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  1. This thread is 5.5 years old so I'm guessing they did solve it but the OP never let us know 🤷‍♂️
  2. @jas98 I've just got superpro all around for an FG MkII G6ET so not your identical car, essentially agree with what you've said, there's a noticeable increase in NVH but the car is much firmer, planted and confidence-inspiring so it's really a trade-off between performance and bush longevity versus NVH if you stay with stock.
  3. @ntrof6 have a look through this super-thread, it has heaps of information from people who have used different combinations, what works and what doesn't, when it fits but only with rolled guards, etc.
  4. @vegie No it won't cause any issues, see this comparison, it's only a 1.5mm reduction in distance to the suspension: https://www.willtheyfit.com/index.php?width=245&aspect=35&diameter=19&wheelwidth=8&offset=36.5&width2=245&aspect2=35&wheel_size=19&wheel_width=8&offset2=38
  5. Looking for a sanity check on rims and tyres. Suspension height is basically the same as stock and I have no real desire to roll the guards. Front 20x9.0 +40 w/ 265/35R20 Compared with stock this will poke out 9.2mm which should be fine but will also sit 16.2mm closer to the suspension. Is the later going to be a problem and rub? Rear 20x10.0 +45 w/ 305/30R20 Compared with stock this will poke out 16.9mm which I think should also be fine. The big question is the suspension, these would sit 33.9mm closer and I believe the stock gap is ~40mm so I'm not sure that 6.1mm is enough margin once you account for 305 width tyres...
  6. Looking for some opinions/advice. Bushes The bushes on my Front UCA are gone and need to be replaced, the bushes in the Diff are on their way out and don't have much life left. I'm leaning towards replacing the whole lot (front and rear) with SuperPro rather than piecemeal over time and just cop a single labour charge since unbolting the bits from under the chassis is the expensive part. Sway Bar From what I've read I can add a front sway-bar if desired in the future without too much trouble so I'll leave that one for now. Diff (LSD) Dropping the cradle to change the diff is labour-intensive and everywhere I've read has said to change the diff bushes at the same time as the additional labour is minimal at that point. If I go down the path of changing out all of the bushes then I'm leaning towards upgrading the diff at that point. Shocks/Springs/Coilovers This is the more difficult one...change nothing, change just the shocks, change the shocks and the springs, or go the whole 9-yards and grab coilovers...any suggestions?
  7. Are we putting names down for November 2022 yet 😁
  8. Interesting on the fuel situation. I can’t recall but has Omeo never had 98 available? Where do we normally fill up? Of the five times I did the Omeo leg, I don’t think I ever worried about running out and one of those years Keith and I really pushed it. The tanks got low but not that low!
  9. I think the BBQ we normally use is electric? If so we should be good to use it, I’m pretty sure electric BBQ’s are exempted from the fire ban cause they don’t use flammable fuel.
  10. This weather is looking like possibly the warmest I’ve ever seen and I’ve been going since 2012! I won’t be able to do Omeo on the Monday this year, ill have to head back to Sydney on the Sunday afternoon, started a new job recently and I think I’d be pushing my luck if I asked for time off after five weeks [emoji23]
  11. I’ll be arriving late on the Friday night into Tumut, got a uni exam that finishes at 5:15pm, allow 30 mins to collect the car and then I’m hoping I can get down there around 9:30pm depending on traffic.
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