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  1. Yeah, he doesn't want me working the hours I am and doesn't want me to burn out...but also couldn't offer me a solution that would allow me not to?
  2. Me too...I'm keeping a timesheet, obviously for tax with the whole working from home dealio through COVID, but yeah.
  3. Nah, I do wear bib-shorts (for th padding), but I wear modesty shorts over the top...coz noone wants to see that haha!
  4. Nope. Days in lieu at managers discretion. They spoke with me yesterday, as they're concerned about the hours I'm working...and so I asked them where I can cut back, coz they've reduced hours (to reduce costs) of some of the higher paid peeps, and they said "well if we took some of x work off you for a week could you get some of this other stuff done to get ahead"...but the problem is there's then no-one else to do that work, which comes through regularly each and needs doing reasonably quickly. So they were like "oh, hmm...yeah I guess that's not gonna work for the next month". Meanwhile, they're trying to tell me to be more billable...but work less. Sigh. I just wanna hibernate for a couple of weeks and just play guitar and go cycling and watch tv.
  5. Just work in general atm. Don't get me wrong, super grateful to still be employed, but fark me...I've done 111hrs overtime (unpaid) in the last 6 weeks...and will no doubt have to do some work over this weekend too...probably even more in the future. Fun fun...I'm farking wrecked...
  6. Usually I like winter...but now that I cycle to work I'm a little less excited, going for a couple of early morning rides this week were rather chilly! Dug out a thermal top and some MTB gloves to give a go on my next early morning ride. Gonna be a bit average when it's raining AND cold...ah well. Puts hairs on your chest and all that, I guess...
  7. Yeahhhh...sorry, I forgot about that bit @Mrs Jeturbo lol. To be fair though, once it's setup mine's been the most rock solid internet setup I've ever had! I can stream 4K movies from my server (which is connected to my network via wifi) with zero issues...and still browse the net and do other stuff on phones etc.
  8. I've been been pretty happy running a Netgear Orbi mesh wifi setup. Full signal and speed right across my house. For greater distance can just get an extra satellite. I got this one: https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/netgear-orbi-whole-home-high-performance-ac3000-tri-band-mesh-wifi-system-2-pack
  9. Yeah, coz foresight is decidedly more important than hindsight...and was what was missing from both your arguments.
  10. Work is surprisingly flat out still, which is obviously a problem I'm lucky to have at the moment. Otherwise just trying to keep up the exercise (cycling) and been playing some guitar and working on some new music. How's things on your end Keif?
  11. WMMFG was reading some of the comments in this thread where BCB and Keith talked about things that "weren't feasible", like closing our borders... hindsight's a bit of a carnt hey fellas 😝
  12. May I recommend a combo of Jacket and Sonarr/Radarr...from what I've seen it's decidedly neater, and automated.
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