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  1. I had one of these previously in my house and it died. I ended up replacing it with a Miele fully integrated dishwasher...one of these: https://spartanelectrical.com.au/g-6660-scvi-fully-integrated-with-3d-cutlery-tray-stainless-steel/ On the auto setting it uses bugger all water at half load and cleans better if I don't wipe off dirt first. Also, the door pops itself open after running so I can run it whenever and it never gets mouldy smelling. How good is Nick Scali?! I swear half my furniture is from there haha.
  2. Must be something in the Rona air! I previously sold all my music gear and didn't have a guitar for a few years. Recently started buying some decent priced guitars off FaceSucks/Gumtree (electrics), but this week decided to finally go and get myself a new acoustic. I had a really nice acoustic previously and missed it (was what I used to write all my stuff on), so decided it was time. Funnily enough, have written and started recording my first new song in like 8 years within the first week of getting the new acoustic. Congrats doodle heads!
  3. Ah right, so now you've had the dick and balls removed - good stuff!
  4. To be fair, mostly just to work - means I don't have to try and fit a workout into my day. All taken care of with the commute.
  5. Can confirm good cardio. I've been riding 100-150 (longest ride I've done was 100km...burned 4000 calories that day, so ate alllll the things haha) a week most weeks for nearly a year now. Dropped 20kg+ so far and trying hard to get rid of rest atm (another 10kg or so).
  6. I'm obviously out of the loop...Keif, care to quote the post explaining about Fluff's surgery to bring me up to speed? Fluff, glad to hear it's done and you're back home safe though...whatever it was. Finally get that gender reassignment surgery, eh? 🤪
  7. I did get my master bedroom done with Luxaflex, but that was coz I had an odd shaped bay window I wanted to block out without having to put up frames. Ended up getting their duettes, which turned out sweet. But that 1 bedroom was literally a third of the cost of my blinds...for the whole house! Rest of the house got roller blinds (and even motors in the living room) from the same blinds shop. Crazy price disparity, but did work a treat in the master.
  8. Legit, pretty much just work...been crazy busy, hence I just kinda disappeared...got a week off starting 28th, so just trying to keep my head above water until then... How's everyone else going?
  9. Yeah, that's farked up. I feel like you need to be a special kinda of weirdo to actually want to be a journo. Like, who actually WANTS to do that chit?!
  10. Jeebus - that sounds like a pretty average day, @Mrs Jeturbo people are chit hey, especially the media.
  11. Looks like it's coming along nicely, Fluff! Can't wait to see the end result! Oh man, I'd almost forgotten about that! Poor Pix, what a chit show that was.
  12. Yeah, he doesn't want me working the hours I am and doesn't want me to burn out...but also couldn't offer me a solution that would allow me not to?
  13. Me too...I'm keeping a timesheet, obviously for tax with the whole working from home dealio through COVID, but yeah.
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