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  1. Hi lads and lasses I'm looking into doing an advanced driving course, are there anyone who has done this? and if so could you provide details and your experiences? I'm located in the Brisbane region. Cheers
  2. Cheers k31th! Yea for those 5hours I had her purring haha, massive power difference from 500hp. It frightens me slightly now.
  3. It's been a while and have had quite a bit of work done since my last post. Here is the list of mods I got done by FPT. Once it was finished I picked it up and within 5 hours of driving it I blew the drive shaft CV lol. So she's in getting the drive line upgraded.
  4. arronm so that over flow pipe doesn't actually plug into anything then? As the name goes if the coolant overflows it will drain out of that pipe through the engine bay onto the ground??
  5. Cheers MBAF! Last question for yous. Where is this valve supposed to plug into? and what is it's use? See pic
  6. Thanks OZYWALKER you're always helping a brother out! Appreciated
  7. Hi lads I've ordered a plazmaman coolant tank and the aeroflow thermostat housing and as the OEM tank doesn't have the second bleed valve, will there be an issue connecting the second hose from the tank to the thermo housing?? Also what does that second hose do?? as I've seen some falcons with two and some (like mine) with only one. See pictures if you're just as confused as me. Cheers
  8. Awesome! Cheers boys that's a big help, I'll definitely be doing both those things... 🤙🏻
  9. Hi ladies and gents I've recently replaced my stock turbo with a procharge 67mm low mount however I'm not happy with the OEM heat shield in the engine bay, its getting old and looks grubby. Has anyone replaced this with a turbo blanket or similar?? Or would I be sacrificing performance for pure aesthetics?? Advice would be much appreciated. Cheers Chad
  10. before wank wing delete. Got to send it in to get the holes patched properly but temp fix with rubber grommets Went with QFM HPX pads braided brake lines and T3 rear rotors. front T3's already done braided lines fronts in They gave me the wrong lines for the rear so another job down the track Massive difference in stopping power now with this all done!!! stoked
  11. CORRECTION...... Reverse globes, my bad lol
  12. So after many weeks of heart ache and frustration from taking all the piping off checking for cracks, leaks, punctures, etc etc etc. I finally took it into FPT and you're not going to believe what it was...... I installed some sh*tty ebay spec led parker bulbs a while ago and they were apparently tricking the computer to think that it was in reverse, hence low boost and throttle body opening letting out boost. A few runs on the dyno and replacement of parker bulbs has FINALLY fixed her! You get what you pay for.
  13. Update - Tuner not registering, interior lights not turning on, and headlamp fault code fixed. It was an OBD sensor fuse blown, easy fix. Large boost leak still working through.
  14. Cheers, I'll do some more research..... @Puffwagon Cleared up a lot thanks!

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