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  1. Dagabond

    The Off Topic Thread.

    Mother Fucker....
  2. Dagabond

    Future of Site - Discussion

    Not sure how that would go down...given the complete polar opposites they are.... There would be enough backlash just being on the same server together!
  3. Dagabond

    Future of Site - Discussion

    My omnipresence has gone beyond the forum...I am now a free entity out on the internuts!! Speaking to Tiny the hosting for GMH had to move from a free server as it was continually crashing the current dedicated host is $230.00 a month then renewal fees for the IP Board software. There is some kickback from Google ad's but not enough to cover the cost. We had Rare Spares on as an advertiser with revenue from sales but that has dried up (never thought it would work).
  4. Dagabond

    Future of Site - Discussion

    This. GMH-Torana was running years before this site and is still running today for a 1/4 of the cost.
  5. Dagabond

    Stock Ba xr6T mail order tune

  6. Dagabond

    The Off Topic Thread.

    Forum what forum....
  7. Dagabond

    20" Rims OX306's

    Wheels and Tyres For Sale OX306's 275/30ZR20's on rear. 245/30ZR20's on front. 95% tread. Spare repairable front wheel and tyre. Bacchus Marsh Vic. Can deliver Melb metro. $1000.00 not negotiable.
  8. Dagabond

    Vic Spotted & Chat Thread

    The whole fuckin thing. My profile has gone poof. I was sharing pRon in messenger but that was shared through others so I dunno how the fuckers flagged me......
  9. Dagabond

    Vic Spotted & Chat Thread

    Banned from Facesucks for lyfe again... NFI what I posted as I only link to what others post I dont upload shit anymore.
  10. Dagabond

    Good to be back.

    Banned. Cheers, Admin.
  11. Dagabond

    What I Miss Most About Forum

  12. The Big Day for these two has finally arrived. No backing out now guys.
  13. Dagabond

    Random Picture Post Thread.

    New source code can suck a dick. <img alt="8595168593_97a588b738_k.jpg" src="http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8507/8595168593_97a588b738_k.jpg">

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