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  1. ^^^ excuse me???? I had my p3nus cut off years ago... so I am a real girl!!!
  2. Gave the Y a bath and then @JETURBO made me drive it for the first time... I have been too chicken (just been riding shotgun)... He basically ended up having to drag me out coz I loved it so much 😂 ❤️
  3. Yes yes it is a happy Sunday keifffyyyyy
  4. Thanks @biddie_fiddler 🥰 The one thing I’ve learnt through the process is to not care what’s on trend etc and just fill your home with awesome stuff that makes you happy. I kept seeing things like “Grey is out” and I was second guessing my choices so bad, but then I realised we live here and as long as we like it then that’s all that matters 🥰 Nice one Scotty!!! That’s goals!!!
  5. SCOTTY!!! MT GAMBIER!!! Ya moving there or is this another place? Nice one!!! Super excited to see the design!
  6. The master suite has also had a bit of a spruce since I posted last... finally the curtains and shutters arrived and some new styling elements. All that’s left is a small end table next to the mirror (on order) and some bedside table styling elements and the master is basically done 🥰 PS: contemplating wall paper behind the bed also 😬
  7. Okay so finally some finishing touches are starting to wrap up on the house!! Yay!! One of the key things was the entrance foyer area. J@ bought me this art piece I fell in love with for my 30th and we finally hung it today. It’s an indigenous piece by Jeannie Mills Pwerle and it’s STUNNING IMO. Together with some lighting, a hall table, mirror and some styling... it’s all come together 🥰 Budget wise it was the least friendly coming in just shy of $10k... but well worth it IMO 🥰
  8. Yep.... super expensive! Friend of mine is a wedding planner and you can’t get much for under $100k anymore 😬 10 years ago, this year, j@ and I ran away and got hitched... I was asked the other day by a colleague about it and my answer was that not a day goes by that I regret running away and not having a proper wedding. Spent the money on a house and getting financially ahead instead, which greatly assisted in our achievements to date, including 2022 being the year of buying the XY 😝 (that’s a bucket list thing for sure). For me, despite how I might come across on the inter webs, I am fairly shy and still hate the thought of everyone watching me walk down an isle etc. It’s always been something I never understood, a private moment sharing your love, which you need to share with 300 people? (I’ve been to a lot of family wog weddings so I’m probably tainted tbh) and most of the big weddings have since ended in divorce and the expensive wedding photos are used as tinder for a camp fire 😂 Saying that I know some of my girlfriends would die if they never had their wedding photos to look back on etc...and some of the moments they have experienced at their weddings are priceless... so each to their own 🥰
  9. The jig is up mate... everyone knows you love j@ not me
  10. And from a nostalgic perspective, our first proper date was in an XY GT... and we’ve wanted one since then. Definitely a car to keep forever ❤️
  11. mate you clinically insane?!?!? 😂😂 It has a genuine GT engine in it ... 351 ftw
  12. Well I didn't buy it per say, but J@ surprised me with a new MacBook Pro for Christmas which is amazeballs! I have had my old MacBook for over 8 years which I bought second hand at the time, it was like new, and it is still going... but as with most apple things, it now can't handle downloads and updates very well so can't run my work programs etc. (to be fair its over 10 years old now lol). Impressed that it lasted over a decade of use and is still now going as the kids practice laptop for typing etc. What's even more impressive is the new beast haha ... it's so sleek and good looking as most apple products are. But more importantly its super fast, super easy to navigate and the screen res etc are amazing... I literally started using it ten minutes ago and I'm impressed. Got this one, https://www.apple.com/au/shop/buy-mac/macbook-pro/14-inch-space-grey-8-core-cpu-14-core-gpu-512gb# Pretty well equiped, didn't need anything beefier as I use my 27inch iMac on a daily basis for work while at home so this is perfect for anything on the go. Thanks @JETURBO 🥰
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