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  1. Thanks for the info. I was leaning towards the twin 2.5, then the 3.5 X-Force like you've mentioned, haha, got a feeling it'll be a on the day desicion, but these cars are low to start with, not sure I'm keen on an exhaust hanging lower.. hmm,, desicions desicions..
  2. Hahaha, everyone's the comedian.. Nice work boys Well I'm definitely not making my own, unless do you suppose some PVC pipe might work? 🤔 This one looks alright, different direction to X-Force by retaining a twin pipe setup but seems decent } https://www.mrcperformance.com.au/Venom-ford-fg-xr6t-sedan-twin-2.5-stainless-steel-cat
  3. Got a response from Tapatalk as per below: I spoke with the apps team. That IPB version is supported: https://www.tapatalk.com/download_IPBoard
  4. Hi Guys and Gals, I'm curious what peoples experiences are (For Turbo Models) with different brands?? The two that keep popping up for me are 'Manta' and 'X-Force'. Significant price difference.
  5. Hi @k31th I sent off to Tapatalk again. Said I don't know what it means, but the guys have upgraded the backend to version to 4.6 and require an update from the Tapatalk plugin side for everything to work. He said he wasn't quite sure the technical side but has forwarded request onto the app development team 🤟
  6. Thanks. Another good tip. Already chosen based on that. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/BA-BF-FG-Falcon-Barra-XR6-Turbo-Valve-Springs-Crow-Cams-1808-24-/265135631681?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286&mkrid=705-154756-20017-0 just a intank pump, battery relocation, actuator and tune... Sweeeeet...
  7. Yeah @Puffwagon top tip on the springs.. Along with Walbro intank pump, first port of call.. 🚢 Whilst we're here and talking springs, any preferences or not that important? I need to stop, but I can't, I quit smoking, but can't quit more HP.. 😅 Hmmm.. oh well, here's to the next stage 🍻
  8. Yeah pretty stoked.. Want to see what I can get with a little more PSI though. It's just never enough 🙄😁
  9. Hahaha.. One of them at least
  10. 336rkw 🤟 at 11psi. Used weird products to get there, not the standard route 😎🤟 Venom Dump and High Flow Cat Turbosmart Dual Port BOV Process West CAI Bosch 1000cc Injectors Intune Motorsport Intercooler Piping Intune Motorsport Turbo Muffler Delete Intune Motorsport Braided Turbo Oil Line Kit Autotecnica Intercooler SCT4 Tuner Mamba GTX3584R Dual Ceramic Turbo Mamba 12Psi actuator Non Performance Upgrades; Nolathane rear centre and side bushes. Nolathane front swaybar bushes Gas shocks Drilled and Slotted front rotors Stainless Turbo/Exhaust Gaskets OBD2 LCD gauge cluster Absolutely love my unassuming looking comfortable side stepper 😁💪😎 To be installed; M86 TruTrac Crow or Atomic Valve Springs Upgraded Fuel pump Battery Relocation Kit Turbosmart 14psi Actuator Retune. May need bigger intercooler May need cat back
  11. FG G6ET MK2 Standards are 245/35 R19. I have no idea of the offset? Looking at rims that are 19 x8.5 +36 Any brainiac know if that's an exact match?
  12. @k31th Honestly the dude must have been high or something 😳🙄 blows my mind. Yes hoping at least some attempt made to put clip on..
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