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  1. Which is exactly the reason I decided to give Aaron the job because I knew he would do something special. I think the result is exceptional to be honest and I'm when he told me he was using cotton gloves to insall stuff I knew I had it at the right place.
  2. Yeah you're right about that. It's a long haul from Brisbane to Adelaide and everyone thought I was nuts but I didn't give a sh*t. Aaron did a terrific job and I would do it again tomorrow 🙂
  3. If your talking about my ute that Aaron did, the hero run was 417 and the all day tune was dialed back to mid 390's.
  4. No worries at all mate. The car has performed faultlessly since I drove home from Adelaide. Temps and Oil pressure perfect. Performance is mindblowing and when I open the bonnet blokes lose their mind lol so all good
  5. Well I thought it was important to get the engine bay done to a premium and you have set a pretty high bar with that mate. If I can get the rest of it done as good as what you have already accomplished. I'll be pretty happy with that 👌
  6. So next on the list is a full closed door respray and some new wheels and tyres. With the wheels, I wanted something special so after a lot of research I decided on getting these beauties made in Japan and shipped out to OZ. They're Work Meister S1r's 11 inch rears and 9.5 inch fronts
  7. Ok so this has been a bit of an epic project. After spending countless hours looking at literally hundreds of engine bays I finally saw one that had the right look and decided to get it done. Initially, living in Brisbane I looked at local tuners but one day I just said F it, we’re going to Adelaide. Having lived in the bush most of my life, driving long distance to get sh*t done never phased me so I rang Aaron and asked him if he was interested. Within about a nano second he said yes and the planning began resulting in what you see here. Aaron’s passion for he work is unbelievable. I have never regretted my decision and would do it again tomorrow. The job took 8 months to complete. I picked up the keys 10 days ago and drove 2,500 k home, visiting family on the way. The car ran faultlessly the entire journey, achieving the incredible fuel usage of 8.8 litres/ 100k which, considering the hardware and firepower under the bonnet, is quite remarkable. So a very big thank you to Aaron and Mrs Jet for an amazing result. The best Christmas present anyone could ever receive.
  8. My job description to Aaron was for 401 rwkw. When he pulled the rocker cover off he rang me and said there was a bit of muck and varnish in there and that we should maybe dial back our expectations in case the old girl couldn’t handle the upgrade. But everything when extremely well, hitting 417 at one point but we decided to dial in back a bit to ensure longevity of components. The end result is as good as I could have hoped for 👌👌
  9. Thanks Keith, That’s good news. Rear guards are already done. Fronts have been rolled but not pumped. I wanted to use 265/40 fronts so now that I know they’ll clear inside I can start looking at tyres. Cheers mate
  10. Thought I would post this here as my situation is similar. I have new wheels for the ute, a BF 2. 18 x 9.5 +12 fronts 18 x 11 +12 rears Assuming guard work and ride height will be fixed to suit, will I be able to run 40 profile tyres and if yes, what width. Or will I have to run 35's
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