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  1. Stock diff will be fine. I didnt realise how much aftermarket diffs now cost - save the money for wedding and house.
  2. With almost full lock and slow turn - feels like you hit the curb whn there is no curb! Doesnt happen very often though. I changed the diff when pulling apart for the twin bush hat, the stock diff is tuff if looked after. Damn, price has skyrocketed. I guess all parts are expensive now...
  3. Might have missed it, but are you changing the rear diff at the sametime? When I did mine years ago I chucked a wavetrac in, made a big difference with straight line traction, less spinning around unexpectedly.
  4. Is LSPI a thing in barras? Get a cheap motor as suggested above. Enjoy some traction with a bit less power, will still be a fun drive. Can always rebuild / go big when the money comes back.
  5. Only had/have manual Falcons. But love the paddle shifters in my AMG - coz makes me feel like Lewis Hamilton
  6. No, I wouldnt try and put a zf8 in our cars. I have only had manual barras anyway. Was trying to hypothesise if Ford Aus was still building Falcons what a new one today would look like. Maybe a 4 motor electric version?
  7. So reading about the new M3 xdrive and got me thinking what an xr6t would be like if built today by Ford Oz. Tune only M3 is running mid 10's! The guys at broadmeadow were always capable of a new improved platform. The ZF8 in the M3 would be a natural choice for an xr6t, clearly capable of handling big power. Maybe Ford Oz would have access to the Twinster AWD system from the Focus RS. imagine proper traction. What would they have done to the barra?
  8. I would not bother with expensive heavy overpriced intercoolers. In our usual hot 6 months they all get heat-soaked anyway no matter what people say, metal and heat just does not work. Just need a cooler that can flow enough for your power level, that is not a restriction to power. If you really want to lower IAT reliably and maintain power no matter the ambient temp - look at water/meth injection. I get the premixed stuff delivered to my door, non-flammable very safe. You would be surprised that a water/meth system is actually cheaper than many fancy coolers, lots of other engine benefits as well. If ths is a daily runabout and occasional track car stick with low mount. If a weekend warrior go high mount and external gate and unleash the beast! Driveshaft/twin bush hat/diff/brakes etc. are a must.
  9. @JETURBO can source them for you
  10. Who does Forced Performance recommend for engine rebuilds? I thought they did it in house?
  11. Yeah 0.83 T3 IWG rear with my efr9174. It flows pretty well, spools just as quick as the stock 3576 or the gtx3576 gen1. The mid range is mind boggling, made the gtx at 390rwkw feel pedastrian. Goes 480-500 rwkw on E85 and then Iam out of injector. I have a built engine with Howard rods and built driveline with CF driveshaft, twin bush hat, wavetrack etc. Only weakness is probably my single plate clutch, but has lasted 40k so far. With 275 semi slicks it grips and goes hard in the dry. Still think if I was starting from scratch now tge G series would be near top of the list. One really under rated turbo is the PTE6466. Went 440rwkw on pump98 with pretty quick spool. Was a $1500 easy bolt on back when released.
  12. I had to relocate the power steering fluid resorvoir to make it all fit, otherwise bolt on. The 0.83 housing is for fast spool, it will limit top end. When I did this 5-6 yrs ago there was no gen2 or G series. There are probably better options today, not sure I would go the same route, particularly as the efr turbos seem to have doubled in price.
  13. Yeah heat management is an issue, seen melted bonnet pics with high mount. The twin scroll / divided housing will help with coming on boost - looks like a hybrid type setup with a smaller exhaust housing as well? Should be unreal. What happened with the gt45 setup?
  14. Yeah, looks like a killer setup! Why not high mount?
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