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  1. Guys. Anybody need a rear bumper for a FG XR6T 2008? Free to a good home. Or best offer in excess of $0. The part needs to be picked up. It's not heavy but difficult to fit into an A4 envelope (or Aust Post box). I fitted it into my XR6T when I collected it from the Ford Dealer. PAH
  2. Guys, I sold the Repco axles to HOTXR6T. Thanks for buying them mate! I am keen to sell the brand new FG XR6T rear bumper. Brand new in Ford plastic wrap. Offer me silly money. If I don't sell it I'll try to sell it to my local Paint Touchup Guy for even sillier money. And I'm happy to let the Snow Water Injection go for a bargain basement price. PAH
  3. Oops. One more part I forgot to list . . . The Factory OEM turbo. It did 80,000 before I upgraded to a GTX3520. It was running perfectly when I upgraded to the GTX3520. It's been lubricated by Mobil 1 apart from the Ford first service oil. Feel free to make an offer There's a part I'm keen to sell. It's the FG rear bumper. Brand New in Plastic Wrapper. Handy to have as a spare if you back into a sharp object. It might save having to make an insurance claim. Again, feel free to make an offer. PAH
  4. Joncitizen. I am in western Sydney. The Hills district. PAH
  5. Hi Guys, I let that one slip through the cracks!! Sorry about that. I've attached a pic (belatedly) as promised. As you can see, the FG XR6T was Dash Green. I wanted a blue FG XR6T and there was one available in early 2009 but it was an auto . . . and I wanted a manual. I should have bought an auto XR6T but I found that out too late. The FG XR6T auto is quicker, has no rollover noise, and has no transmission backlash. But I have no doubt that I'd have felt the urge to upgrade the rear end bushes to urethane if I'd bought the auto. My new 2019 Kia Stinger V6 has almost 6,000 kms on the clock. I can smell glycol coolant smell in the car but there's NO sign of fluid loss or puddles anywhere. I plan to raise the issue with Kia at the 12 months service. This glycol smell seems to be a issue that is well known enough to rate a mention on the internet. If you take one for a test drive, see if you can smell glycol. https://www.700r4transmissionhq.com/kia-stinger-heater-core-leak/ https://www.kiastinger.org/threads/do-you-smell-coolant-around-your-car-warranty-bad-mechanics-diy.3482/ Apart from that, the car has more than enough grunt to keep me happy. Kia claims 0-100 kms in 4.9 secs. But they may have used a 30 kg jockey as the pilot.
  6. Puffwagon, The PN is 20001.
  7. Guys, I have the following FG XR6T parts for sale: * Rear axle shafts. Brand New in Boxes. Repco. Make an offer. * FG XR6T rear bumper. Genuine Ford. Brand New in Plastic. Make an offer. * FG XR6T mag wheel (silver) and new tyre. Cost $600. Sell for $300. * Snow Water Injection Kit. Brand New in Box. Make an offer. * Air Filters (4). Genuine Ford XR6T. Brand New in Boxes. Make an offer. * Oil Filters (2). Genuine Ford XR6T. Brand New in Boxes. Make an offer. PAH. PM me please. Or
  8. K31TH, Yes there's a part of me that wanted to keep the XR6T. It's an Aussie Icon. It went well. If I'd found a way to iron out the few irritating bugs I might have kept it. I'll use the new URL to make a donation and advertise my XR6T bits on the forum. I'll dig out some Stinger pics too. PAH
  9. Hi Guys, My FG XR6T was 11 year years old and it it was giving me some grief in a couple of areas so I decided to jack it up and run a Kia Stinger underneath as a fix. Stinger Pro's: No driveline shunt. No transmission rollover noise. Kia Customer Care! 6.8L/100kms on the Hume to Melbourne. Runs on 91 RON (but I use 95 RON). 7 year warranty. 0-100 in 4.9 secs (fast enough for me). Can't set the auto to default to Sports Mode (and I do not use the manual paddles behind the wheel). Stinger Annoyances: Invasive automated controls such as Smart (Dumb in my book) Cruise Control. Automated intermittent wipers set their own speed (and end up running flat out for drizzle). Less roomy for back seat passengers. Back window is small limiting rear view. It's a V6 twin turbo not a V8 twin turbo. I'm not a fan of V6's. I'd rather Kia spent their $ on two more cylinders rather than counter-balance shafts but the engine is very smooth. I've got some FG XR6T bits for sale. I just tried to donate so I can advertise them on this site. I hit a snag. I notified Keith. Hope to donate soon and advertise. Items include rear bumper (BNIB), Repco rear drive shafts (BNIB), Factory mag wheel and tyre with 90% tread. PAH
  10. Thanks Keith, I haven't tried the earth to the PCM bracket yet. I can't see how an extended run would impact upon earthing issues but it'll cost me nothing to add one more short length of earth cable so I'll give it a try. And see if anybody recommends a good auto elec in Western Sydney - just in case one more earth doesn't help. PAH
  11. Guys, As I've been poking around for the cause of Battery Fail Warning and a stalling issue I found this Youtube: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=S7QFEVWShvc  It shows how the wires feeding to the indicator stalk are sheered off inside the steering column. The car is a BF. The video might help members with a blank dashboard. I might take the steering column cover off my FG just to double check that all is OK. If this problem has afflicted my car, I'm not sure that it'd cause a Battery Fail error but it's worth a check. Any thoughts? PAH
  12. Thanks K31TH. I limited the cleaner to the throttle body. Just wondering what happens after it's sucked through the engine and tasted by the oxy sensor. NIZPRO told me not to use fuel injector cleaner because it poisons the oxy sensor so I'm wondering about the throttle body cleaner. After I added the extra earth cables the can ran well on short trips. I've since taken it for a 2hr drive and the Batt Fail and stalling issue is still there after so I am looking for other issues. AND ALL EARS if anybody has any suggestions. I had a poke around the net and found this Youtube video that shows how the factory wires in the steering column tend to sheer off in BFs. It might be an issue in FGs too?: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=S7QFEVWShvc  Just in case I need one after I exhaust all avenues can anybody recommend an auto electrician who has experience with FG Falcons?
  13. Guys, I cleaned the throttle body. It wasn't quite as black as the La Brea Tar Pits but it wasn't much better. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/La_Brea_Tar_Pits. I also added one earth from Battery Neg to the inlet manifold. It looks like that's cured the Battery Fail warning lights on the dashboard and the idle is a lot more stable. After adding only the one extra earth cable the car has stalled once at a red light with the engine at idle. I've just added another earth and hope that this totally nails the issue. With the one earth, the improvement is significant. I ran the second earth from Battery Neg to the fuse box earth. It's connected to a hole in the (painted) inner guard so I'm wondering if that's the poor earth point? It'd be nice to know where the factory earth is failing so it could be fixed at the source. Thanks heaps for this thread. Very helpful! And I now know to clean the throttle body every 20k or so. PAH PS: I've been told that injector cleaner kills oxy sensors so I don't use it any more. Does Throttle Body Cleaner kill oxy sensors?
  14. Guys, If your fixes above work, you're worth your weight in platinum recovered from restrictive factory cataclysmic convertors. I'm off on a mission to give your suggestions a go. What you're suggesting sounds easy enough to do. The stalling issue described above is pretty much an exact description of the very irritating problem that I've endured for the last year or more. I should have checked the forum for a solution earlier. I'll let you know how I go. PAH
  15. Thanks Keith, I should have checked Trump's Twitter reports for FAKE GNUS?? It good that we're reminded not to light them up in a location where we might get done. It's not hard to spin them up especially not if the ESC is off. Whoever the guy was in the blue Falcon, it might have been difficult to spot a uniformed cop amongst all that BLUE smoke? I'm guessing that the judge wouldnt factor that if a cop had been knocked?? PAH
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