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  1. .Stripes.

    Show us your PC and/or Gaming setup

    No, Keith, it's not. After using Snagit to do exactly what I've described going back to try doing it with snipping tool is a truly woeful experience.
  2. .Stripes.

    Show us your PC and/or Gaming setup

    I use it properly everyday for work. Screen cap, highlight, paste into email, send to client...
  3. .Stripes.

    Show us your PC and/or Gaming setup

    Can honestly say I've never once required that functionality.
  4. .Stripes.

    Show us your PC and/or Gaming setup

    I wholeheartedly disagree. Snagit is super simple to just go "print screen" select the area, copy and paste...if that's all you want to do. But the ability to automatically pick the whole window makes it faster, plus adding text or a box to highlight something important is soooo much faster than snipping tool.
  5. .Stripes.

    Show us your PC and/or Gaming setup

    Got nothing on Snaggit!
  6. .Stripes.

    The Off Topic Thread.

    Thanks fluff, means a lot. Things were like that at the start but just the way things panned out changed that dynamic entirely and we didn't really have the opportunity to deal with that. This weekend and today feel very much like they did back then, like the honeymoon phase is back. So I feel like it could still work. We've just both been very independent for most of our lives and her family never really talked about feelings or emotions...so it doesn't come naturally to her.
  7. .Stripes.

    The Off Topic Thread.

    I honestly believe we can. And I think if we can actually prioritise the relationship for a while, learn how to communicate more effectively and to compromise so we both get what we want/need then everything else will get a lot easier. And we haven't been this "active" in as long as I can remember...and she's the one pushing for it. So I think that's of itself one of the most positive signs of all.
  8. .Stripes.

    The Off Topic Thread.

    I agree, for the most part. But I guess that's the hard thing in this situation, as circumstances kinda made things really hard early on that neither of us really foresaw. When we got together I was working FIFO and things were actually super simple and there was heaps of excitement and things just worked. But then pretty much as soon as I changed jobs and started working in the city the GF had a friend visiting from overseas and staying with her for 3 months that had been organised before we even got together. Then Christmas, a couple of pre-organised OS trips and a bunch of wedding etc, we never really were able to settle into a routine since. So essentially the entire dynamic of our relationship shifted, but we didn't have the time to figure it out, so the relationship essentially ended up on the back burner and there ended up being a lot of resentment and stuff we didn't really get a chance to figure out. The fact that things got quite bad did open the way for some raw and honest discussion that otherwise wouldn't have happened, but needed to. And since then things, although undecided, have actually been better than they have in months.
  9. .Stripes.

    The Off Topic Thread.

    Yeah, that was what I essentially said. In every relationship the honeymoon phase is going to drop off and you either choose to put in the effort to build the relationship on the right foundation, which as you say, will make things easier later on, or you don't and you move on to chase that excitement of a new relationship again. Cheers man, appreciate the support.
  10. .Stripes.

    The Off Topic Thread.

    Yeah, and I've essentially said as much. I very much feel we probably need to get a bit of help from a psychologist to figure it out and learn how to understand, support and love each other better, in a way that's meaningful for each other. We don't know what we don't know, so it's not like it's going to come naturally to either of us, since we're quite different in certain aspects. She's never seen a psych before though, so the prospect is pretty scary for her and she still holds to this mindset of "things shouldn't be this hard, surely"...but I've tried to emphasise that ANYTHING in life needs work and effort if you want to get the best out of it, and a relationship even more so I feel.
  11. .Stripes.

    The Off Topic Thread.

    Agreed. We haven't really been in a great place for the last few months. If we're going to make things work long term it's going to require putting in some effort to work on our communication and ability to compromise and work together (vastly different love languages etc). I think it/us/she's worth it, but only she can decide if she feels the same. But we did have a really great weekend, so see how things progress from here I guess.
  12. .Stripes.

    The Off Topic Thread.

    Morning all. Was 40 degrees all weekend in Perth so GF spent pretty much the entire weekend being cuddly + "cuddly" in the aircon...was the first time things have been like that for a while, so was actually really nice. Showing her how to download the LIFX app so she could control the smart bulbs was a bit of a bad decision though...
  13. .Stripes.

    Goeers thoughts

    This thread has restored my faith in this forum.
  14. .Stripes.

    Goeers thoughts

    I've missed this gif.

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