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  1. I agree with Ozywalker. I have the Shockworks gear and some lowered Pedders leaf springs on my BF. Good setup.
  2. I have 20's on my BF ute. Fronts are 8.5 +20. I have recently put on Michelin 265 30 Pilot Sports. Great tyres, no dramas. Guards untouched. Tight fit but I have Shockworks coilovers so it's just a matter of adjusting the height to get clearance for turning. Rears are 10 +25. Running Nitto 295 35 r20. Guard work needed for these as I needed 8mm spacers to clear the Brembos. Without the spaces you probably wouldn't need to touch the guards but it would be a tight fit.
  3. It blew me away the first time I did it. I go via Goondiwindi and sit on 115 - 120.
  4. I have a stock 2007 BF ute. I get 870 klicks out of a tank on the highway. Have done it many times driving Brisbane to Dubbo. Around town, no comment.
  5. Gave the interior a much needed makeover last week. Leather seats and door trims. Roof lining and everything else replaced in black. Very happy with the result.
  6. I changed the oil in my Transmission at 220,000. Used FEBI Bilstein fluid. Has done 62,000 since then , no issues. Mechanic said the old fluid looked ok. I did the diff at the same time, he said it looked sh*thouse. Used Penrite synthetic for that.
  7. xr6666turbo

    ute register

    BF 05/07 Engine is still stock. Projection 350rwkw Suspension : Shockworks all round, Pedders SSL new leafs Brakes : R spec Brembos, 6/4 pots, T 4000 rotors Wheels :20" Vertini Drift
  8. It has taken me ages to work out how to upload photos. Literally months. My son said " it's intuitive Father ". Well it might be for a 30 year old but not a burnt out old Chippy. Anyway, there she is. The F6 grills are an experiment to see what they look like. So far I like it.
  9. Thanks mate, definitely don't want drone.

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