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  1. Hey guys had my fg tuned by INtune a year ago an it just keep stalling in traffic...now it made 289kw on 15psi and it was a very aggressive car my wife hated it.... So I make contact with PR an I chose to go to them for help ....Joe changed the injectors to there flow match ones so my new injectors from intune are now pulled and replaced waste of money, but the good news is from the first tune all I did was put a xforce 3.5catback exhaust and the PR magic...the car got tuned an to my surprise the car now makes 311kw on 12 psi but the drivability of the car is like a new car wife loves it as do I thank you Joe an Ricky @ PRECISION RACING LOVE AND RECOMMEND THIS WORKSHOP ROSSKO
  2. No jet I never said that at all... I broke the top bush off my rear cradle but it got fixed.... Suspension guys told me I needed a centre bearing, but I guess I just can’t control my right foot ...So I blame myself for the tail shaft issue... anyway Im happy with the work done .... The fog is my family car ....My race car is in the garage....haha
  3. Job done.... no problem with my rear cradle!!!! notsure what your replying to Jet.... And I will be going back to the suspension guys to fit new shocks soon enough ....car is like brand new thanks to Mt Druitt Suspension & KCDR DRIVELINES ........ Rossko
  4. Yes it was ...I destroyed my rear cradle a few weeks ago, so it obviously smashed the centre bearing....it was vibrating ...
  5. I waiting for him to ring me ....but he mentioned that it’s lowered (the car) so I rang my suspension guys and he said he had the rear cradle loose when he refitted the shaft .... im puzzled myself....
  6. I just rang KCDR DRIVELINES to see if my car was ready for pick up ...It just needs a centre bearing, but I was told he can’t get the tail shaft out of the car ....WHAT THE ______...
  7. I got my suspension guys to measure my car before lowering....If I’m correct we went down 40mm with heavy duty king springs as I drive my car HARD....
  8. that's what I did to my new cradle.... Rossko
  9. Thanks gaz im strengthening the new one I’m getting.... ill post pics once done... thanks for reply’s
  10. Hey was at power play yesterday in my 2010 FG and after a few skids, I noticed my temp gauge was at 3/4s... so put my SCT In obd and temp was 115c engine temp and 110c oil temp .... ive boosted to 15psi .... quick check for air block and I have noticed a growl in the top radiator hose ....I’m guessing my thermostat is needing replacing an my fans are piss weak @ 103c ....any advice please
  11. My worry is the two bolts that back out of the turbo one I could tighten but there is one under the oil feed line where it bolts on to the turbo that’s still easy an inch backed out I’ll have to put lock tight or something on them ....... so do you know what I mean by the bolts that bolts the rear housing the the centre ?? I about to change injectors and dyno tune it but I’m glad I’ve come across this before hand thanks for quick reply Keith Rossko
  12. Hey people ive got an exchaser 2010 fg turbo now I’ve derestricted it with high flow cat, pod filter, intercooler pipe upgrade and changed blow off valve to a turbo smart...... now I wanted to pull the heat shielding off so I can put a bag over the exhaust housing which I did..... with the top two shields off I remember reading about loose bolts so I had a look and WOW the bolts that holds the exhaust housing the the centre turbo I noticed two had back right out now these ain’t exhaust dump pipe side it’s the bolts that holds the turbo together, plus the manifold to the head those bolts weren’t tight as where the turbo flange bolts weren’t tight I can’t believe it has anyone had this problem!!!! Rossko
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