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  1. Had a little hickup but will be putting them on this Monday so I'll get back to you 🤙
  2. Fellas, So I am getting 6POT Stolz SFZ front and 4POT Stolz SFZ rear put on my F6 ute tomorrow. Has anyone upgraded the rear brakes beyond the OEM 1POT? As I know Ford never gave the option to upgrade the rear brakes as it apparently causes some issues. I've read from other forums that a few blokes have done it without issue but no first hand answers. Has anyone in this community done the above upgrades in their Falcon Ute? Cheers
  3. The tire shop gave me a website to use to determine what size tire will fit, giving very detailed measurements. For anyone who is interested here it is - https://tiresize.com/
  4. Exactly right. It says it on the tire sticker when you zoom in.
  5. Yea I have about 40mm space from the tire to the outside rolled guard and could make another 20mm at least if I rolled it further. The inside has far more room. Hopefully I can find a tire shop who is willing to do some proper measurements. What do you think of that space?
  6. Hey, So I am wanting to fit the largest possible tire on my FPV FG F6 MK1 Ute. Will I be able to fit 315 35 R20 on the rear? I have the guards rolled and currently have installed 305 30 R20 but id like a larger side wall. Cheers Chad
  7. Yea see I don't want to get rid of my f6 brakes and if I can get away with 16" rims I'll do that. Does anyone know if 16s will be the go??? I have a decent amount of guard work
  8. Hey guys, Just wondering if anyone knows the biggest fattest mickey thompson ET street tire on the smallest possible rim I could fit on the rear of my FPV FG F6 MK1 UTE??? I only have the OEM F6 rear calipers (no brembos). I have the rear guards rolled of course and currently have 305/30-R20 with plenty of room for wider tires. Also I was considering getting some black Weld's but don't know the rim size I would need. cheers Chad
  9. BEFORE - Stock engine bay (Only put the growler induction kit on) AFTER - A couple of modifications..... Still more to come. Chasing 750HP next :D
  10. Almost ready to put the power down!
  11. Hey ladies and gents So its time to plastic weld the holes that was once the seat for a wank wing, and respray. Can anyone give me some advice on where to go to get this done and and estimate on price?? or would it be more cost effective to just buy a new lid?? Cheers
  12. Hi lads and lasses I'm looking into doing an advanced driving course, are there anyone who has done this? and if so could you provide details and your experiences? I'm located in the Brisbane region. Cheers
  13. Cheers k31th! Yea for those 5hours I had her purring haha, massive power difference from 500hp. It frightens me slightly now.
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