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  1. On the timing cover just above the harmonic balancer on the passenger side. It's on a 45 degree angle.
  2. Only non FPV rims to clear are: BA XR8 18" (Enforcer/Devil R) will clear as will FG-X Sprints
  3. It was the Mackilec kit that uses the slim head ARP 102-2802 bolts on the ZFs. I have a set here if you want. I suppose with nothing happening at the airport and no rental cars being ferried by wash boys between the terminals, they have a lot of time on their hands...
  4. Maybe see what your local friendly NZ ford dealer can do them for, here they are a trade club special with everyone like MR. FPV, Intune Motorsport and Mackielec Industries all reselling them. I have had 6 pots and 4 pot fronts on the same car, and I haven't found any difference tbh. Here is a comparison between the two. (BA/BF) but same idea: The 6pots look a million times better though.
  5. I don't think you will get brackets separately. Googling those parts number looks like they're of a range rover or similar with an integrated bracket part of the casting. The falcons use an adapter to the knuckle that screws into the caliper, the caliper cast has no mountings integrated.
  6. Just wiggle it while holding the clip in. If that fails use a mirror to see where you're going wrong and get someone stronger.
  7. What's the alternative to bulk heads? Are the race works components any good in this? https://www.independentmotorsports.com.au/ford-ba-bf-fg-fuel-pump-upgrade-kits
  8. S20 is the "S11" btw G35 is the new gen GTX35 fyi...
  9. One is chrome, the other isn't Similar to how in BF, the XR's had an XR logo on the shifter and the ghia didn't but had a chrome trim, also the perforations in the leather were absent on the ghia (BF)
  10. O-ring on the back of the waterpump, if it's on the DHS.
  11. That just looks like a regular drop in tank, not their heavy duty one. I think there is only one AIO solution which is the aftermarket industries one but only suits late BF2 tanks (post Sept 07 tanks), but seems big $$ in comparison, but so does a surge tank once you factor wiring, pump, fitting kit.
  12. Just remember no LSD in a G6E Turbo, so you'll probably be doing one of those in the future with your diff bushes.
  13. Check the intermediate shaft on the firewall to rack and the bolt holding at the bottom of the steering column, this is what was the cause in my BF Falcon... so could be something to consider.
  14. I have a genuine set here in Greater West Sydney 5 minutes from the drags if you still need some. Also have the o ring for oil pickup and other bits and pieces like front crank and rear main seal, all genuine.
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