulk vs today …. And pics of program so far
  8. So leg day is my favourite... been making big gains in weight training... pyramid training is going really well for me... and I cranked out some PBs today... Leg day was as follows Warm up - assault bike and mobility stretching. Hack squat (god I hate that machine!) 10x No weight full range of motion 20x 20kgs 15x 30kgs 12x 40kgs 8x 50kgs 15x 30kgs Leg Press (pre load resistance roughly 45kgs) 20x 40kgs 15x 60kgs 12x 80kgs 10x 100kgs 8x 120kgs 4x 140kgs (new PB normally wouldn’t do this many sets but I was seeing where my new max was) 15x 60kgs 20x 40kgs For reference I’m under 70kgs body weight so loading double my body weight. Hip Thrusts 15x 40kgs (plus bar) 12x 60kgs 10x 80kgs 6x 100kgs (120kg including bar) 20x 40kgs Then did leg extension and leg curls. then loads of stretching!!!!! (Can’t do calf’s as I’m nursing a calf tear from footy) Hip flexors are feeling pushed from footy on my left side but other than that feeling good... I don’t get DOMS and my gains are really tangible to date (started with 30kgs on leg press LOL). I have a very high protein intake and I’ve stayed consistent with my weight even though my legs/arms etc are noticeably growing muscle so I think recomposition is going well to date. Shoulders, back and arms are filling out also... over all feeling STRONG! 💪🏼
  9. So this is an interesting one Stripes. I’ve been asked by a ton of people if I’d consider coaching them/giving advice/making videos etc of tips and help for people... I considered doing a Chanel of some description to help people, dispel myths, work on achievable goals etc etc and share my general experience... because losing 50kgs and changing your lifestyle and mindset is NOT the same as losing 10-15 or yo yo-ing or fad diets etc the list goes on... and more importantly... being consistent and accepting/making these habits a part of your life long term is something of the upmost importance rather than the weight loss itself IMO! Do that and the weight will go by itself. To a degree what puff is saying has merit, but also is the same as telling someone with depression to just snap out of it. obesity is a disease and has many contributing factors. How do we get fat? Being in a calorie surplus. How do we get in that calorie surplus? By eating more and moving less? Why did that happen?.... and there it is.... the answer is gonna be different for everyone and therefore the solution is going to be different for everyone!!! I don’t just mean physical reasons either, most are associated with a disorder or dysfunctional relationship around food to some capacity. Some are related to underlying health issues people aren’t aware they have (usually despite people’s eagerness to use this as an excuse it’s actually not, but more of a reason someone might feel more fatigued or be challenged by their illness to stay in a sub optimal nutrition status). Some are related to habits and environment. Some are related to emotional trauma or mental health issues which manifest as a food dysfunction/lack of motivation or ability to exercise. To be honest the advice I’d offer everyone would be different based on their own circumstances... but if I had to give you one hot tip/list of steps ... it would be this... 1. Go to the doctors (if you haven’t already, and get a FULL physical including all blood and levels, thyroid, etc.). Assuming that’s fine or you address any issues then move onto the next step. 2. Do not change a single thing but track what goes in your mouth... INCLUDING CALORIES WE DONT LIKE TO COUNT OR FORGET TO COUNT!!! I can elaborate on that one for hours!!! Being honest, real and thorough is of the upmost importance with this! 3. Work out your BMR and establish how much of a surplus you’re in currently (or maintenance etc) and work out why... is it times of day where you binge.. is it situational (work, weekends, events, etc) ... is it holistic (just all over making bad choices or eating too much volume) or random... and have a really good think about why that is. Why are you treating food in that capacity... may be as simple as an addiction to sugar (you see in tracking your diet is sugar heavy etc) or may be that you have a depression trigger which causes you to eat etc. ... either way figure out where your triggers are or what the catalyst might be. Try to address this (this one is complicated so I won’t elaborate). 4. Figure out an ACHIEVABLE deficit (500 cals say)... and eat exactly what you’re eating now, but less. Cut something easy out (usually volume or by substitution) to achieve that 500... then repeat this step every few weeks with portion control or moderation until you’re at 1000cals a day deficit (this is only achievable when you have a high bmr due to being overweight and this will need to be adjusted over time). DURING THIS PHASE DO NOT: - include any exercise routines you’re not already doing - cut out any foods you like or are addicted to, but moderate them/portion control them (the aim is not to shock your body into withdrawals but slowly change it along with your mental approach to food). - make any dramatic lifestyle changes, stay with what you’re doing, stay consistent. I did not include exercise into my routine until 4/6 months in and even then it was moderate and infrequent for the most part... and I didn’t include daily exercise until 2 months ago!!! Because I know it was too much of a change for me to sustain. I didn’t focus on diet and nutrition (eating more nutritious foods etc) until 6 months in... and even then, I make sure I moderate, not cut anything out because I know my body will just crave it more. Only now am I trying to really achieve 140-170g protein daily because it aligns with my body cravings due to the weight training... my body WANTS fuel and I’m listening to it... in fact I’m about to smash nandos as we speak and I had a massive beef burger and chips for lunch... however I burnt 3500 cals yesterday from footy and gym... so you learn to listen to your body... but you need to go through a healing phase with your body so it starts sending the right messages in the first place! This is all a process and what I’ve said above worked for me because it’s not instant, it’s not over night, it’s not a quick fix or diet, it’s a lifestyle change which is sustainable and enables us to learn lessons on the way about nutrition, fitness, calories, etc. Biggest piece of advice, throw any ideas of fad diets in the bin. Shakes, fasting, Keto, whatever other BS some cooked KARnt is peddlin... STOP IT! You’re better off waiting another 6 months to start than starting any of that crap coz I almost promise you’ll fail and put back on every kg you lose plus some. Stop worrying about exercise!! (Unless you enjoy it and it’s already part of your routine) our calories we burn in exercise make up for such a small percentage overall of our daily output!!! You DO NOT need to exercise to lose weight, period. Once you start to see results make more SMALL and achievable changes gradually at the same time as addressing your dysfunction (whatever that is) around food as well. Then you can start to incorporate exercise when you feel like you’re gonna enjoy it or it’s going to add value to your life rather than be something you’re forcing yourself to do. That’s my 2 cents... Happy to help if u need... Let me know if u need a source/ help with good BMR calculators or deficit goals etc etc. PS. counting calories is also a big area people screw up. Either from lack of understanding on how to do it, or forgetting to count every single thing they actually consume.
  10. Well I don’t wanna jinx anything ... but there has been talk by my coach of the SANFLW for my future potentially 😬 but I’m old and have a long way to go hahah so who knows
  11. Well... I have had to make a big mental shift from 50kgs/10months worth of calorie restrictions to actually learning to fuel my body... but I think day by day I’m getting there... This is what sitting on my but feeling sorry for myself due to my diagnosis vs weight training 6-7 times a week and football/high intensity cardio 2 times a week looks like ... Freaking out the scales are going up a tad (yes I know why but it’s still scary after focusing on numbers going down for so long). Gaining 2kgs in 2 months but losing a whole clothing size again makes me feel okay about it.... still a bit shift and something my mindset is changing into... fuelling my body instead of feeding it. But onwards and upwards. Footy is amazing also... absolutely loving it and can feel my cardio and fitness getting better every week so fast... also enjoy the game much more than I realised and happen to be half decent at it (transferable skills from basketball I think), so that helps
  12. Absolutely so proud of you J@! I know better than anyone the amount of effort and love you put into your tuning passion and this particular journey specifically. You’ve come leaps and bounds over the years and this thread is an embodiment of that... look how far you’ve come!!! The sheer pride you put in your work and the passion you have manifests in the achievement of amazing things and you’ve had such a big part of making Alex’s journey what it is. Well done to all you boys and achieving such a great result! Couldn’t be more proud of all of you... but especially you J@ ❤️ PS... Well done Mr Alex! you’re crazy but awesome and this is a huge achievement! Well-done pal!
  13. Not so much weight training but on another fitness tangent... pre season for footy kicks off tomorrow night... pretty excited to see where my fitness is at and hopefully get more fit as the weeks go on 😃
  14. Well it’s official... after weighing in this morning I can officially say 3 things... 1. I haven’t weighed this little since I was 17 years old 2. I can deadlift more than my body weight 3. When I lat pull down and release my knees from the pad I get pulled upwards like a small child holding onto a spinning clothesline LOL
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