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  1. Met a bloke one day who had tourette syndome, he was quiet, unlike ol mate but I thought his head was gunna fall off. Can't be much fun. On the subject of funnies, took this shot today.
  2. With most good cheap number plate combos already taken, the new PPQ caption option opens up a whole new world of customized plates for Qlders. For $605 you could really attract some unneeded attention with this 1.
  3. Wyatt

    395rwkw FG MKII

    So following up on last post, revisit to tuner to lower boost to a sustainable level (Apparently previous high boost was commanded) add a bit of fuel and some timing was pulled as well, so dropped a few nm's and a bit more laggy than before but got to keep the old school number, so happy with result. No fault codes showing. Got idle sorted when hot, doesn't stall anymore. Oil pump gears - Tick, although now realising was probably not required for auto Safe Tune - Internal wastegate seems to work now - Tick Next job - ZF full fluid flush and heat exchange upgrade to keep trans cooler in tropics and remove milkshake issue. (although I did notice it heats up the tranny super quick as is, when I was grovelling around down there) Still tossing up between liquid gold 6 and GW product and whether to have upfront @JETURBO style or smaller unit with fan between the original dodge one is and the chassis rail. As there is no E85 in FNQ, then no chance to need same space for surge tank. Once again apologies for chithouse image. Need to get another phone/brain.
  4. I'm in a low lying area in FNQ and the threat of inundation is real during wet season, so all important bits upfront will be +400mm higher than what they otherwise would be. Just gotta make sure I don't get lazy when big rain is forecast.
  5. Wyatt

    395rwkw FG MKII

    Chose this thread as have very similar setup to OP, although no battery relocate. After spinning the wheels a bit and seeing some high RPM, decided on fitting a new H/D oil pump gear assembly and while in the shop, they put it on the dyno for a quick check over. Due to my ignorance, I was a bit surprised to see 20+psi of boost on the chart. Oil on paper is from originals pump gears I took with me. Car ran a bit rough apparently so plug gaps were checked, so plan is for retune. PSI down a bit, bit more fuel so AFR down a touch and bit more timing as is currently around 5 degrees advance, I think, to extend life of motor. So having NFI, I have a question about the original dyno and current one. HP and torque is similar, but the rpm/power/torque figures seem to have changed somewhat. Origin graph shows spool and max torque about 1000 rpm lower. Any thoughts on any of the above would be gratefully received.
  6. Built some ramps over the past week using scrap scrounged from various sources. Excuse the dodgy paint job. Nice to get under and take a look and get familiar with whats down there. Also checked for any leaks after Atomic oil pump gears fitted.
  7. That's Gold, can't wait to pass it on.
  8. Finnas said Funny you should ask, cause the maiden run in car with previous owner driving, who clearly wanted to impress, smashed it up to 140+ in this tiny street with a small car puttering on up ahead before standing on the brakes, abs kicked in and at first wasn't sure if we were skipping on road, but it pulled up amazingly quickly, while I didn't make a noise, I was no doubt preparing to scream and/or push 1 out. Afterwards he lamented he didn't have time to take me for a spin in 1 of his other cars, I don't think I would've got in. Here it is on dyno. SPOILER ALERT its not a Ford https://www.facebook.com/WesternSuburbsMechanical/videos/vb.104302189716572/358076675054716/?type=2&theater
  9. This is a quick easy and totally tasty recipe. Done in 30 mins from scratch. Maybe not for those who can't handle just a little heat. Start Frying 1 onion coarsely chopped in coconut or olive oil, add half a jar of this gloop, fry for a few minutes, add 500g of chopped chicken thighs, mix around a bit and then add 1 can of coconut milk (don't use coco cream - rank) bring to simmer. Add half a chopped red capsicum and/or a 30 green beans and/or zucchini and/or cauliflower or whatever. Add teaspoon of sugar and don't forget to put rice on first cause you'll be waiting 4 it. For the Keto version, grate half a cauliflower, not fingers, fry that for 10 minutes on high heat in coco or olive oil use instead of rice and forget sugar. Keto is low carb, so no sugar, no grains including rice, bread, limited fruit, so why don't you just jump off a bridge Huh? well if you could handle bacon & eggs every day for breaky, all the salads with ceasar dressings, all meats/fish you could ever want to eat, not feel hungry and feel good about giving that fatty liver a break, and lose rear end KG's not KW's without doing anything else? Not preaching, just sayin
  10. Ash Vs Evil Dead is a 3 series follow on from those scary as $hit movies years ago. Network is Starz. Funny as, great music. +1 for The Boys
  11. Nice mood lighting Finnas. What a pain in the arse to keep clean, is there an easy way?
  12. Hopefully this will land in the given a/c soon. I appreciate any/all assistance to my questions and this great platform. I must have screwed up the process somehow. Looking forward to the bronze medal.
  13. Just had a better look at your amazing thread, very much a chalk and cheese comparison, but nevertheless, doweling the crank would shut the issue down and I appreciate your time to consider my question. I have a much greater idea of what is going on now than just a few days ago. Thank you Brad
  14. Brad, Love your work, shared experiences and commitment to your dream, big HP is right there in the face of those who want it, keeping stuff operating and/or being happy with wot you got seems to be the hard part. This HP thing is totally addictive and consuming. Can't imagine the stress and head trauma continually fixing expensive stuff would be, don't really wanna find out. Previous owner said to me go to 16-17psi on E85 & 450kw, no thanks. Question still remains is preemptively doweling the flexplate a valid idea or just an excuse to spend more $ @Jeturbo when are you gunna read your messages
  15. Still tossing up between engine out or left in place for full billet upgrade of oil pump gears, but the issue of doweling the flex plate as a preemptive move has come into the equation. (no probs at this stage) There are plenty of stories about this issue, but in reality how often does it occur. Ol mate reckons much greater chance of input shaft breaking. Not much of a skid kid myself, although someone called me a child the other day, I'll wear that like a badge of honour. Having owned the car for a month, I ain't no expert, just a drip under pressure. FG 2010 ZF 6sp 375rwkw ute.

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