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  1. pretty much Been an impossibility since they were released
  2. I feel very lucky I’ve been trying to get one for over a year and j@ pulled a rabbit out the bag on this one
  3. Well not something I bought but something Jet got for me.... for our wedding anniversary... freakin ASSSSSSOMMMEEEEEE
  4. We don’t keep our money in an accessible account, we’ve been scammed so many times, bank returns it within a few days usually... so we learned not to keep much in our “spendings” and just transfer it as needed for this exact reason. people are a holes 😞
  5. Does your bank give it back??? that sucks bro!
  6. I think you meant.... ”sorry Dani for becoming too good a friends with your husband so he now spends nights texting me instead of listening to your utter drivel “ 😂😂😂😂😂
  7. Is it for council/planning consent? if so you can submit hand drawings scanned in Also Bluebeam is great but expensive. I use CaD though so that’s probably no help, although CaD were doing an App as a free trial for a while. EDIT- sorry I just read about your by hand comments
  8. I don’t even know what that is 😬
  9. Moaning Mega annoyed this morning the curtains that took 7 months have already screwed up, in less than a week after install... on the up side j@ made me LOL about it.....
  10. I could eat it out the jar with a spoon
  11. Playing devils advocate, generally you’re correct that’s the aim of having a high level of vaccine rate, however this vaccine has not proven as yet to stop or significantly lower transmission of the virus. So all these people in SA atm saying “don’t let the truckies in unless they’re vaccinated” make zero sense because they are still able to carry the virus almost as effectively as an unvaccinated person and therefore pose a very similar risk. I think this is hard, no one knows all the answers, and I think the main thing people are forgetting is other people’s freedom of
  12. There is a significant list of reasons/links with exiting health issues I have which aren’t necessarily straight forward. the first and major one being there is minimal data on people with rare autoimmune diseases and the vaccines effect on already overactive immune diseases.... For example... just one of the factors (the easiest to elaborate on), I have the opposite issue to blood clots, I have immune-thrombocytopenia which means my body kills it platelets and I bleed like Freeeck. I bumped my knee on the table very lightly the other day... this was the result...
  13. I am up in the air about the vax personally (I mean for me). One doctor tells me to get it, then another says definitely do not. (This is due to my own underlying health issues not because of anything antivax related FYI). So just sitting right at this stage and waiting for any more research/info/opinions from specialists 😬
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