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  1. Yeah everyone’s a moron at the moment. In other news I’ve officially lost the plot and become a fully fledged cat lady. sphynx need to be bathed once a week or so... turns out the cat likes showers better... so I now shower with my hairless pussy 🤣
  2. Stuck at home still so decided to get some dinners sorted for a few days... my birthday tomorrow so I’m prepping to not have to cook much since we can’t go out for dinner LAME... so tonight there was Roast Pork with Crackling, Crispy Butter Potatoes, Honey Carrots and Gravy. I also made a favourite of mine which is French Onion Potatoes for those who chose it instead. Then a 10 hour slow cooked pasta sauce made with T-bone and Whole chicken breast. Prepped everything to make a pulled chicken and beef pasta bake for tomorrow night which will have the sauce, bacon, egg and cheese. Then the night after is homemade Texas Burgers. unfortunately the pot lid dropped on my hand while mixing the sauce and I got a nasty second degree burn on the tops of my knuckles and fingers.... which is still killing me 4 hours later, but the vodka is helping LOL J@ has roast pork sammies for work tomorrow at least 😼
  3. So their body temperature is naturally 4 degrees higher than an average cat and they can’t moderate that well in cooler weather due to no coat... so yes they require clothes. I spent a bunch of time the other day sewing
  4. Get yourself a corona cat... makes you feel less depresso and more snuggly. It’s the only bald pussy you’ll get for a while lol in all seriousness that’s gheeeey
  5. omg stop revealing my secrets hahaha I call it discount Botox LOLOLOLOL in all honesty I’ve never had a cat, and cats are karnttts, but I did some reading on the personality of the sphynx and fell in love with the idea of their playful but loving nature (which was the same as why we got the British bulldog). I have to say he is far more friendly and loving than I even anticipated. I actually, in all honesty, find them absolutely adorable!!! No word of a lie I think they’re super cute and hilarious to watch and be in the presence of. If practicality wasn’t an issue then I would have got a British short haired grey (grumpy cat) as they’re also cute, but they don’t have the personality. I think the fact it’s Hairless was the tipping point of awesome coz u hate having hair on my clothes, I think it’s revolting having pet hair on your black top or jeans and looks dirty and frankly I have zero Farrrks for brushing a cat every day and then they would be able to snuggle in bed or cuddle on the couch. I think it’s just different strokes for different folks but I’m already in love and j@, admit it or not, as already given plenty of scratches (and I know him, he’s just kick the thing if he hated it lol). ozy- when and if he comes home with crazy sh*t, be it car parts or a chameleon I have and always will be cool with it. 🤣
  6. I would have said our British bulldog and the cat... j@s a stud.... just ask Trent
  7. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder I think he’s bloody gorgeous
  8. He’s probably the most loving adorable thing I’ve ever come across. He slept most of this morning snuggled between my neck and shoulder. Sphynx aren’t like traditional cats, they’re the dog of the cat world in that they just wanna be around people and have cuddles and their nature is more puppy like than cat like.
  9. Lolololol I think he’s the cutest! J@ reckons he’s hideous hahaha.
  10. Omg that looks so difficult I’ll wait til it comes on Netflix hahaha. so j@ and I went on a road trip today to pick up a new friend .... my choice... j@ not so stoked but he’s gorgeous!!! So loving and snuggly. not sure what to call him yet, but there have been plenty of lol names been thrown around
  11. Where’d you watch? I’ve been waiting for it to come out for ages.
  12. No fancy serve ups tonight but old fashioned steak and buttery mash.... medium rare porterhouse for me from the local butcher... not so shabby.
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