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  1. Nice, I guess needs a bit of work to see the full potential of the turbo. Looks like you had to deliberately bring in the boost quite slowly as well. Whats with the hot side piping? Is it the turbo that needs it to go up so high? Cant be much clearance from the bonnet.
  2. Neighbour got one of these for $40k. Took me for a spin, its freekin amazing - like a little rally car. Check this video out from czech republic
  3. Damn, wish I new about the Century battery issue circ 2016 - all sorts of gremins with it
  4. From memory the dsc and comms fault can be a bugger as virtually any problem in the car can cause them. Have seen battery errors, grounding issues, fuel pump failures etc. Best bet would be an aftermarket barra specialist, dont go to Ford. Who tuned the car? - they should be able to trouble shoot.
  5. Great choice for a streeter, I used to have the Gen1. Iam sure Jeturbo can source it for you.
  6. Amazing power for 20psi! In a manual the lag would not be great on the street. Is it deliberately ramped in slowly? I think peak boost at or under 3000rpm is perfect for a street barra, if you have the driveline and tyres to handle it. Guessing with a built engine would go to about 28psi?
  7. Manual, IMS diff hat, wavetrac, CF drive shaft. Over 5 yrs now. Much smoother than stock, keeps me straight
  8. Michelin cup 2s are almost as good as the r888r, with the bonus of being much quieter
  9. That exhaust looks awesome! Did it require a retune?
  10. Amazing power, and it comes on hard! Is it the turbo? Housing? that makes it laggy like that. Can imagine it will suddenly shoot past others while roll racing, will humble a few high powered cars.
  11. sixman


    These cars are allready getting old and have usually had a pretty hard life. Only buy one if your prepated to do maintenance and start replacing worn out bits. In some ways a 2007 SS Late model camira may be a better option as the drivetrain/suspension is a bit more robust.
  12. For real? That looks to good to be true
  13. Ah, N/A....dont spend much then, particularly if you want noise. Dont think I have seen many xr6 N/A with an exhaust. I see lots of SV6's and they sound terrible and are real slow.
  14. Maybe 8yrs ago when I last did my exhaust including dump and cat I went custom. Was about $300-400 more than an X-Force system at the time. I went custom with some specialised mufflers as its virtually as quiet as stock when pottering around, still makes nice sounds when nailing it, and is not a restriction circa 500rwkw. At the time I was also going for the stealth look and it has a stock lool-a-like tip. If your just after noise and power any cheap option will do. They often come up second hand as well.
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