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  1. Before and afters

  2. Problem solving

    CORRECTION...... Reverse globes, my bad lol
  3. Problem solving

    So after many weeks of heart ache and frustration from taking all the piping off checking for cracks, leaks, punctures, etc etc etc. I finally took it into FPT and you're not going to believe what it was...... I installed some sh*tty ebay spec led parker bulbs a while ago and they were apparently tricking the computer to think that it was in reverse, hence low boost and throttle body opening letting out boost. A few runs on the dyno and replacement of parker bulbs has FINALLY fixed her! You get what you pay for.
  4. Problem solving

    Update - Tuner not registering, interior lights not turning on, and headlamp fault code fixed. It was an OBD sensor fuse blown, easy fix. Large boost leak still working through.
  5. Before and afters

    Cheers, I'll do some more research..... @Puffwagon Cleared up a lot thanks!
  6. Before and afters

    @Puffwagon By venting holes you mean the crankcase vent and the PCV right? which would mean I should do the PCV next. From what I read the crankcase breather is to allow gases to escape, catching oil, and grabbing fresh air from the air intake therefore why would I need a one way valve for my catch can if I have a breather filter eliminating pressurisation?? @arronm Cheers for the info guys! The to do list keeps on getting longer and longer
  7. Before and afters

    All I had before was a crankcase breather filter that was spewing oil in my engine bay so thought I'd have to sort that out. However the PCV I noticed is plugged into the intake manifold, is that what you mean? Also I've heard you need a separate catch can for both the pcv and crankcase?
  8. Problem solving

    Yea I have the plazmaman relo kit and have sandpapered clean the negative point also sprayed all the points with anti corrosion spay. When I got the new battery I also bought a new negative terminal clamp as the plazmaman one was too large and was loose.
  9. Before and afters

    Crankcase breather catch can.
  10. Problem solving

    Yea I got a new battery, that fixed my air con problem as the old battery was only at 50% CCA but nothing else. After I drove away it was still in limp mode with no codes I called battery world and told him and he said he had a similar case to mine the other week with a merc and apparently they found that there was an OBD sensor fuse blown and that fixed it. However more strange things are happening, my interior lights don't turn on anymore, my ute turns on now without depressing the clutch, I had headlight faults pop up, and my XCAL4 doesn't even turn on when I plug it in. With regards to the limp mode, that just stopped this morning but when it hits boost at 16psi I have this hissing sound like it's venting to atmospher on the turbo side and then it drops to 4psi then climbs again then drops, I've checked all my piping and nothing is loose or out of place. My guess is it may be a boost leak????
  11. Problem solving

    Just tried disconnecting the battery and flashed back to stock and returned to tune but still in limp mode. I'll get a new battery will a higher CCA tomorrow like you said and see how that goes. Fingers crossed its only the battery! cheers guys
  12. Problem solving

    Hey lads So got some issues and in need of some help solving them??? The story goes for the past couple of months my air con has been very temperamental, the first time it didn't work I took it to an air con shop and he just disconnected the positive from the battery and bam it started working again. So that was a band-aid that helped me through for a while but it has been doing it more and more and pretty much every time now I have no working air con. I also at the time took it to battery world and ol mate said my battery is fine. Along with this my central locking has been temperamental sometimes working sometimes not as in it activates the alarm system but doesn't lock the doors. Next, lately when I turn it on it takes a bit to tick over and start, then yesterday it wouldn't start but then when I put the clutch in its started (that has never done that before). Now after the clutch incident I took her for a drive and shes gone into full limp mode. It drives but just barely any boost. There are no codes which I've checked with my xcal4. I've disconnected and reconnected the battery. I called an auto electrician and he didnt want a bar of it as its modified and said to talk to my tuner. Help a brother out???? cheers
  13. Brake pad and rotor suggestions

    JET cheers for all the info mate! You've sold it to me that's for sure.....I'll keep yous posted
  14. Brake pad and rotor suggestions

    Cheers bro, I'll look into it
  15. Brake pad and rotor suggestions


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