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  1. Will definitely not be wearing lycra. I've got some padded shorts from mountain biking that I'm wearing (my seat don't have much padding...) under my regular shorts and t-shirt. Oh man, once you start looking at carbon frames and rims and aero bikes etc it can get bullchit expensive! I wanted something nice to ride so I'll enjoy riding, but didn't need carbon or any of that stuff. Wanted disc brakes so it still stops well in the rain and wanted it somewhat lite and easy to ride quickly. I wanna be able to get the commute to work down to under 30mins - that's the goal! Takes a little longer on the way home as it's a little more hilly. Took 47:40. Hour and a half exercise not bad for the day!
  2. Bought myself a bicycle last week (2020 Giant Contend SL1 Disc). Road to work for the first time this morning. Took me 40mins, so not really that much longer than it can take to drive if traffic is bad. Nice ride around the river for a decent section - nice way to start the day, definitely better than sitting in traffic.
  3. Morning all. Happy Saturday! Work has been flat out lately, and not looking like calming down anytime soon. Long weekend here in WA this weekend though, so I'm pretty stoked about that!
  4. Hey double-R, you have a great opportunity now to post Keith all sorts of weird things...
  5. Honestly, I'm just jealous - I wish I could fit into my chinos, nice shirts and sports jacket atm...
  6. Pics of J@ in metro get up? Asking for Keif...
  7. Man, I sold a lot of things that related to my hobbies. I currently own no guitars or recording gear either. Again, not because she told me to, but I guess being in that relationship I wasn't in the right head space to get stuck into my hobbies...
  8. Nah, to be fair she didn't convince me to sell anything...I just lost a lot of myself in that relationship.
  9. Little bloke puts the version of Wonderwall I did at his age to shame haha! Fark Dani, that's rough! Sorry to hear dude! My old lady has rheumatoid arthritis, so not quite the same as your condition but a carnt of an autoimmune disease also. She's had plenty of ups and downs over the years, plenty of times where she could barely get out of bed while her immune system munched on her joints, but eventually her doctor got the drug concoction right and she's never let it stop her where. I remember she said my dad (years before they divorced) was ready to stop working and me a carer for her, but her doctor (specialist) told her in no uncertain terms she didn't need a carer and she could do whatever she put her mind to ... and having that mentality has helped her immensely over the years, because she obviously can't control the disease, but she can control whether she lets it control her and how she views herself. My mum worked right up until she was early 60's and now she paints and gardens hard out in retirement. So I guess I'm just trying to encourage you to try and stay as positive as you can, as the human body can definitely deal with some chit! Also sounds like you've got a great support in JET! Congrats on the anniversary!
  10. That sit/stand desk is actually a really great idea for a racing sim! Wish I'd thought of that...and not sold my racing sim setup...
  11. Yeah, I stopped after Black Ops. Once they started adding all the extra chit I stopped caring. I'm with freaky, simple gun fights is where it's at!
  12. Breville Oracle FTW! Also Vitoria beans are ew...

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