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Fg Stalling Problem Fixed ( I Think)

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I know that my FG has had a stalling issue since early on in its life as a Ford dealership has had a go in trying to rectify it when it was stock.

The car was modified and the stalling issue still remained.

Basically sometimes when you would come to a stop, it would hunt and sometimes stall. When cold it was fine but after about 5 to 10 min of driving, on cold mornings is would have a regular stall and after that random hunts and stalls.

Well a few weeks ago I added another earth from the battery to the body of the car. It stopped stalling but still would drop idle a little.

Over the weekend I added two more earths. One to the manifold and another from auto trans to body. Seems to have kept the idle pretty solid.

So it has definately helped stop the stalling but the revs do sometimes drop a teeny but recover very quickly.

I have read others having a similar issue to mine so I am just posting this as adding earths is a very simple thing to do to see if it helps.

I still think Fords factory tune is a bit phucked when it does not take into consideration a little bit of a poor earth.


Two white earth leads. One to the ECU earth. Had to remove that security bolt which was a -itch. Did it with vice grips from under the fender.


This is from the trans to the body

I have no clue where the good earth is failing but this helps.

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Stalling in the FG could be caused by a number of things. As I had my battery relocated and there was not the traditional earth from the bat+tve to body I thought that it could do with one.

The fact that it substantially rectified the stalling issue I had indicates that something is not getting a good earth. Either the engine ECU and even the transmission ECU or even the IAC valve.

Anyway if you try it and it helps do post your results as even those who just suffer a hunting when you roll up to a set of lights, if it helps this then we may be onto something.

Untill I get to an FG wiring diagram I wont be able to work it out.

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There's no IAC valve on these cars. Idle airflow/speed control is via the throttle butterfly.

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Found this super helpful so thought I should add my experience.


bought an 08 FG xr6 turbo and it was running perfectly fine until I bought a new battery for it.

Immediately it began hunting once warm, getting down around 250rpm and then recovering. Sometimes stalling.

literally every stop sign It would stall if I didn’t put it in neutral quick enough.

swapped the old battery back in and the issue remained.


no fault codes coming up.

found this thread and added the extra earth cables one at a time. It was the earth strap from the intake manifold to the chassis (air box bolt) that made all the difference.

immediatly, the engine wasn’t stalling anymore. The hunting however had reduced to almost non existent.


I then cleaned the throttle body with a good throttle body cleaner and put in new plugs and its completely fixed.


hope this helps someone like it helped me!

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