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  1. Time to redo my sagging roof lining fabric. I would like to match the existing off white FG G6e fabric. Does anyone know if the factory fabric for the roof lining is available to buy and if so where from. If not then looking for another high quality option that looks good.
  2. I should update this thread (I did post about what did completely resolve my issue in another thread all those years ago). Mine is a 09 FGt G6e. I had an annoying stalling problem and tried everything, including the above with additional earths. Stalling still occured. I compared my tune on HP Tuners and found an area of the fueling map in my tune that was a little leaner in several fueling points compared to most other stock FG fueling maps. That part of the fueling map will usually not be visited on deceleration coming to a stop but sometimes is. It is a lean area of
  3. I tried to turn it off with HP tuners before with the coding advised by HP tuners but it didn't work, from memory the car didn't drive properly with that setting. This was a few years back when I tried. I would normally give a kunt answer also but cause legit question I thought a bit of -ock sucking was in order.
  4. Tuning an unknown set of Injectors to perform well is problably one of the best learning exercises you can undertake IMO. This is why I did it and while it was a bit of a headache, I am glad I did it. I still scratch my head with the data Nizpro supplied with their drilled injectors and how on earth their installers used that really off data. While the Nizpro Injectors don't look pretty in the pictures, they still did the job if tuned properly in their day.
  5. It is not a time effective solution to try and tune an injector without solid bench test data. You can get it in the ballpark to drive well and it is a good tuning exercise but it is more of an art than a science. I did this exercise with the Old Nizpro drilled injectors years ago. Nizpro gave their data out to their tuners but the cars did not cold start properly, a sign your numbers are out. I had some advice from a forum member that the injectors flowed alot less than advertised and to start off with a hi slope of 60lb/hr vs nispros 72lb/hr. This was key to getting me sane as I was h
  6. I did it but you got to use the right sealant. If you use the wrong stuff like I did it wont dry in the bush for ages (I left it for two weeks before driving). I used a flexible tube on the end of the gun to get it right into the voids in the rear bush and the drivers side bush. You cant get to the passenger side bush. If you could get a two pack sealant that would cure in there it would work fine. I think its worthwhile for a bush that is not munched, just cracked in the usual places but most sealants need air to dry and just wont dry like you think. If I did it again
  7. Very impressive, going to solve alot of headaches.
  8. What are the differences between the complete rear cradle of an FG Xr6t and a FG Xr6 N/A. Obviously the turbo has the M86 vs the M80 diff for the N/A The FG Xr6t has the adjustable camber bits. Does the FG N/a Xr6 have the adjustable camber bits. I thought the rest is pretty much the same?
  9. Personally I would not use the QFM8000. This pad does not just leave dust. It will leave a glue residue down the side of your car which is difficult to get off. Its a big job to remove and I have yet to clean it off after two years. They do not last very long but they do grip. I only used them on the front. After that I put some DS2000 which are not too bad, less dusty than the Bendix that I used for many years and less aggressive on the disc. Got to replace my rears so looking if anything new out there, otherwise DS2000 or ultimates
  10. Stick with hardwood, composites are hot to walk on. Use stainless steel decking screws and use two per board to keep them flat. Use decking oil as the other water repellant stuff can't be recoated that easy.
  11. Had similar problem. Yes tune related but could not say if Ford induced or Tuner induced. Somewhere along the line I did something on HP TUners that solved it. Too many changes to know what I did. Basically I started from a stock tune and tuned myself. I would start by changing the Speed Density tuning maps to ones which are richer in the cruise area of the maps. In the FG the maps do vary a bit and caused me problems with stalling. You could change the numbers in that part of the map but its easier to copy and paste from a "good tune" to see if it does anything or not. Buy HP Tuners if it rea
  12. You have to get them from a distributor in the states. Check out their website. Its MRR wheels.
  13. I am looking at getting some MRR design rims. They give you pretty much any offset, centre hub dia, PCD you want. Basically a custom rim to your specs and they do some Forged Roll formed rims for around 3k. Not a fan of jap rims cause you got to work around jap offsets and centre hub rings which I hate. The MRR FS1 and FS2 are not too bad.
  14. I had a look at those superpro offset arms again. They are close to $1K. I have 4 of those trailing arms already so I intend welding them up the same way they have. A very easy job making those arms. Also on their website they recommended 51 to 55 offset and on second checking my measurements I think closer to 53mm offset on 19x10 will get a 305 tyre entirely under the guard when lowered. Thanks for the pointer. I found an American rim company that does custom PCD, custom offset and custom centre bore (I hate centering rings) on a cheaper FlowForm Forge constructed rim. Still checking them ou
  15. Micky Thomson ET street radial drag tyre comes in 305/35/19 and also of late I see 285/35/19. It will depend on your offset whether you will be able to fit either. I am in the process of working out what offset rims to get to fit the 305/35/19 under the rear of a lowered FG sedan . From my calculations if I modify the trailing arm and use a 57mm offset / 19 x 10 rims I should be able have a low car without rubbing. In any case its a few mm either side of 57mm offset.
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