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  1. Shouted the FG XR6T ute a new DIY Hardy Spicer centre bearing, other one was 50% torn. Realigned shafts as they were previously and only good vibrations going on. For the record was 11mm offset 35mmm shaft and 170mm bolt centres. https://imgur.com/a/5yDHepm
  2. While I'm not sure if this mob does car insurance or operates all over Oz, but I just bought a home insurance policy today from Sure insurance which was 20% cheaper than all of the other robbing bastards. Apparently started by a RACQ manager who went out on their own. Done online, didn't need to speak to anyone. May help someone save a $ cause paying insurance sucks, mostly.
  3. Another vid and question for the brains trust about the FG XRT ute, similar to OP, but no clunking, prolly cause the cv boots not allowing spline to reach full depth both ways. There seems to be a large amount of lateral movement in splines between the 2 cv joints. Is this normal again? When tyres are spun by hand, all seems tight and quiet in diff area. CV_lateral.mp4
  4. Been contemplating doing the centre bearing replace myself (partially torn and sagged about 5mm) on my FGT ute and doing a bit of research about some of the driveline bits down there that may also need attention and put the job beyond my comfort level. No noises or clunking that I have noticed as yet and I do listen with window down and beats off often. I have a question for the brain trust here, the following vid shows the total play in the driveline with car in neutral, The cv near the centre bearing has very little play and unsure about the back one, but at the diff end there seems to be at least 80% of the movement you can see in the front. Thoughts anyone? Shaft_play.mp4
  5. Cheers chaps for the replies. Specific information is gold, especially when you're new to this stuff. Driver side hub to guard is around 350mm and p/s is 340, never noticed the difference until now, bump stops look to be close to 50mm from axle, has around half a tank atm, so p/s has sagged more it seems. Vehicle sits about 25mm higher at back over front. Another job for the list, after driveshaft centre bearing replace and zf fluid flush/cooler delete and possibly radiator upgrade.
  6. Was sniffing around under the car and noticed the ssl kings springs looking a bit, errr, weird. Read somewhere during searches, ssl kings can ruin stock shocks, no idea if shocks are standard or not. Doesn't make any annoying noises. Is this something that will need attention soon or good to go?
  7. Thanks again @bjc for the additional info. I'll have to do some in site searches. There is so much great info here. I imagine your car with such limited release/klms is a real collectors item. Time just seems to roll on faster and faster and nothing demonstrates that like kids growing up. Recently after a big night at a distant 60th, had one of my daughters drive me home 120 odd k's in the "coupe" and she loved it. She was thinking about getting a Toyota 86, but now she's been T'd I'm not so sure.
  8. Quick google search reveals, you've got 1 of only 229 F6X's built. U Learn something everyday @bjc. While we're getting way off topic, are you still using water/meth injection or was that a passing fad?
  9. Also keen to see some graphs for your rocketship @Nick Captain Slow. Particularly interested about how you've got the torque level so high on all of your various mods/tunes. You must have plenty of boost and timing thrown in early into your TT.
  10. Cheers @bjc, Thanks for the heads up with your valuable experience re tuning options in FNQ. I do have a place to stay in Townsville and some hols next year, so will do some research on your suggestions. This newb appreciates words of wisdom from more experienced enthusiasts and that's a nice piece of open road between Cairns and Townsville. Rob
  11. Was in drive, haven't really explored performance mode. Don't think it would make any difference in this one. Shift points/shift speed are a good tip to be explored in next tune. Cheers @BeerTurbo.
  12. Hmm, The ZF usually holds same gear for a few seconds after backing off and then changes up, but moreso in higher gears. I think it changed up as soon as I was off the gas on this occasion. That would suck if it was the the trans spinning. There was no stepout like if often does, but it was a dual lane dead flat road. I've noticed only a hand full of times that it flares slightly when cold on low load, I do warm things up before being spirited. I do drive heavy vehicles with Allison boxes and they will do that sometimes when cold. ZF service if def on the cards very soon. Last 10000Klms of cars life, no doubt, would have been hectic. Have been procrastinating about trans coolers and whether to go GW or LG6, but that's for a more relevant thread, I guess. Just gotta do it.
  13. Yeah well that's the thing, problem with common sense is that it is not that common. The car mostly can't spin the tyres much after said retune. The road was bone dry and I don't do skids as such. Maybe if I think about the consequences a bit more, I'll exercise a bit of revout interruptus via the right foot. I wonder if I would go built? Thanks K31th
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