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  1. Morning. Seems like the Chinese hackers are at it again...
  2. New Tool single Fear Innoculum and got the new Slipknot album We are Not Your Kind lined up to play after. Today is a good day!
  3. It's a hybrid Corolla isn't it, Damo?!
  4. Go test drive a Stinger, be interested to get thoughts.
  5. Pretty much how I felt when I traded my FG2 GT for a VF Bogan special-R...
  6. Howdy all. How goes the job situation, Keify?
  7. Right... way to go all out on a car build like that and put in the chitty silver dash bits and teenager blue speedo setup and one of the poorer choices of Ford engines...I just...don't get people.
  8. I30N auto coming later this year - WB.
  9. Wait...you have a missus AND drink now? You've changed, man.

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