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  1. Happy Birthday Henz!

  2. Henz

    Hello Kidlets.

    building and selling.
  3. Henz

    Hello Kidlets.

    Yea my uncle looked at a c63, dealership gave him one for 5 days. Ended up buying two GT-Fs instead. There's a 750i f01 calling my name when I have spare 100k. 30 factories.
  4. Henz

    Hello Kidlets.

    Lol butt plug. There will be some new and exciting pics up over Christmas of a little project I'm upto. Selling your nugget to come to the high rollers club? #7serieslyf
  5. Henz

    Hello Kidlets.

    Don't need to spend anymore money at the moment. But I can sell you a factory to put your sh*t in
  6. Henz

    Hello Kidlets.

    Still hang out here Butt plug, how's the nugget going?
  7. Henz

    Hello Kidlets.

    Was having a quiet night and thought I would stop in and say hi to all you *beep*. After a quick look around looks like there's still a bit of life in the old forum too.
  8. Whats new everyone? some up the last couple of months in ones sentence.
  9. Happy Birthday Henz!

  10. 9.5+12 fronts will just poke. I would give up on chasing wild fitments on a ute, rear guards will forever give you grief.
  11. Lmao, how's the v12 go? What model? I heard there like 35k to rebuild?
  12. The VF has other features like the remote start, HUD Etc though, not that I'm looking at any VFs, I just don't think the FG2 is anything to remarkable inside. I'll have to wait and see what they have when they come out, but by then the 300 will have the 8 speed in it and be further ahead. As for driving, after a few months in a euro the falcon is a PITA to drive in comparison, the seats way to high and the steering feels way to stiff. But there's no euros on Par with the turbo 6 or 8 power vs cost wise!
  13. Still should go over 16psi easily. Is it coming on fast or slow?
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