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  1. Interesting on the fuel situation. I can’t recall but has Omeo never had 98 available? Where do we normally fill up? Of the five times I did the Omeo leg, I don’t think I ever worried about running out and one of those years Keith and I really pushed it. The tanks got low but not that low!
  2. I think the BBQ we normally use is electric? If so we should be good to use it, I’m pretty sure electric BBQ’s are exempted from the fire ban cause they don’t use flammable fuel.
  3. This weather is looking like possibly the warmest I’ve ever seen and I’ve been going since 2012! I won’t be able to do Omeo on the Monday this year, ill have to head back to Sydney on the Sunday afternoon, started a new job recently and I think I’d be pushing my luck if I asked for time off after five weeks [emoji23]
  4. I’ll be arriving late on the Friday night into Tumut, got a uni exam that finishes at 5:15pm, allow 30 mins to collect the car and then I’m hoping I can get down there around 9:30pm depending on traffic.
  5. Add me to the list, sorted work this morning, I’ll be there!
  6. Put me down as a maybe at this stage. I’ll sort work out tomorrow, shouldn’t be an issue incl. the Monday. Bigger problem is I have a Uni exam 2:30pm-4:30pm on the Friday at Macquarie Uni, I’d be leaving Sydney in peak hour traffic so I reckon I’d arrive in Tumut ~10pm. So if I come definitely dont wait for me on the Friday ?
  7. I’ll be there with bells on [emoji106] Car’s been serviced, new brake fluid, diff bushes, trans cooler. Diff bushes have needed doing, there’s been a clunk for a few months
  8. You know November means Snowy Cruise and I was thinking about this one tonight. I’ll see what I can extract from work tomorrow, wish me luck...
  9. Looks interesting. I'll have to see if I can get time off work though, I guess I could start driving down on Wednesday night. Does this mean there's no Snowy Cruise this year?
  10. First up, what would you guys go for if you had the money, etc. XR6T Sprint or XR8 Sprint? I've been hopping for the last couple of years that you'd be able to get the "G6ET Sprint", I would have seriously considered swapping over to one... When I got my G6ET brand new it didn't get delivered straight away as I wanted the Cream interior and black exterior and the cream leather was only done to-order. The dealer I went through pre-purchased four G6ET "to-order" each year to cater for customers like me. If no one came along, they just specced it with one of the popular colours and no extras.
  11. Surely they can't be sold out already, they've only just formally announced the specs.
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