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  1. In the pictures for the Intune pipe kit it looks like thye had to cut the power steering overflow tray to clear the pipe. Is this the case? Pretty sure the Herrod kit does not require cutting off the end of the tray.
  2. pegasus

    G6Et 2010 50Th Anniversary Or G6Et 2012 Mkii

    I would spend that little bit extra and purchase the MKII. The front end takes some getting used to, but eventually I found it grows on you. Also, if factory warranty is a selling point to you, the MKII will still have a significant balance of the 3 Year warranty remaining whereas the 50th Anniversary G6ET would be nearing the end or finished their warranty. GPS is far easier to navigate with the touch screen.
  3. pegasus

    Fg Sub "fix"

    Just did the 'fix' and amazed by the difference. Attacked the plug for 5 mins without any luck so cut and swapped the wires around.

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