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  1. Mines working fine crimped. Thanks for the info though will keep an eye out like you say they replace them under warranty so no problem.
  2. Yeah twin 3" sounds like the way to go. If it makes a big difference keeping the cat back stock il do that but would want to be atleast 1k cheaper.
  3. • 4-inch dump, twin 4” single 4' Mandrel stainless steel exhaust Does this mean 4'' dump, twin 4 " cats and single 4" the rest of the way? Hmmm wouldnt that be pretty loud????? Kinda don't" want yellow sticker me please" singing out of my exhaust.
  4. Hahaha yeah it's a lot of cash though that's the only thing holding me back to be honest that list of past is about 2k out of my budget that I wanted to spend. But damn everything is the best! Thanks Henz and Blkphn for the advice....pm me if you want the amount but when I broke it down it's just expensive because there all great parts. Thinking of going the nizpro over the process west(it's 150bucks more installed and it comes with stainless piping)
  5. Still thinking though, might be overkill for me. Will see how I feel over the next few weeks atleast with that set-up if I want to go quicker I won't need to re modify parts. Then again it would probably push a stock engine to it's limits anyway.
  6. Sweet think I might go with this, change my plans and aim for 11's! Premium • Pre-tune engine inspection • XCal III Flasher Unit • Xtreme Custom Tune • Before and after dyno report • Regapped spark plugs • Cooler thermostat • New Ford turbo clamps • I.D 1000 Injectors • 4-inch dump, twin 4” single 4' Mandrel stainless steel exhaust • Fuel Pump with new inline fuel filter Add to that • Nizpro over boost valve • Actuator • Nizpro stage I cooler kit (Same core used in Nizpro stage II) or • Process West stage II with piping
  7. Cheers will do, still waiting for a quote so worth a call to xft anyway... Yeah I noticed when I was breaking down the Premium packages it's all the most expensive parts which isn't a bad thing as they are some of the best. But like you say swap the injectors for sure, there a bit overkill for me I think, maybe he puts them in expecting people to want more and more power! Probably right there! Plus the exhaust is full, extra $ there. When it says cooler thermostat is that the oil cooler??? What about re-gapped spark plugs? I just paid for new njk plugs!
  8. Can he adjust what;s done to suit budget 5400 for the premium would be okay if it had a cooler but I really wanted to upgrade the cooler. Would rather save on the exhaust and just do the above rather than replace the whole thing.
  9. Was thinking of simon but the xft webpage puts me off. The prices are quite high for what you get arn't they?? Would end up costing me over 8 grand for what I want and that's with a stage one cooler!
  10. Got some basics it's time that's not on my side maybe a day free max in my rnr time(I only get 4.5 days/16days)
  11. Sweet, thanks a lot for the replies. I just sent Rob an e-mail so see what he says.If it comes in under 4 grand il do it tomorrow if it's over it might be another couple of swings away I've got a goal on my mortgage to get to! One thing though I wasn't going to do the wastegate actuator as was hoping to keep it on or below 12PSI anyway...Isn't that a $1000 item???
  12. Guessing you got a 12PSI Actuator which I shouldnt really need for 300?? This kit is the one im thinking of https://www.plazmaman.com/shop/index.php?action=item&itemId=209 once I add fitting price the plenum is probably out of budget sucks its so sexy. Will get a quote now I know what I want, thanks for your help.
  13. Thanks for the reply Henz! Noticed you have the surge tank I mentioned, did you get that when you went past 300rwkw? Don't want to be sucking air... Plus you went for the biggest 1000hp cooler I was thinking about the 800hp? Should be enough yeah? Oh yeah and just 60lbs Siemens aswel. Reason I'm thinking about cooler choice is the standard one gives me MASSIVE lag once the engine goes past 1/4 on the temp guage(don't drive it hard until then) on a hot day mostly. But it's that bad doesnt even feel like the turbo's doing anything. Want the right one.
  14. Hey all, So I know there's a few of these threads going around and I've searched and searched and I think I'm just making myself more confused. Basically I want to build a daily that I can take to the drags and with some practise run atleast a 13(a high 12 would be nice). I would aim for an 11 but I know the driveline mods needed are probs out of my budget(for now!). Budget is 3k-7k MAX depending on what I get...Basically aiming as cheap as can reliably. The Car: BF mk 2(08/06) XR6 Turbo Mods so far are minimal being: Bilstein coilovers all round.Photo is of when I got it though will update when I get home! Just put the earls turbo oil filter on and ditched the old one as recommended here! Glad I did after seeing it. So the questions I have are: Intercooler kits - I know what's out there PW,Plasmaman ect but what do I need to avoid losing power at my goals? I can't find an answer apart from don't get a monza or f6 cooler. I want to do it properly so if I need a stage 3 I will buy it but if stage 1 will be safe then great! Injectors - What brand and size? Some say get the biggest so you can power up later but how big? I was thinking of going Siemens here. Exhaust - Pretty easy one from reading I'm thinking the cat, centre muffler removal and bigger dump will be enough.(Size?) Fuel Pump - ???? Here as I've been given mixed ideas some say you NEED a surge tank, other just upgrade the pump. Tune and xcal3 - No brainer on xcal 3 and will probably head to Monsta Torque for tune(Heard nothing but good things). Sorry for the novel, but I think every persons needs are different so let me know what you think please! Want to start collecting parts asap so I can get it tuned. Just finished servicing everything I could think of to make it ready.
  15. Fair call every car's different. I don't have enough power to need more than the maxxis! Who invented mortgages anyway....
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