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  1. That blows puff hopefully it feels/sounds worse than the actual damage and it heals quick.
  2. Managed to get a work out in at a worlds gym in QLD… not bad …
  3. that’s awesome!!! 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼
  4. I guess either way I’m stoked with my own results stand alone… haven’t really paid much attention to what’s “normal or comparative to other girls” coz I usually compare myself to men… My legs are the strongest part of my body by far, well disproportionate to my upper body arguably… and it’s kinda been unintentional but I suppose that’s what happens when u train legs every 3rd day lol
  5. I’ve had to slow down as my knees aren’t playing well with the big weight jumps… but for reference it’s assumed your back squat is 75-80% of your hack squat total… but it’s debatable… My hack squat conversion to back squat total to be conservative in numbers is as follows: 220kg + 45kg preload = 265kg total hack squat 70% of 265 = 185kg That’s under allowing as I don’t have a video of me back squatting, my PB I’ve underestimated by 20kgs and the conversion I’ve reduced to 70%…. Because I haven’t done proper BBsquat in ages because of my knees but assuming my progress follows the same linear line my numbers above are a conservative estimate… for reference… video below is me raw dogging 200kg for reps on hack squat, pretty easily… no belt, no knee braces, I can knock out 8 reps of 200kg pretty easy… and that was after volume sets of 120-180kg prior…. current body weight 74kgs as in the vid.
  6. Surely it’s far more than that… I know loads of girls at the gym squatting 180-200 to be fair they’re probably 80-90kgs but it’s not that much
  7. I can barbell back squat 200 hack squat im pushing nearly 240 plus the preload of 45kgs so nearly 285. My disease has gotten a lot better due to the strength training. the only thing is after dead lift day I feel it in my lower back due to the inflammation.
  8. 60 x 8 reps for bench 200kg squat for 2 135kg dead lift for 1
  9. Nah J@ is smashing me with strength still, apart from squat, I think I still have him covered on that… but everything else he is killing me, and rightly so 🤣🤣 But…. In another 10 weeks I might be closer considering the below hahah…
  10. It’s all good Keif sorry I wasn’t having a go at you and I didn’t take offence at all… I just find it super interesting holistically on my journey the comments I have received at different stages. TBH I used to be bummed about it because I thought “once I’m skinny no one will judge me” and I worked out there’s this sweet spot between a size 12-14 where no one says anything and just leaves you alone, I guess coz they assume you’re “normal” but anything either side of that I’ve experienced a lot of judgement. (Not saying you were judging, I just mean in general it’s an observation I’ve personally experienced). Then I started really focusing on how I felt about myself instead of pleasing others. Now I get less bummed hahah but yeah I guess I’m an anomaly not wanting boobies but I had them huge for so long it’s like a weight has been lifted, literally bahaha.
  11. I do think it’s particularly interesting though that this was your initial take. It aligns with certain reactions I’ve had from people I know. Something I’ve found super interesting is the shift in people’s perceptions of me and their “willingness” to comment on my body (not obviously when I post images as that’s welcoming commentary, but when I’m just going about my day). I am by far treated way better by people in general now I’m thinner. Girls in shops insist on being lovely instead of ignoring me, my hairdresser and lash tech all ask me to have photos done for their socials, constant comments on how nice my outfits are or compliments in general, men treat me far better in general… but… people comment A LOT on my appearance or training/eating habits unsolicitedly. In the last week alone I’ve had three people comment on what I was eating (not enough, complaining I wasn’t eating the garbage lunch they all had, or just about my protein based diet). I’ve been told I’m too thin, I’m getting too muscly and men don’t like that… and the list goes on. I’m eating and fueling my body arguably better than anyone I know currently in terms of macronutrient balance and vitamins and minerals. I lost all my weight naturally by relearning skills around moderation and discipline as well as fixing my negative relationship with food. I’ve got the best cardio vascular performance of my adult life, my muscle percentage is extremely high and my body fat is fairly low (aiming for additional fat loss still but within female health tolerance levels), but people seem to think that not drinking alcohol, eating healthy and watching your intake is absurd and you’re the weird one because you don’t want hungry jacks in the office for lunch with your coworkers and would rather eat your packed lunch or because you order a soda water instead of a beer at the pub after work. I find it so presumptuous that people assume you are modifying your body, in any fashion (body building, tattoos, hair, etc) for the benefit of others or their judgement or to be found attractive. I started this journey with a health focus around my illness and the same motive remains where my illness is my primary motivator for being strong and fit… but… I have grown a love and passion for body building at the same time. My nutrition, training routine, daily habits and supplementation/vitamin routine is all oriented around achieving a body builders physique. I am completely aware this isn’t everyone’s “cup of tea” and that has zero effect on my motivation and goals but others perceive it to be an issue/less attractive/desirable… which made me giggle slightly reading your comment and assumption that “losing breast fats” was a negative when it was actually intentional on my behalf. it’s made me realise during the last few months just how ill informed people are around the sport of body building and also how cavalier people can be around commenting or assuming when they perceive it to be not offensive because the person isn’t “fat” or they’re fit/muscly so they must be fine with others commenting on their body/lifestyle and it’s up for public discussion. TLDR- when you’re skinny the world treats you way better, but everyone feels they have licence to tell you what you should be doing/eating and judges you for having a health/physique focus.
  12. downsides? As someone who has lived with the crippling back pain associated with large bresticles since I was 15, I can confirm in my opinion this is a huge benefit! I have legitimately put this is one of my top wins out of the whole process. I play various sports now and it’s sensational to not be in pain from heavy chestedness and also have some additional movement agility abilities which I haven’t had before.
  13. Bit of progress context which made me feel pretty accomplished on top of my 8 x 60kg bench this morning 🥰
  14. 220kg hack squat PR last night… feeling strong 🥰
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