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  1. Out of all the choices of confectionery you pick those da feq
  2. #newageporn #its2019 #cmonguys
  3. Not bad thanks. Good Friday and Dinner out, Rest Saturday, Had a bridal shower today and have tomorrow off as well. how was your mbbbbbaf
  4. Yeah I heard that you think that about yourself ... from yourself.
  5. Not really I spoil it with my well over competitive nature lolol I make family scrabble cringeworthy lol
  6. Great minds think alike hey. How’d you go? Not that I’m bragging but I beat tranny by 1stroke today woop woop
  7. Its grown on me, I hated them at first. Now I love the front... not sold on the back though so it’s kinda like a pretty girl with big tits and a flat arse
  8. So my hobby for the last few years is planning. Crazy girl thing with stationery etc... get a lot of stuff from the US... and I use and have thousands of stickers... it makes me calm and gives me a break from reality as well as organised me. I have several planners, work, personal and memory keeping and this year went with a sticker hourly layout but decided I wanted something to doodle my stuff in on the fly and not have to worry about how it looks so much... pretty happy with how it’s turning out getting back into lettering etc. I know guys won’t get this but it’s just my thing... jet thinks I’m nuts lol my normal sticker work layout: My drawing and doodling planner I’ve been working on:
  9. I suggest going down to the beach. That’s generally a good place for top quality sand.
  10. If u got a spare 80k lying around why is your Ute so slow?
  11. Well he didn’t get me the caravan I wanted today but jet was a sweet heart today.... 💘.
  12. Happy Saturday keif went to the caravan show.... found a really nice van 🤔. Have I ever told you how much I love you @JETURBO?

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