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  1. HOTXR6T

    Car Storage

    Hi I need to store my car for a few months in Adelaide. I had some one who was going to rent me a car park in a apartment building, but it fell through. Would need to be very seucre and preferably under cover. If you Know some one with spare garage space, I would be interested. Regards Graeme
  2. You are still talking about getting the "quick connect off"?
  3. A big thankyou to my mate Aaron at JD Tuning for all the help with my car. I can not say enough about the fantastic service. Not only has he walked me through every step with advice and buying parts, he has posted me his own tools, picked the car up twice from the transport company and now is storing the car free of charge until I can get there after Christmas. His work is outstanding and his passion and knowledge for cars is unrivalled. The drivers window switch broke only 2 days before it left the NT and I could not get parts, he actually took the switch from his own car to use while tuning, then when he could get one replaced mine free of charge. I was happy with the last round of mods and excited to drive the car with the new improvements. Probably my only regret was not going bigger on the fuel pump, but that said I was never looking for more than 350 rwkw, and Aaron got that for me easily. Some one asked me recently "do you need that" and I replied "No but I want that" and that pretty much sums up how I have modded the car. Again a huge thanks to Aaron.
  4. I live in Tennant Creek NT, it's not the a## hole of the world, but you can see it from here. every day from October to April will see 40c+ As you can imagine my almost stock XR6T just didn't like it. There is no one here who knows anything about the XR6T, I actually own the only one in town, so I went on line looking for information and found this site. I was very fortunate to also find Aaron from JD TUNING ADELAIDE, with out his help and advice I could not have possibly done what I have, using a glass work bench ( wife claims it's her out door setting) and car ramps. Arron gave me advice on the fuel pump, fuel filter, injectors, spark plugs valve springs, oil, inter cooler, turbo, dump, cat. He also supplied the intercooler, piping and turbo which he modified, and posted me the dump, cat and valve springs, at a better price than I could find anywhere else, he then sent me his own valve spring tool to do the springs and would not take money for lending it to me. He answered my questions seven days a week helping me through each job. The nearest Dynos to where I live are either 1000 km to Darwin, or 2000 km to Adelaide and after installing everything except the injectors, I put her on the truck to Adelaide. Again Arron offered his help, he went to the trucking yard and picked up the car. He checked everything and recommended a new battery and cable, which he then fitted for me. He then went on to remove the turbo oil filter, custom tune the engine and service the auto, as well as tidying up and fixing some other small problems. I was originally trying to make 320 to 350 rwkw, probably a big ask for a shop keeper with a glass work bench in a out back town, but with a lot of help from a guy with seemingly unlimited patients, I got there. The car is home now, got back last night. I haven't had much chance to drive her yet, it was 8 pm 37 c when I picked her up, I gave her a bit of pedal, and she fish tailed up the road Thought of my friends with the flashy lights and backed off, a bit closer to home, I dropped her into 2nd at about 40 ks and stomped on the peddle, the ass tried to pass the front, going to have to relearn how to drive her I really appreciate all the help Arron gave me and the hours of his time he gave with out asking anything, this guy honestly does it for the love of it. I also Appreciate all the help I have had from this site, and members.
  5. Your probably right, I was reading what he posted only 12 months ago and I pity him 🤣 " when I. M driving the audi, I miss my falcon so much, I miss that turbo rush, the torque, the noise. The audi is a nice car, 3.0 tfsi I got stage 2 tune making about 450hp. Straight line performance is good, response is good, but the twisty road, audi Don. T handle too well, I got aftermarket Swaybar and Michilen tyres, but will not match my falcon around track. What I really miss is that huge boosting punch from that inline 6, and the blow out noise. Man I feel like I made wrong decision give up my falcon really. That 3.0 tfsi is no match to the inline 6. I just Don. T like supercharged engine, the 7 speed s tronic is very rough shifting around town, only Pro for audi is when raining, u can still have full grip"
  6. So you thought you would go to a dedicated Ford XR6 Turbo site, to let us know "audi definitely a better car" ?
  7. Bolted on my new Cat and dump and put on the Turbo and manifold. But the holes in the dump don't line up with the holes in the manifold and no adjustment, except to twist the rear exhaust box and have all the pressure on the dump to manifold bolts. Will have to loosen the cat to exhaust and dump to cat bolts, tomorrow and hope there is some play in the holes. 🤬
  8. We all have one, that's why we are here, but the question remains.
  9. It's a thing of beauty It has been sitting next to me on the floor, in the lounge, just so I can look at her (the wife vacuums around it) . I have the old turbo off and the Cat and dump pipe have arrived. I've Fitted the Walbro fuel pump and the PW stage one inter cooler while I've been waiting for parts, I went to Alice yesterday and got the "aircraft form a gasket number 3" for the oil return pipe and the turbo will be going in this week. After that I will be tackling the valve springs, injectors and coils. I highly recommend talking to Aaron from JD Turbo, @jeturbo he not only got me the parts at a fantastic price, he has put up with me calling him at all hours of the day and nigh, 7 days a week and talked me through my whole build. I could not have got this far with out him.
  10. Thought I would post how I got on. I ended up removing the fuel filter under the passenger side of the car. I cut about 4 metres of a old garden hose and slid it over the pipe and twitched it on with wire, I put a plastic bowl under that to catch anything that blew past and the other end in a Jerry can that I could see from the front of the car. Then I followed K31th's advice and bridged the the fuel pump relay. I could hear the fuel pump start. It took about 5 minutes to pump out 20 litres.
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