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  1. MurdoK

    The Off Topic Thread.

    Well I went down with the misses to watch some Aus day fireworks and ended up standing next to 2 old dudes that looked like they were out of a sopranos episode. Kept tapping people on the shoulders and telling them to put the phones away and just watch. Were also soughting the crowd out getting the kids to the front. Was nice
  2. MurdoK

    Kumho KU39 Price Jan 2018

    I love the ku39s. Provided excellent traction for their price point. Got good life out of them too when driven like a normie
  3. Aw man do they need to have wrong fuel in big letters across their work van. Everyone would know what's up.
  4. MurdoK

    Warped manifold

    @JETURBO have you seen similar issues with the inlet manifold on fgs?
  5. I think that colour draws a lot of attwntion to those awesome floorboards so is a winner for me
  6. MurdoK

    What Did You Do To Your Car Today?

    @Ralph Wiggum has mentioned to me in the past that the new bosch sensors dont seem to last nearly as long as the old type and he has seen sensors only lasting 6 months
  7. MurdoK

    What Did You Do To Your Car Today?

    Dont they use the same bosch sensor? In the market soon for a wideband so good to hear your opinions
  8. MurdoK

    What Did You Do To Your Car Today?

    You can incorporate jerry cans into your weight routine no?
  9. MurdoK

    2013 Mk II Ford Turbo

    This is important for all to understand and so understated.
  10. MurdoK

    The Off Topic Thread.

    I use the exact same green towel in the garage. Spooky
  11. MurdoK

    Brake pad and rotor suggestions

    Yeah first mod I did was get rid of the crap stock brakes on the fg. How can a car that is both fast and heavy be so under braked. Have you looked into braided lines? I feel as if they get overlooked despite the benefits they give
  12. MurdoK

    Brake pad and rotor suggestions

    I have to agree with what you are saying about the initial bite but when my missus jumps in the car from her barina my head almost always goes thru the front window for the first couple of stops haha. I dont think I could handle more bite
  13. MurdoK

    Show us your PC and/or Gaming setup

    I dont know if you can in win 10 home but in 10 pro there are settings to turn off that suggested crap that clutters your start menu. There is also plenty of scripts out there you can run that debloat win10 if you are really keen.
  14. MurdoK

    Show us your PC and/or Gaming setup

    https://www.protosimtech.com/media/ These would be nice too

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