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  1. I have zero to contribute here, other than QFT and lols 😂
  2. Nice fluff, definitely coming along! Looking forward to the video tour!
  3. Hmm, this also seems like a bit of a PIT....although, perhaps slightly less so than being up in my roof. Oh yeah, terminating them and that part of things would be fine...running cables through the house, not so much. Mmmmm heat. ALWAYS run more than you think. I tell this to anyone building a house. Has anyone every actually walked into a house and thought "man, there's way too many power/data points in this house"...
  4. I never knew I needed a CPU cooler with live telemetry readouts on it until now...
  5. I wouldn't mind giving data wiring a crack...but coz of the vaulted ceiling in the living area there's no way to get through the middle of the house...so would be interesting trying to get a cable from the front to the back.
  6. Thanks, I only recently got inspired to tidy it all up. Getting monitor stands and the stands for the speakers really neatened everything up and gave me a lot more usable desk space, which was nice. That micro itx build looks cool - I was toying with the idea of doing something like that instead of the NUC, but once I started reading how well the onboard GPU of the series 8 NUC did with plex transcoding I figured I'd save some cash and desk space. Cable management for your micro itx build looked about as much fun a job as fixing aircon ducting 🤣
  7. Annual leave for 2 weeks as of today 😊 Gonna spend the next two weeks playing a bunch of guitar, working on some songs and just chilling out not thinking about work really. How's things on your end?
  8. Yeah, but the main bits you can actually walk on are like 1.5m apart...my step-dad got caught out on the way out having to get from one to the other, with a giant aircon duct in the way (he was able to move it out the way on the way in because it wasn't connected), so it was a pretty big stretch in a tight space for an older fella to get across without falling through the roof or doing himself any damage. Pretty much just ended up playing hopscotch on the top of the brick walls to get to where we needed to. Mad respect for people who do that all day everyday...how's your back @JETURBO? lolol
  9. I started off trying to give Linux a crack on the NUC...but quicly realised I really couldn't be bothered trying to learn an entirely new ecosystem. I'm already busy trying to learn Python and new recording stuff and possibly some music theory soon...so I decided meh and repurposed a Windows 10 license from an old laptop that was gathering dust and had the whole thing up and running within a few hours. NUC's are HEAPS easier than standard PC builds haha. Just put in the m2 drive and RAM and BOOM, done - time to install the OS.
  10. So I had a sparky install a ceiling fan in my alfresco recently, and he did a really neat job: After he left though, the downlight in my hallway wasn't working...so he came back and turns out it'd just come unplugged. At the time I also thought my aircon wasn't working quite right and thought maybe he'd managed to stack it in the roof or botch something. Missus at the time and some other tried to say "nah it's working fine, it's just hot days"...hmm, wasn't convinced. So anyway, fast forward to yesterday and I poked my head up into the roof and see this:
  11. Here's you guys with your big PC builds, meanwhile I've gone tiny with my latest PC purchase - a NUC8i5BEK: Literally smaller than my hand: Have bought some other PC related things recently though. Since I've offloaded my Plex server and other associated duties to the NUC, I've set my main PC up as a more dedicated music recording station: Have a bit of a strange issue with the NUC rnadomly freezing if I leave the HDMI cable attached to it. Since my monitors aren't super new they only have a single DVI input, so
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