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  1. Oh Baffffyyyy... what’s new pussy cat!?!
  2. Well it only took a year ... but finally finished the back yard and all the troops (Human and K9) seem happy.
  3. So I’ve wanted a running buddy and unfortunately our bulldog is already on the wrong side of the life expectancy for a dog of her breed, not that she runs anywhere anyway hahaha... After much convincing, and he’s still not convinced LOL, j@ finally agreed to drive me out to a farm yesterday and get this little gem. I am fully aware how insane border collies are in regards to needing physical and mental stimulation which is why I chose her. great running buddy and a good family companion and super smart. She’s already doing super well with toilet training, whines when she needs to go, and we started with come, sit, down and paw today and she’s got it sorted. She’s also learnt (in only 3 meal times) she needs to sit before she will get her dinner. Very clever for 8 weeks old! We’ve decided to call her Fly ❤️.
  4. Afternoon keifff.... So I got a running buddy today.... https://imgur.com/a/lVpRu1I
  5. Tricep king mate. I have a goal to run every day in June. working out when I will exercise and pre planning time is key I think. managed to run yesterday arvo after work and then at 5.30 this morning and feeling good
  6. Played golf yesterday for the first time in a while... maybe 6 weeks. I cannot believe the difference in my “feeling” and how my body is after 18 holes. With my existing illness I generally have been writing it off to that, getting tired around the 14th then feeling like I’ve been hit by a truck for a week. This time after 18 I was ready for another 18. It’s absolutely amazing how 35kgs off effects your system in ways you don’t even anticipate. My goal is to exercise every day in June and really get going on the running thing, hopefully doing 20-30 minute runs most days by Christmas. Currently sitting lighter than I’ve been in 9 years and with another 5kgs I’ll be lighter than pre kids, so feeling really good
  7. Scotty you got that for me!!!?!?!? oh thanks pal!!!
  8. Best part about getting the school run done, no more driving for the day, time for beers hahaha
  9. Started the Monday off with a bit of this.... Now doing a bit of this....
  10. Thanks keiffff.... I did run like during sports etc as I played a lot of sports til I was about 18... but never just “run” like as an activity. So I have great starting and stopping (HIT) type endurance but long runs (30mins and more) I haven’t ever done. Puff I actually went and got fitted recently for a proper pair and I must say these bad boys are super comfy so far!!!! Ugly as f*** but comfy LOL https://www.theathletesfoot.com.au/brooks-adrenaline-gts-22-d-womens-black-dianthus-silver.html
  11. Not so much weights... but I’m starting running. I’ve always wanted to be a runner, but never had the body/fitness levels for it. So now I’m down 33kgs I decided nows as good a time as any to start working my way up to running. Starting with hurts of jogging then walking then jogging and increasing the time jogging each time. Gotta say, as someone who never ran/couldn’t coz I got to chunky, it feels really good!!!
  12. Great day for a nice walk along the Torrens..... Adelaide’s a bit beautiful....
  13. That’s actually funny!!! So I have one civil project on this year... my god it’s boring. There’s only so much I can be entertained by concrete and steel work.
  14. Sound good puff!!! So I was spoilt tonight... been really busy with work and I was home late, basically walked into dinner on the table. j@ cooked up some yummy chicken Kiev balls and steak and veg.... was amazing! On another note went up to Browns Brothers in Tanunda the other week and got some amazing local donuts. They have so many cool flavours and options and they were all amazing!!!
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