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  1. So you thought you would go to a dedicated Ford XR6 Turbo site, to let us know "audi definitely a better car" ?
  2. Bolted on my new Cat and dump and put on the Turbo and manifold. But the holes in the dump don't line up with the holes in the manifold and no adjustment, except to twist the rear exhaust box and have all the pressure on the dump to manifold bolts. Will have to loosen the cat to exhaust and dump to cat bolts, tomorrow and hope there is some play in the holes. 🤬
  3. We all have one, that's why we are here, but the question remains.
  4. I had the same problem trying to use a card, but went through straight away using Paypal.
  5. It's a thing of beauty It has been sitting next to me on the floor, in the lounge, just so I can look at her (the wife vacuums around it) . I have the old turbo off and the Cat and dump pipe have arrived. I've Fitted the Walbro fuel pump and the PW stage one inter cooler while I've been waiting for parts, I went to Alice yesterday and got the "aircraft form a gasket number 3" for the oil return pipe and the turbo will be going in this week. After that I will be tackling the valve springs, injectors and coils. I highly recommend talking to Aaron from JD Turbo, @jeturbo he not only got me the parts at a fantastic price, he has put up with me calling him at all hours of the day and nigh, 7 days a week and talked me through my whole build. I could not have got this far with out him.
  6. Thought I would post how I got on. I ended up removing the fuel filter under the passenger side of the car. I cut about 4 metres of a old garden hose and slid it over the pipe and twitched it on with wire, I put a plastic bowl under that to catch anything that blew past and the other end in a Jerry can that I could see from the front of the car. Then I followed K31th's advice and bridged the the fuel pump relay. I could hear the fuel pump start. It took about 5 minutes to pump out 20 litres.
  7. Thanks for the offer Aaron, I think I will be ok doing it, I just was not sure how low the fuel had to be. If I have any trouble, I will give you a call. I appreciate all your advice and help buying the parts. I started working on the car today, I want to do all the work that has to be done on the ramps first, because I won' be able to drive it up the ramps latter, till its tuned. I'm thinking of doing the pump while I have it on the ramps, to keep the fuel at the back.
  8. This shows where the pump fits, in the lower part of the tank. Would 1/4 be low enough to take out the pump?
  9. I thought the tank had to be below 1/4 before you could open the tank with out fuel escaping on a sedan?
  10. I want to replace the fuel pump in my FG XR6T, but the tank is around half full. Is it possible to replace the fuel hose where it comes off the pump with a hose going into a jerry can and use the pump to drain the tank? I don't have time to drive around just to waste fuel. Or is there another way?
  11. Hi JETURBO Thanks for working over the week end to get my new GTX Gen2 3576 finished, I am really looking forward to getting it and all the other parts you have helped me with installed and getting the car down to Adelaide for you to tune. It's a 4000 km return trip, with the car on the trailer.
  12. Hi does any one use Penrite Pro extra? For $7 a ltr delivered I know its cheap, but I am nor sure on the quality? https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/163379206493

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