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  1. Did you even read the article 🤣
  2. whs^^^ Would happily have the same here if necessary to save people’s lives. oh sorry I forgot you hate old and chronically ill people, we already had this chat. Never mind 🤣
  3. Guessing you’ve never had your guts cut open? I wanna order one! But I’ll wait until they’re out properly.
  4. Yeah I shoved it up my butt and it made its way to my ovary! Funny how anatomy works 🙄 anyways... haven’t been so scared to take a crap since I had my c sections. 💩
  5. Spot on LOL I had a tennis ball growing inside my lower abdomen so they had to chop it out and check out a few things while they were in there. I had the dick removal surgery years ago.
  6. Afternoon ohmos.... Feeling like a winner this afternoon. Been fair freaking out the last few weeks as my surgery has been pushed back three times... but had it this morning and I’m home, alive and only in moderate crap pain this arvo. Nothing like surgery to make you grateful for being alive!
  7. They are amazing! but they’re also a rip off in my opinion because u can get the same blinds made for a 3rd of the price, without the sticker that says luxoflex, with lifetime warranties, made from the same materials to 99% the level of finish, if not on par. I guess that’s because the products I want are not some of their patented ones. Honestly, who spends $100k on blinds unless you’re spending $2-3mil plus on a single dwelling. It’s just not viable with the quantity we have to do.... the quote, with the 20% off they currently have, would have been $130k for two houses worth of blinds. That’s just ridiculous. j@ and I were saying their market is older couples wanting to put one or two good quality, Bells and whistles blinds into their pre existing home their tarting up ... so then they justify the cost.... you can tell The type. Cough cough. 😇
  8. Shut up freaky hahaha So got a luxoflex quote back for $86,000 for all our blinds and curtains throughout..... for one house. Think I’ll go with the $30k quote from the normal supplier thanks
  9. Like it’s so hard to click and look.... The hosting site I use was having a sh*t fit... here ya go fussy karnt...
  10. Got some new lights today for the house... Over the kitchen island: https://www.beaconlighting.com.au/orion-15-light-pendant-in-brass-amber Above the bed side tables in the master, next to the wall mirrors above the vanity and in the stair well: https://www.beaconlighting.com.au/santiso-1-light-wall-bracket-in-brushed-brass-amber This for the master bedroom: https://www.beaconlighting.com.au/whitehaven-142cm-3-blade-dc-fan-only-in-black
  11. Project managing the crap out of everything at the moment.... scaff is coming down and lower story render going on this week....
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