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  1. Yeah, was told dump & cat would limit it and valve springs.
  2. ok told by my tuner it should make 300-310rwkw that about right?
  3. Oh ok, I'd hit 400kw with those sort of mods? I'd definetly talk to my tuner if I can un-restrict it, most people are running 400rwkw or under on a stock FG F6 turbo as my tuner has also told me, above 400 it will definetly need to be replaced I was told, it'll just be a street car, run a time and see what I get.
  4. ok so everything should be good there? How much power would I see? I'm not really wanting a full exhaust as I don't want really big power, people have ran 400rwkw on an xforce catback exhaust which is what I am planning on buying.
  5. Hey guys! Got $5k to spend on my FG MK2 F6, was thinking a tune and catback exhaust for $2300, new intercooler, injectors and a modified air intake, how much power would I see? Is there anything else needed? Is there any better options? The catback is a must as the exhaust is cracked. Ok, how much extra do you think a cat would cost? I've read people running 400kw with just a catback exhaust.
  6. Hey guys, getting a catback exhaust, 1000cc injectors, 800hp cooler and an air intake on my fg mk2 f6, how much power would I make and is there anything else that would need changing?
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