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  1. FYI that green bit is factory. Put it in a vice with rags and undo it. Be prepared for it to get damaged. You could also try with a oil filter strap tool, but I had no luck with it.
  2. Yes, it uses the same wedge mount. 3 wires - ignition, ground and reverse trigger (if you want it to cut out while reversing)
  3. You need to change alot on the front to go to a BF2/BF3 Front End: Headlights Egg Crates Bonnet Grille Radiator Shroud Fog Lights Fog Light Surround/Blanks Fog Light Connectors Bumper Cover
  4. If it's BA/BA2 XR or BF/BF2 XR yes all the same, but BF2/BF3 non XR is not the same as BA/BA2/BF1.
  5. Maybe see what PAC Performance, MTQ or GCG can do for you for the core, they are all official distributers of Garrett. Yet they seem to put every part of Atomics catalogue in a Xerox overnight... 🙃
  6. joncitizen

    My Build

    Go on then bloke, tell us the good news. We've already heard the bad.😆😆😆😆
  7. joncitizen

    My Build

    Wow, alot going on... All the braid on the passenger side firewall looks like spaghetti... lol, More $$ in fittings and hoses then entire builds Love the wrecker tag on the FG rocker cover for extra street cred. Have you considered the billet MFP radiator mounts and a oil feed like bracket
  8. Before it goes on the dyno perhaps get a boost leak test done for $50 at AMC Performance on Jedda Rd, just up from CMS, see if there any other leaks. Those rubber couplers are the same ones used on the comp cover as well, might be split as well. Also consider a cold side piping upgrade and some Murray Constant Tension Hose Clamps (Hot side Pictured - but you get the idea) Did you manage to sort out the wastegate? This may of interest: https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/bundaberg-east/engine-engine-parts-transmission/process-west-ford-ba-bf-xr6-turbo-intercooler-piping/1253914371 Hot side is $350 alone....
  9. You could put an adjustable pedal box in - assuming auto... Your steering column already has the wiring, the switch goes into the recess/blank out below the barrel... Now I have seen some that just bring the brake pedal up/down and some that bring both up and down together... Might be worth looking into...
  10. I think it's a FAULT, you can only have Traction Control or DSC not both. DSC is Traction Control with a bosch steering wheel angle sensor on the bottom of the steering column with a purple plug and probably some revisions of the ABS modules... Look at the button where the fog lights are, it's a car going sideways not a wheel spinning, should correspond to that button. I have had 2 BF2s (DSC) and 1 BF (BF) and both BF2s will only light up the top left button when pressed. Bottom right on the TC car. Get it checked out...
  11. Before you go ahead with CMS, you might want to have a look at the stage packages precision racing offers: https://precisionracing.com.au/ford-fg-xr6t-g6et/ Better decide whether you want to run e85, 98 or flex and which platform SCT or PCMTEC as Full Flex on PCMTEC will add about another $950 for the kit alone... One thing to also consider is which shop actually answers the phone or replies to emails or calls in a timely manner, without you chasing them up. Then you need to worry up other stuff besides running a number like idle, cold start - especially on e85... Johhny Tig, Process West, PWR and Plazmaman all make coolers - not sure which ones are no cut, someone can chime in here... If you're chasing more power later, you might want to consider a turbo side intake now and piping to suit... rather than an expensive airbox. ANTZ Performance and MackieLec have options for piping and intakes. Remember hat Autotech is an X-Force dealer so maybe some some bias there... I'd go all aftermarket piping, with a turbo side intake, plazmaclamp adaptor for the TB and plazmaclamp for TB to cold side pipe: https://plazmaman.com/product/throttle-body-adapter-fg-falcom-to-3-plazmaclamp/ Don't want the elbow popping off on boost, hitting your bonnet... Anyway just my 2c
  12. Good Stuff, I went the other way around and put an FG Column into the BF with replaceable ignition switch. Why 2 catch cans? I'd be taking off the exhaust manifold and giving it to Joe/Mark so they can set up the preload on the bench and port or touch up the rear housing to their liking, then you would not have any trouble. Are you going for a stock looking engine bay by retaining the x-over?
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