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  1. LOL!!!! I tell ya what though, working from home is average today. Just zero motivation to accomplish anything.
  2. So we’re in lock down braaaaaaa Work from home for the next 6-14 days and j@ home.... good thing I just started Peaky Blinders LOL
  3. Anyone watched peaky blinders? Attempting to get into it now... any thoughts?
  4. Kangaroo Island. Looking at all the devastation the bushfires caused. It’s just amazing when you sit back and realise it’s like half the entire island was on fire!
  5. Nice work... we’ve been doing some exploring too the last couple days... caught a boat and here we are... Cars filthy.... she loves it!!! Wondering why I had her detailed before the trip 😂
  6. I want free power!!! SA is legit the biggest rip off for power consumption charges. In other news... I have cabinetry starting to be installed 😬 #wideon
  7. Somewhat relevant to this thread... I got these babies for work that arrived today 😍
  8. Nah @boakesautomarine ....Lady GaGa most of the time 😳
  9. Just ask his wife... the house is like a permanent karaoke bar 😂
  10. Shut up with your science logic Keif
  11. Was mums birthday yesterday. She’s been without my dad for a while now and I’m trying to help her be more self sufficient after never working or having to look after herself alone for the last 50 years. I managed to make her be iPhone friendly over the last 18 months and now I figure it’s time for her to graduate and learn how to use a computer, pay bills online etc. We got her a Mac for her combined birthday/Christmas present and hopefully I can teach her how to use it.
  12. Well that, and to express your eternal love for J@ ...thanks for looking over my cabinetry drawings btw 😘 this guy knows^^^ 😂
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