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  1. Will you cnuts STFU...ping ping ping off goes my emails all of a sudden. Do you know how many years its been since I was on here!
  2. You just got reported by some precious sole Puff... Lucky they werent round back in the day they'd have a coniption with the shit that used to get slung round here.
  3. Congrats to Pazzo & Addie on the birth of their daughter!!
  4. Wheels and Tyres For Sale OX306's 275/30ZR20's on rear. 245/30ZR20's on front. 95% tread. Spare repairable front wheel and tyre. Bacchus Marsh Vic. Can deliver Melb metro. $1000.00 not negotiable.
  5. The whole fuckin thing. My profile has gone poof. I was sharing pRon in messenger but that was shared through others so I dunno how the fuckers flagged me......
  6. Banned from Facesucks for lyfe again... NFI what I posted as I only link to what others post I dont upload shit anymore.
  7. Banned. Cheers, Admin.
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