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  1. My BF ute has done 305,000 k and still pulls like a train. Regular services and a lack of abuse is key
  2. How's the cam video coming along mate.......cough lol
  3. warm up 10 x 80 then 8 x 150 4 x 170
  4. Deadlifts are my favourite.They work a lot of muscle groups and give you a great pump if you really have a crack.
  5. I can't comment on those oils but I put FEBI Bilstein in mine at 220,000 and have progressed to 310,000 without incident.
  6. accurate lol I have the same setup on my ute. Not cheap but who cares. Looks tuff
  7. Keith, can you give me a couple of Turbo's to look at that would fit this set up, Thanks And while were at it, an intake plennum preference.
  8. Don't know what a T3 manifold is but I will check it out , thanks
  9. It's only money Keith. I have worked my arse off in Construction for 40 years. This ute is going to be the best I can make it.
  10. G'day boys Can I have some opinion's on going to a high mount setup. I just like the overall look versus the standard set up. I'm not concerned about costs or power output. When people open the bonnet I want a " holy sh*t " reaction. I have 6 brothers that are hard to impress so give me your best setup options. I am going for 350+ rwkw.
  11. I have lots of money and I like spending it. Plus it keeps blokes working and it's good for the economy lol. My interior is now officially classified as immaculate. It will be interesting to hear your comments when I get the engine mods done and give the car a full re-spray. I have done cheapskate on cars for years. Not any more.
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