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  1. I haven't sung much over the last few years, really something I should start doing more. But yeah I know what you mean, I can't remember half the songs I used to be able to play, let alone the stuff I wrote haha. Nah, no mods Keif. Haven't really got any plans for any at this stage 🤷‍♂️
  2. Yeah, Stinger. Nice car, really enjoying it. Not nearly as raw as my old Fords were, but that was kinda part of the appeal.
  3. Nice. Yeah, similar over this way. Last year was a bit sucky and all consumed by work and put on far too much weight sitting in front of the computer so much. Starting off this year in a much better head space, though. Nice being back in a car with some turbos and trying to get back into guitar and music this year, so life isn't all work. Good to see Keif is still asking Dani for noods 🤣
  4. Hey man! Nothing much, just killin' some time while I wait for my lunch to cook. What's news?
  5. Better than watering the dog and exercising the grass I suppose. How new's the doggo? Must have missed that post in my skimming.
  6. I actually haven't caught up with Steve for a while, but last I knew he'd bought a house and been going steady with a new lady for a while that he was pretty stoked with. Still had his XR6T, but it's mostly a garage queen these days as he'd bought a Honda Accord Euro as a daily. Last I saw his XR6T had cracked 380,000kms.
  7. That's probably getting a bit tooo far down the "food is fuel" path for my liking haha. Thanks, though 😁
  8. Man, I haven't thought about rainbow paddlepop's in YEARS. I remember getting them heaps as a kick coz they regularly had those "lick to win" promotions, where you could win prizes and free paddlepops and stuff. Good times.
  9. Ha, they do respond pretty well to intakes, zorst and piggy back tune apparently...but unfortunately didn't have the spare cash to not get a car loan for this one, so no mods at least until it's fully paid off I don't think. Plus it comes with a 7 year warranty, so I kinda wanna make the most of that.
  10. Yeah, I mean even in my test drive it certainly felt quick, but not crazy. Boost comes on real early and it just kinda keeps pulling. I reckon it's going to be a real nice daily and also be nice and fun to take for a punt through the twisties.
  11. Yeah, since I sold my Commonwhore like 6-7 years ago.. First time back in forced induction since my old GT and first time back in a turbo 6 since my FG XR6T. I'm very much looking forward to it.
  12. Nice. In other news, Stinger should arrive at the port tomorrow, so I should get it first week of Feb by the time it gets to the dealership and they do whatever they do with it, according to the dealer.
  13. Many many hours of Cyberpunk 2077, played some guitar and high pressure cleaned my driveway and paving. Otherwise absolutely fark all. Was great. What about yourself?
  14. Steamed veggies and a protein shake. No pics, coz was hungry and not overly inspired. Fuel, though...so there's that.
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