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  1. Happy Birthday cunners!

  2. Happy Birthday cunners!

  3. Happy Birthday cunners!

  4. Happy Birthday cunners!

  5. OK - I've noticed that there is a loose connection from the first intercooler hose to the metal pipe (not the turbo itself)... I'm assuming this is my problem and will give the Ford spastics a call.
  6. Hi Everyone It's been a while since I posted here last but I need your help guys. Just had my 90k service and last night I noticed that I had lost a lot of power and that there was an unusual hissing or fluttering sound after changing up gears. I'm not very mechanically minded unfortunately but could it be a loose hose or something?? I'm on holiday and supposed to be going driving to Dunsbourough (about 3.5hrs south of Perth) and am now hesitant with this issue. Can anyone please shed some light before I get on the phone to Ford - even if it's so I look like I know what I'm talking about a lit
  7. cunners


    My best mate has a Blueprint T and when we go to cricket training, parties etc in seperate cars we always tend to park next to each other for some reason... Most people think its because we go for the mighty West Coast Eagles...
  8. Daylight savings = more time for golf More time for golf = happy cunners Therefore Daylight savings = happy cunners.
  9. Common sense has prevailed and WA will get a 3 year trial of Daylight savings... Link to Article in Perthnow Beatie will not entertain the idea for QLD coz it 'Increases the risk of skin cancer....' lol Dont forget the carpet and curtains fading and that Cows won't know when to wake up Pete... What gets me is we've had 3 referendum(b)'s which have been voted NO and now they just go and do it anyway - haha Bring it on I say - Can't wait to get on 18 holes after work!!
  10. She has a Lancer... BUT I'm interested in what's involved in fitting it to the Falcon as the more I research the more I want one for myself!!! Steve - I've also heard that Tom Tom units are pretty useful... Does anyone on the forum have a Tom Tom GPS... if so how would you rate it?? Cheers
  11. Im looking to buy an aftermarket in car GPS for my soon to be wife (less than 3 weeks now ) and was wondering what features etc to look out for?? I'm not looking for the top of the range - just something that will be easy for her to use and will get her from A to B...(she's USELESS with directions) I may even get one for myself as well if the price was right... I'm in the very early stages of research so any information would be well appreciated including which brands and also where the best deals are to be had.. Thanks in advance guys and girls...
  12. I've learnt that when you are about to get married it's not a good idea to spend money on 'car stuff' instead of the wedding... and if you do, make sure you use money that has been well laundered so as the minister for finance cannot trace it...
  13. Yep - no doubt it looks the goods but $2k + painting costs is restrictive to say the least.... $1500 painted and delivered would get a few takers I reckon,., Am I deeaming??
  14. cunners


    I got a couple of 'Herbal Viagra' tablets given to me a while back... I took them and they made me want to cuddle everyone and drink lots of water... whats with that??
  15. Mighty West Coast Eagles in an epic....!!!! I've only just recovered enough to finally post a message here! Well done lads - WA went mental all weekend and to the people who were at the G on Saturday I envy you. How funny was Daniel Chicks interview on 10 news last night - looked like he was ready to fall over!! I for one am a VERY proud Eagles member!!
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