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  1. Thanks. Job done. Ended up throwing money at it. I replaced both front shocks and upgraded the top strut mounts. Problem gone. Car is nice and quiet.
  2. Looks like I'm not the only one baffled by this. As there are really only three things left to change- shock, top mount or coil, I will start by replacing the shock. I have ordered a new Bilstein shock and will fit that hopefully next week. I will keep you posted. Any other suggestions always welcome.
  3. I have this annoying very loud squeaking noise from the front right of the car. I have Pedders Sport Ryder coils and Bilstein shocks (3 years old). The noise was originally from the left side. My friend and mechanic has been chasing the noise. We have changed both upper and lower control arms, the tierod end and the other arm, link pins and D bushes. The noise persists. So we swapped the struts over to the other side (whole assembly) to see if the noise shifted and it did. So we have narrowed it down to something to do with that particular assembly. Not sure if it is the shock or top hat. I don't think it would be the coil but who knows. We put some lube on the top hat and coil and the sound went away for the initial test drive then returned after. Pulling my hair out. Any ideas?
  4. Thanks- for both of your input and suggestions. I'll take it for I drive this weekend with a mate-armed with video camera and hopefully get something useful. I will also take it to a trusted mechanic and get them to check the cross member studs. Failing that I will PM Ralf and see if he can lend a hand. I'll keep you posted. Thanks again.
  5. I have tried many times to replicate the noise but it does not alway happen. It always seems to happen innocuously. I usually hear it (when it happens) just after turning left, start to accelerate and hit a couple a small bumps. I would only be travelling around 40 to 50km. When I hear the noise, I have tried turning the car around and going over the exact same piece of road -sometimes I can replicate the noise -other times I cannot.
  6. The suspension shop was unable to replicate the noise. However, while Pedders had the car we got it to clunk once, but it was not as obvious as usual. Sometimes it sounds like something hitting the bottom of the car-really loud but other times a bit softer. I starting to think it may be from the left front- but no one can find the issue. All of the bushes and links have been checked and seem okay-so I grasping at straws.
  7. This clunking noise ( I think rear left but sometimes sound like it's from the front-always left side though- going over smallish sharp bumps and usually just after turning left) is driving me nuts. I have had Ford look over the car 3 times, initially they pointed the aftermarket suspension. Got the suspension shop to investigate a further 3 times-can't find any issues. Had the shocks returned to Bilstein for testing no issue found. Took the car to Pedders-they spent a good couple of hours going over the car- they could not find a fault. But the clunking continues. Took the car back to Ford and they agreed to replace the diff- still no better. WTF!! Any ideas-pulling my hair out.
  8. King SL fronts and SSL rear. Bilstein shocks all round - front shocks set on lowest setting.
  9. Anyone find a definitive solution to this issue.
  10. Thanks for the reply. The shocks were sent to Heasemans they tested them-no issues found so they sent them back with the new bolts. I have asked for a test shock as you suggested but don't think they will be forthcoming. I have even offered to pay for a new shock and if it resolves the issue, I keep the new shock, they refund me and they get to keep the original shock. I am awaiting there reply.
  11. Sorry to revive an old thread. Did this ever get resolved. My 2015 FGX with Kings and Bilsteins is having the same issue. The car has been checked over by the suspension place and Ford multiple times and even had Pedders look in to it. Nobody can find anything. I had the Bilsteins removed and stock shocks put back in and perfectly silent. The Bilsteins were sent for testing and they said that there were no issues found. They are sending them back with new lower shock bolts. Just want to know if I am waisting my time with the new bolts.
  12. Problem resolved. It was not an ICC issue at all. The stereo system runs through an Audison Bit One sound processor. Somehow the flash tuning process interfered with the sound processor. The processor needed to be reset and the audio tune file reinstalled. All Good. Thanks to all.
  13. If it ends up at Ford what will happen with the loaded custom tune?
  14. Thanks- I will flash the stock tune back in tomorrow and see what happens. It has had injectors swapped so I will definitely not be starting the car. I keep you posted.
  15. I have tried all source inputs- problem remains

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