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  1. Will a VH bombadore roof lining fit into my FG?
  2. The clicking noise is generated by the cut in and out of the relay..... but in some new vehicles it may be a generated noise??? I’ve never cared enough to look I guess. That’s a strange one
  3. Don’t they have Facebook groups for this kind of constant annoying barrage of questions?
  4. Yeah coz the roof shape in AU is exactly the same as the B series so surely they are interchangeable...... SAID NO ONE EVER
  5. As these cars get older our demographic is becoming less ArronM and more Kittens.
  6. On a BA I don’t remember there being a lux pack, just additional options like premium sound *the bigger screen*. Either way who cares, it’s Either got the big screen and leather or it doesn’t. That’s about all there is in the early models.
  7. If u can’t smell the interior of an Late model camira or hear the sound of the door shutting... are u even Australian?
  8. If it’s atlas grey you get a free pass. it’s my secret bogan “would have” car
  9. Omg stop it!!!! that hurts it’s so cute!
  10. Arron was actually funny just now. wtf is happening in 2020 🤯
  11. Yeah today wasn’t amazing in the morning lol the day was okay though... did see a lot of cbfd people also though lolol
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