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  1. O-ring on the back of the waterpump, if it's on the DHS.
  2. That just looks like a regular drop in tank, not their heavy duty one. I think there is only one AIO solution which is the aftermarket industries one but only suits late BF2 tanks (post Sept 07 tanks), but seems big $$ in comparison, but so does a surge tank once you factor wiring, pump, fitting kit.
  3. Just remember no LSD in a G6E Turbo, so you'll probably be doing one of those in the future with your diff bushes.
  4. Check the intermediate shaft on the firewall to rack and the bolt holding at the bottom of the steering column, this is what was the cause in my BF Falcon... so could be something to consider.
  5. I have a genuine set here in Greater West Sydney 5 minutes from the drags if you still need some. Also have the o ring for oil pickup and other bits and pieces like front crank and rear main seal, all genuine.
  6. Hey man, is this what you are after: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/152890612312 ?
  7. Hey if you haven't got the balancer tool already or opened it, just get crafty like Benny and put the money else where. https://youtu.be/AE-s7FVKiPE?t=377 Check if the sump has a gasket, because later on they became a silastic special just like the timing cover w/ 2 half moons.
  8. How'd they compare to PR - Riverstone?
  9. Why'd you remove the Nizpro cooler in the first place?
  10. For reference, I've made just shy of 400rwkw on e85 with a GTX3576 (5862) copy with a 1.06 rear housing and 0.6 comp cover (4" inlet) with wheel spin on a roller dyno Sounds like a VL though...
  11. Don't think this is the case with FG arms, need a whole replacement.
  12. FYI that green bit is factory. Put it in a vice with rags and undo it. Be prepared for it to get damaged. You could also try with a oil filter strap tool, but I had no luck with it.
  13. Yes, it uses the same wedge mount. 3 wires - ignition, ground and reverse trigger (if you want it to cut out while reversing)
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