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  1. xr6666turbo

    Jet's Tuning (Oh No)

    You blokes are mental
  2. xr6666turbo

    Fuel Consumption (merged topic)

    It blew me away the first time I did it. I go via Goondiwindi and sit on 115 - 120.
  3. xr6666turbo

    Fuel Consumption (merged topic)

    I have a stock 2007 BF ute. I get 870 klicks out of a tank on the highway. Have done it many times driving Brisbane to Dubbo. Around town, no comment.
  4. xr6666turbo

    What Did You Do To Your Car Today?

    https://I.imgur.com/kRTY4M2.jpg[/img] Gave the interior a much needed makeover last week. Leather seats and door trims. Roof lining and everything else replaced in black. Very happy with the result.
  5. xr6666turbo

    Did I make it??? Manual Fg xr6 turbo

    It's intuitive.......apparently
  6. I changed the oil in my Transmission at 220,000. Used FEBI Bilstein fluid. Has done 62,000 since then , no issues. Mechanic said the old fluid looked ok. I did the diff at the same time, he said it looked sh*thouse. Used Penrite synthetic for that.
  7. xr6666turbo

    Gentleman's Tune and Mod's

    I have a big dog
  8. xr6666turbo

    Gentleman's Tune and Mod's

    LOL Yeah, easy as
  9. xr6666turbo

    ute register

    BF 05/07 Engine is still stock. Projection 350rwkw Suspension : Shockworks all round, Pedders SSL new leafs Brakes : R spec Brembos, 6/4 pots, T 4000 rotors Wheels :20" Vertini Drift
  10. xr6666turbo

    Gentleman's Tune and Mod's

    It has taken me ages to work out how to upload photos. Literally months. My son said " it's intuitive Father ". Well it might be for a 30 year old but not a burnt out old Chippy. Anyway, there she is. The F6 grills are an experiment to see what they look like. So far I like it.
  11. xr6666turbo

    Gentleman's Tune and Mod's

  12. xr6666turbo

    Gentleman's Tune and Mod's

    It worked
  13. xr6666turbo

    Gentleman's Tune and Mod's

    Thanks mate, definitely don't want drone.
  14. xr6666turbo

    Gentleman's Tune and Mod's

    I have been consulting with Clint at Profile so all good there.
  15. xr6666turbo

    Gentleman's Tune and Mod's

    My tuner suggested upgrading to 3.5 + a 4" dump. I wasn't going to argue plus I want a bit of a rumble. Suspension and brakes have been upgraded. Tune and mods are next. The list Aaron has in the above post is pretty much what I am going to do. Aiming for 350 rwkw.

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