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  1. CJF077

    Happy Birthday Kv!!

  2. CJF077

    Happy Birthday Kv!!

  3. Hi guys, Long time =) What are all the differences between the mk 1 and 2 sedans? Do the touch screens all come with Sat Nav? What I mean by this is, are they programmed off and on? Depending on what options you get from factory. Or is a sat nav touch screen a complete different unit to a non sat nav touch screen? Do all MK2 come with premium audio, reverse sensor, tech pack? was reverse cameras only an option? Soooo noob Cheers
  4. THE KING'S BACK CBF reading 2 years worth of thread, anyone taking BCAA's intra/post workout? What are you using?
  5. lol is that still going? Whens the new xr8s coming out?
  6. CJF077

    Happy Birthday Kv!!

  7. Happy Birthday Kv!!

  8. lol did you get turned into mod? did you read pms? so who are the new mods?
  9. Heard that iicerr hacked forum and made new mods? lmao iicerr is blocked?
  10. wtf, view new content and this thread not on first page? spotted this today I remember the plates on a white ba/f
  11. Hey guys, wondering if you give me some insight into this. My mate was T-boned by a p plater chick, it was her fault, police were called, police report was done and witnesses have been noted. My mate has third party insurance with justcar, chick at fault lied at the time saying she had insurance, found out today she is in fact is uninsured, Mates car is a rightoff, Justcar has advised that they will pay my mate 3grand for the damage caused by the driver, and the other 7 grand (agreed value 10grand) is between him and the chick at fault, is that correct? I would have thought justcar would have acted on behalf of my mate to get back rest of the money owed??
  12. JD most likely paid for that, funny thing is, I'm pretty sure JD isn't flammable? Still an awesome short film. Its flammable but doesn't burn like that, if that makes sense
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