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  1. No idea mate, Give em a call, they're at Capalaba. I was very happy with the work they did.
  2. Levi I live in Brisbane. a mob called Annvid Auto Upholsters in Smith St. Highly recommended
  3. Get the wallet Jet ya tight arse
  4. My BF ute has done 305,000 k and still pulls like a train. Regular services and a lack of abuse is key
  5. Yep, they will fit no worries. My ute is a BF but I think the FG's have even more room at the back.
  6. How's the cam video coming along mate.......cough lol
  7. warm up 10 x 80 then 8 x 150 4 x 170
  8. Deadlifts are my favourite.They work a lot of muscle groups and give you a great pump if you really have a crack.
  9. I can't comment on those oils but I put FEBI Bilstein in mine at 220,000 and have progressed to 310,000 without incident.
  10. accurate lol I have the same setup on my ute. Not cheap but who cares. Looks tuff
  11. Sounds like Diff bushes. I think the have a life span of 10 minutes.
  12. I had tapping noises, squeaks and rattles under my ute after I lowered it a few months ago. Turned out being the hand brake cable bouncing of the exhaust. I tightened up all the nuts and bolts as well . No more noises.
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