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  1. You started a very similar topic the other day which has been replied to. Might be an idea to check there first before starting a new topic. http://www.fordxr6turbo.com/forum/topic/92272-transmission-cooler/#comment-1606255
  2. A fair few people here and on other forums (me included) have by passed the factory heat exchanger and fitted an Air to oil heat exchanger. I by passed the factory one on my Territory Turbo (Petrol) and did 100kms with out issue. I made sure when i fitted it the transmission had a full flush at the same time. I didnt have any problems as far as shifting goes and the box was still just as smooth after the service.
  3. Very well written and on the money
  4. Im pretty sure all received the same message or very similar.It was more a case of a blanket msg to a few just to prevent it going down the sh!tter.
  5. wpmo... Tyre and tube on my wheel barrow just blew half way through the job.
  6. Its nothing special Bought like this. $1500 unregistered with 190k on it. Was looking pretty sad And with a clean up new parts etc Put another bonnet, bumper, RHS guard and chrome number plate surround on it. Its been lowered by the previous owner and has full XR leather interior. Since pissed off the stock exhaust and fitted an XR8 one which bolted straight up. Owes me $3.5k as it stands including rego. Not a bad daily
  7. Hey hey theres no need to be like that. Ill supervise, point the finger, tell ya off for stacking it wrong. It will be great
  8. Was gonna service the 5.4 tomorrow but couldn't help myself and did it this arvo. Gotta move some fire wood around to a covered area Ive made up. Over this sh!tty weather and having to cover it over. Could use a hand to move it tho?? any takers
  9. Yep tackling the big issues
  10. Was about 18 months ago. Moved since then. Should probably update but meh....
  11. Its definitely the topic that keeps on giving... SO whats happening
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