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  1. Thanks for the link. The only reason I was looking for more recent threads is, most things that worked are still popular.
  2. About 10 years ago there was quite a few people looking at spraying water onto the intercooler to drop the temperature. But there has not been anything I can find in the last 5 or more years. I have tried the search here "intercooler water spray" you get over 800 pages, anything containing the word "intercooler" comes up. I am in Tennant Creek NT, from November to April, it goes over 40c every day, the road surface temp, is over 65c. I am looking to reduce the temp just before I hit the accelerator, its a small town, so once is all you get. I am also installing a PW stage one intercooler as soon as I can get to Adelaide and get Jeturbo to tune her. Does anyone still run water sprays on their intercoolers?
  3. I am researching before I install a trans cooler. The common place seems to be behind the right hand fog light area. A lot of comments are about heat, my air intake for the motor sits on the other side of this guard. Seems pretty obvious that if the guard is hotter the intake box is hotter. I know I will get the typical "thousands of people with bigger power than you have done it " responses. But plenty of people were doing mods years ago that they wouldn't do now. Has anyone done any testing on the intake box temperature with and with out the trans cooler?
  4. Yes I know Typo, where would we be without you to pick up these tiny things?
  5. I have been researching for the last 12 months, to work out what the best parts and tuning are to get the performance I want from my car. I just want to thank Arron for all his help. He is extremely Knowledgeable and unbelievably generous with his time. He even bought parts for me at a much better price than I can find anywhere in Australia and delivered them to my place at no extra cost. It's a 4000 km round trip to get him to tune the car and I will be trailering it to him.
  6. Will be posting his washing machine for sale here next.
  7. HOTXR6T

    Bf Mk2 brakes

    I upgraded my Fg rear brakes to Territory over easter. Using T3 discs, QFM pads front and back and braided lines all around. It has made a very noticeable difference. Pulls up about 15 metres shorter from a 100ks, but very noticeable at normal town driving. People say " spend the money on the front" as it does more work. But before you do take a look at the rear set up. Smaller disc, not vented, not grooved, far smaller pads and calipers. Yes does less work and was designed to do less. Upgrade the front and leave the factory rear and you will be putting more strain on the already undersize rears. When the front discs need replacing I will be putting T3 on the front.
  8. I'm looking to buy a PW stepped intercooler. Anyone know who is selling them at a good price? Might need the piping as well, I was going ANTZ but I am not keen on the name printed on them and the all black ones have had the name "shaved off"
  9. Thanks I am building to almost the same specs, I had been told I would not need Valve springs, but the car has done 148000 and I would rather do them now than in a couple of years.
  10. If you had done the valve springs, what would have been your choice in springs?
  11. Hi I am fitting a PW stepped intercooler to my FG Xr6T. I was wondering if anyone her has used Intunes piping kit. If the fit and Quality are ok?
  12. I was just reading a thread on one of the better fb groups about someone wanting to fit a bigger pump, there are some comments that you need the car tuned because of higher fuel rail pressure, what do the experts here think ?
  13. I only want to use 98 and sometimes BP Ultimate. 320 rwkw is about all I want. I know a surge tank is a better option for people looking for more rwkw. I just didn't want to buy this if its no better than just the walbro pump, which is half the price.

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