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  1. Hi Guys, I'm thinking of having a crack at something similar with a single din flip out unit, retaining the existing icc position and maintaining factory amp and sub. In terms of the wiring, Is it simply a case of disconnecting the relevant wires from the icc plug(s) and hooking them up to the new head unit instead or is there some additional complexity with line converters etc that have been mentioned in previous posts?
  2. Hi Guys, I have access to a cheap set of 245/45/17 ET Streets and just wondering if anyone has tried them as opposed to the standard 275/40/17 ET Street S/S on an 8 inch RIm. I am assuming the contact wouldn't be that much different and because of the construction and tread pattern or lack thereof on the R traction might be even better? Thoughts
  3. Yep might have to give the r888r or somethig in the 200 treadwear range a go.
  4. Thought as much. I've really only used them to drive to and from the track in the past. There's always a compromise somewhere I guess
  5. Hey Guys Just wondering if anyone has bit the bullet and decided to run MT's on their daily driver or used them for an extended period - how many k's did you get and what was your experience in the wet? If its possible to squeeze 10,000ks from them I am considering running them full time on 18 x 9.5's
  6. Any feedback on wet performance at this stage? Also keen to see if anyone has tried the Hankook RS4
  7. Hey guys, Looking at getting some 17x9's steelies for the drags and just wondering whether 17x9 +22 will fit an FG sedan with SSSL rear springs (standard brakes) Thanks in advance.
  8. Yeah that would be great thanks mate!
  9. Hi guys just wondering what your thoughts are on the best combo on 18's. Do you recommend SSL fronts and SSSL rears or SSL's all around? The aim is to get the rear sitting a bit more flush without compromising on practicality too much. Cheers
  10. Finally making some decent power in my FG Mods -GT3540 with ported wastegate and 12lb actuator -1000cc Injectors -Process West Stage 2 Cooler with intune piping -XR6 turbo developments turbo side intake -Plazmaman Surge with 044 Xforce 3.5 inch turbo back with 4 inch dump Crow race valve springs and retainers That's about it I think. The result was 379 @ roughly 16psi The car is an animal, great work by the guys at Bluepower who having been doing work on my car for years. I highly recommend these guys if you're in VIC
  11. yeah I've got a set of M&H 275/40/17's for the drag strip which are awesome, but it's always good to be able punch it on the street and not have to fear for your life when boost kicks in!
  12. Hi guys, I'm currently weighing up whether to replace my existing 19x8 dark argents for something that can fit 275 on the rears vs getting something like Michelin PSS or Gooodyear F1 Assymetricals in 245/35/19 all around on the current rims. What are your thoughts on which combo is going to give me the best grip off the line running 355kw?
  13. I'm Running around 340kw with the FG PWR stepped cooler. I dont appear to be having too many issues with heat soak but I believe it could probably be pushed a bit further with the pw stage 1 or any other bigger cooler.
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