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  1. Opinions on gauges.

    Top End Audio in Perth are selling triple gauge holders if any is after one.
  2. Overline icc

  3. Overline icc

    The old model sold out over a year ago. A mark 2 updated version hit the shelves 2 weeks ago but in limited numbers but there gone already. Luckily I got one.
  4. Overline icc

    No idea but they pretty much sold out in a week
  5. Overline icc

    out of stock already
  6. Overline icc

    Cool, I’m older than I thought
  7. Overline icc

    say what
  8. Overline icc

    These units are now for sale if anyone is interested
  9. Fg Offsets And Tyre Questions

    mate, what brand of wheels are those, I like.
  10. Overline icc

    I contacted them last week. The units are still not ready yet. Apparently they have changed manufacturer because they were having trouble with the build quality or something. They didn't know when they would be avaiable but they look fantastic compared to what is in there at the moment. This list of functions is a mile long. Check it out on their website
  11. Gentleman's Tune and Mod's

    Many thanks for your help guys
  12. Gentleman's Tune and Mod's

    Thanks bloke
  13. Gentleman's Tune and Mod's

    Right, cousins then
  14. Gentleman's Tune and Mod's

    Thanks mate. Your Ute will soon have a twin brother
  15. Gentleman's Tune and Mod's

    Thanks Aaron, I will call you when I start accumulating the bits. regards Phil

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