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  1. That's a lot of caffeine in one hit 🤨
  2. Nah, definitely muscular - think my home office chair is the cause, was sat in it a lot over the weekend and it locked up when I stood up Sunday evening. Seems to be finally starting to feel ever so slightly better...so the heat pack and rest appear to be helping.
  3. Are you going to do the twin turbo setup you never ended up doing on the Clubby? 😏
  4. My back/shoulder hurts...although I don't think that's how it's supposed to feel if it's working... looks like wheat bag for a few days for me...😔
  5. Lol, reminds me of the time I ended up in a happy ending type establishment without realising, when all I actually wanted was a massage...had to explain at least 3 times that I didn't want a happy ending. Most stressful massage of my life haha.
  6. Go full Elvis - PB, bacon and banana.
  7. Deep tissue seems to have helped a little, which is good - some parts of it were definitely on the painful side! To be fair, though, unless a massage hurts and leaves me feeling battered then what's the point?
  8. Not quite the same as rib issue pain, it goes from my shoulder all the way down my back- fun fun...
  9. Morning all. Managed to do something to my shoulder/back...it hurts when I sneeze or breathe in deeply...so I booked an hours deep tissue massage to start 45mins from now...better be good...
  10. We drank red cans on uni field trips, coz it was cheap and tasted alright for the price. Good times.
  11. Sorry to hear, Marco. Hope you find yourself a nice new work home soon!
  12. I'd rather drink red cans (Emu Export) than VB...
  13. Pfft, who stores porn locally anymore? Stream that chit, bro!
  14. Got sh*tted off with my pc as my server and bought a NAS (synology ds918+) and currently have 30TB worth of drives in it (hopefully put another 10TB drive in soon), so now I have 20TB of storage and at least have some redundancy (10TB). Tried getting my head around Dockers for Sonarr etc, had no luck yet... given up for now. Edit: in before Keith asks for pics...

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