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  1. PAH

    Blue Tyre Smoke?

    Thanks Keith, I should have checked Trump's Twitter reports for FAKE GNUS?? It good that we're reminded not to light them up in a location where we might get done. It's not hard to spin them up especially not if the ESC is off. Whoever the guy was in the blue Falcon, it might have been difficult to spot a uniformed cop amongst all that BLUE smoke? I'm guessing that the judge wouldnt factor that if a cop had been knocked?? PAH
  2. Guys, Who saw the blue tyre smoke signals on last night's TV news? Is the driver a forum member? PAH
  3. Guys, This looks interesting: https://www.goauto.com.au/news/toyota/toyota-backs-hydrogen-economy/2019-03-20/78082.html An electric car without expensive batteries that tend to wear out in circa 10 years could be a nice way to go. What about an electric motor on each wheel to enable torque vectoring that aids cornering? Such a car would be quick. What about solar systems on our home rooftops that generate free hydrogen? But I guess we'd have to put baseball cards in the spoke to ensure that bike riders, Greenies and the PC are able to hear us coming in our whisper quiet electric car? How about sub woofers to play a V8 or V12 soundtrack? PAH
  4. Guys, Check this out: https://www.motoring.com.au/motorsport-mustang-supercar-to-be-slowed-117532/ PAH
  5. Guys, It's good to see Dick Johnson's Car 17 doing so well at the moment. He's given the sport good support over the years. Why is the Mustang going so well? I am guessing that it has to be the same mass as the Commodore - correct? So why is it cleaning up the ZB Commodes? Does the Mustang cut the through air with less drag? Or has the Mustang been given too much wing and front spoiler? I know the arguments for NASCAR style racing rather than the Improved Production formula that we used to have back in the 1980's, but I wish we could revert to something like the 1980's formula. Look at what going on now: * It looks like they've massaged the Mustang roof to make it fit over the standard roll cage. Correct? Did they have to shorten the VF wheelbase? * The ZB Commode racer is a V8 RWD whereas the best ZB street car is an east-west V6 with the addition of a drive system to the rear wheels. * The Nissan racer is a V8 RWD whereas the best Nissan street car is an east-west V6 with FWD. * The fact that Supercar racing is a "parity sport" means that the Mustang might be adjusted to slow it down. Where's the parity for the Nissan? * None of the current race cars use the engine or drivetrains fitted to our street cars. * The cars we see selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars today (GTHOs XU-1s, 350 Monaros etc) pull big $ because Bathurst made them famous. That's not happening any more because there's no link between our street cars and the cars we see at Bathurst. But back to my first questions: Why is the Mustang going so well? Is it has the same mass as the Commodore? Does the Mustang cut the through air with less drag? Does the Mustang have too much wing? The rear wing looks enormous. PAH
  6. Are there CV joints in the rear axles? Are they capable of causing vibration when they wear?
  7. Guys: A bit more. A standard 21 watt should pull 1.75 amps. I = P/V. I = 21/12 = 1.75 amps. If the resistor above is 6 Ohms then it will pull 2 amps which is MORE current than than a standard 21 watt light globe. Why does it need to? I could be wrong here, but it's my guess that the objective is to get the TOTAL load (resistor and LED) to pull the same current as a standard 21 watt globe so that the Cruise Control recognises the current draw as a brake pedal application. If we have any auto elecs in the forum please jump in here to set me straight if I am wrong. I suspect that it is a 6 Ohm resistor. It looks a bit like these: https://www.amazon.com/4Pcs-Aaron-6ohm-Load-Resistors/dp/B00L4V9ECY/ref=sr_1_2_sspa?hvadid=295431745346&hvdev=c&hvlocphy=2840&hvnetw=s&hvpos=1t2&hvqmt=b&hvrand=5047983431389191575&hvtargid=kwd-396652719788&keywords=6+ohm+50w+led+load+resistors&qid=1552688817&s=gateway&sr=8-2-spons&tag=googhydr-20&psc=1 And this web site includes this info: "4Pcs Aaron 50W 6ohm Load Resistors - Fix LED Bulb Fast Hyper Flash Turn Signal Blink Error Code (Resistors get very hot during working)". A 10 watt LED globe should pull around 0.8 amps ( I = P / V I = 10/12 = 0.8). And this means (if my maths and logic are correct) then the LED should be around 15 Ohms and another 15 ohms should bump current draw to that of a standard light globe. If you have purchased LED globes and you do not know how much current they pull you can measure this with a cheap Digital Multi Meter from Jaycar: https://www.jaycar.com.au/low-cost-digital-multimeter-dmm/p/QM1500 There is a critical issue here. When measuring current (amps) the DMM MUST be connected in series with the LED light globe NOT across the globe. If you're not sure of this don't even try. The DMM can blow up if you strap it across a power supply ... if it doesn't have a fuse. Once you know the current flowing through your DMM you can calculate power. Assume 0.5 amps flowing through the LED. Power = Volts x Amps. Power = 12 volts x 0.5 amps = 6 watts. That's less than a third of the current drawn by a standard globe. And (I am guessing that) 6 watts may not been seen by the Cruise Control as a brake pedal application. You can do your own maths to calculate the value of a parallel resistor required to pull the same current as a standard 21 watt globe that pulls 1.75 amps.
  8. Panda Eyes, Thanks for the info. Is that a 6 Ohm resistor in your photo? If so: I = V/R. = 12 /6 = 2 amps. The guy at Ledshoponline has advised me to use a 5000 Ohm resistor which would pull only 3mA (3/1000 of an amp). I can't see such a high value resistor getting hot. He also says his LED globes have been stacked with plenty of LEDs to maximise current flow. They pull 10 watts. But this is still less than the standard globe that pulls 21 watts. I dare say he is specifying a 5000 Ohm resistor for his LED globes to increase the current draw enough to trip the Cruise Control when the brake pedal is tapped. IF I need to add the 5000 Ohm resistor I don't plan to whack it across the tail light - just the brake light. I am guessing that it's only the brake light that triggers Cruise Control deactivation. And so I am hoping that I don't have any dramas with nightime-daytime brightness on the dashboard. Admin: I'm waiting for the LED lobes to arrive in the post mate. If I'm lucky they will work OK without any fiddling around. https://www.ledshoponline.com.au/
  9. Admin, Yeah fair point. If the axles aren't the problem then it's preventative maintenance. I'll keep the originals as spares. What's the life expectancy for axles? My FG is coming up to 130k. PAH
  10. K31TH, I = V/R. Current = 12 / 4700. Current is a tad less than 3mA. The resistors I'm looking at are rated at 5 watts. 12 x 0.003 = 0.036 watts which is way less than the 5 watt max. I'm hoping that they don't run hot. If I'm lucky the brake pedal will continue to trip the cruise control after I install the LED brake lights. If not I'll try the resistors at 48 cents each (not $40 for the Error Canceller). The guy from ledshoponline says that their globes are packed with plenty of LEDs to ensure that they pull 10 watts in an effort to overcome the issue with the cruise control. I have zero interest in bling so I'd continue to use standard globes if they'd last. I'm told that it's voltage spikes that causes globes to blow. I'd link to know what causes the voltage spikes. And I'd like to know why it's ALWAYS the LEFT globe that blows. Ledshoponline advertises that its globes are also OK in 24 volt circuits so I'm hoping that that makes them more resistant to voltage spikes. PAH
  11. That's a shame. Somebody let's know if there's a wrecker that looks after forum members. PAH
  12. Sorry Admin, I ordered a couple of brake-tail lights from this crowd: https://www.ledshoponline.com.au/12-24-volt-car-led-light-bulbs-australia-automotive/12-volt-LED-brake/BAY15D-White-1157-12v-12-volt-LED-brake-lights After speaking to a few people, I concluded that the guy at the ledshoponline made the most sense. I asked a guy from another supplier for the RESISTANCE figure of the Error Canceller that I was informed I might need and the answer was ... 21 WATTS!! (not ohms). Keith at ledshoponline gave me the figure for resistor that I need to wire in parallel with his LED globes (IF required). He advised me to install a 5000 resistor. Jaycar sells wire wound 4700 ohm resistors for 48 cents. https://www.jaycar.com.au/4-7k-ohm-5-watt-wire-wound-resistor/p/RR3312 A couple of crowds are asking $40 for the Error Canceller magic box. The bulbs from ledshoponline apparently use Samsung LEDs so I guess they will be OK. PAH
  13. Guys, Yes. The guys at Blingworks sent me these links for the extra modules: https://www.blingworkauto.com.au/philips-21w-canbus-led-control-unit-error-cancelle https://www.blingworkauto.com.au/philips-5w-canbus-led-control-unit-error-canceller The irritation is that the brake light error canceller modules cost $40. Over twice the price of the LED globes. The modules are connected in parallel to the LEDs using insulation displacement connectors. The major concern would be cruise control not cancelling when the brake pedal is tapped and I dare say that the 21w canceller would fix this. Why bother with the 5w tail light error canceller? I think that the guy at Blingworks mentioned that it prevents a dashboard "blown globe" warning light error but my FG doesn't have a dashboard "blown globe"warning light so I am tempted to not buy the 5w canceller. PAH
  14. Guys, I used to buys bits off FTG Auto Salvage but they appear to have disappeared. Does anybody know where they have gone or if they are trading under a new name? FTG Auto Salvage was always happy and I'd like to continue to deal with them. PAH
  15. Guys, Can anybody recommend a diff workshop in western Sydney? Possibly one that looks after forum members? PAH

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