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  1. Had the family over today for our youngest’s third birthday.... Had antipasto, arrancini balls, pastitsies, Italian pizzas and mini quiches with cheese cake and Italian coffee for desert. I was so busy cooking that I forgot to take pics of the whole thing but I did get the antipasto platters before I put them out, I was fairly happy with how they turned out.
  2. I used to as well. But we thought it was a short term thing on those occasions. Still doesn’t help my platelets though fml
  3. Hope the little one went okay today kittens. Had my appt at the Haematology and Oncology clinic this morning to assess my blood. I’ve been off all meds for 8 weeks trying to raise my platelet count which was a quarter of minimum range, with no avail for the last 12 weeks. So basically our theory at this point is my body’s killing my skeletal and muscular system with no medical intervention now (the disease I already have been diagnosed with) and is also now *we think* killing my blood cells and possibly stopping me from being able to absorb B12... so I’m dizzy and pasty all day as well as being in super pain. Hopefully tomorrow’s 12 vile blood test reveals a bigger picture or else it’s a bone marrow biopsy. No treatment other than platelet transfusions basically so we will see. Luckily my rheumatologist, gastroenterologist, haematologist, physio and GP are now working mostly in sync for a treatment plan and assessment ongoing. I’ve been stretching and yoga morning and night and walking at least 10,000-15,000 steps per day, gym as many days as possible, along with mass water intake and no booze to try and get inflammation down. But with the new job being so mentally taxing I’m pretty tired. So Uber and pyjamas it is tonight. On the positive note, new jobs cool, council job (Local gvt) so all the perks and keeping me busy and my little mans turning 3 this Saturday! Yay! Gotta look at the positives.
  4. that reminds me of when Kath and Kim did an episode about Kel hiring a yellow dihatsu drop top for his 50th birthday hahahahaha
  5. Soft tops are for soft co*ks
  6. Yeah thought your job was *professional gold plated toss pocket*
  7. Paint all the badges Fluro yellow and get a matching jet pilot sticker
  8. Omg screw that for a joke... imagine the crack heads they have to deal with ugghhhh
  9. hahaha nah... that would be fun though.
  10. Secret agent. Can’t really elaborate online but I managed to jag a government operations position in a niche field which is super cool, couldn’t turn it down.
  11. Well that’s random.... riding a morbidly obese woman down to the bank to cash a cheque then snapping the tellers neck when he tells you to cease and desist. you rebel
  12. *jeffereyepsteindidntkillhimself* ^^^ New name
  13. Roast lamb rack (fresh from the markets this morning) on a bed of Kipfler potato’s and roast corn on the cob.
  14. Hahah... I went to the central markets today for some goodies so he’s gonna love me even more tonight if that’s the case hahah
  15. Made some home made sliders for dinner, chicken and beef. Home made crumbed chicken and beef burgers. Then made some pasta sauce and meatballs with the left over beef mixture

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