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  1. TRYME


    Boost control is run by the ecu correct it demands the boost level.... I respectfully disagree with the above post that a BA will love more boost.... I'm not a Ford pro but have built a few fast cars.... guy who tunes my FG for me reputable Sydney shop,, I've actually discussed this with him and he says any BA over 100kays (which is basically all of them now) his not keen on tuning anything more then the mildest of tunes and even then he won't command anymore boost from It,, my personal opinion is save your shillings for when you want proper power rather then pay for multiple tunes and r
  2. TRYME


    Yea if you wanna boost it up best to wait til you can put another motor in some say BA are ok to perform mild Mods but unless u got the coin to swap the motor and not worry about it leave as is
  3. TRYME


    The post has confused me allitle but if the engine has BA rods I'd be leaving it completely factory especially with how old they are now..
  4. True... in regards to the property market it's just as bad if not worse here in Sydney,, mind you this is sooo unsustainable first home buyers who can't/won't get help from parents are struggling to get into even the bottom end of the market, relaxed lending criteria mixed with super low interest rates is leading to people taking on bigger mortgages..... with jobkeeper ending and with interest rates eventually going to climb again I'm not to keen to see what's going to happen....... personally I think there will be a significant market correction again and that's when I plan to purchase anothe
  5. Haha a dynapack hub dyno in SA would read like 500kw for a tune only car hahaha dynapacks read very high my car made 500 kw on cms roller and made over 600 on a dynapack hub hahaha
  6. Good on ya Andrew, Personally (and I'm only a punter) at 800-900bucks I would be keen and I think that's where the moneys at for that particular item.... but goodluck with it!!!
  7. Mate good on you for giving this a go..... I like the concept but I think the 1200 mark mite be abit of a stretch but I understand there is costs in getting this type of thing off the ground
  8. Interesting how does this vary to an FG manifold in terms of flow etc,, do you have an approx data? and a rough estimation on cost?
  9. I'd possibly be interested depending on price and other details etc
  10. Ahh the MTs probably help allitle hey, what about on good street tyres jet? Reckon it can be done? Something like Michelin pilot 4S ?
  11. I have as I thought first gear in the turbos is to short and I'd get a better time..... nope no good.. I always got the best time launching in first... Are you considering a ZF rebuild?
  12. Tbh mate I don't totally remember as I remember reading that there's been issues with them in the past but I read these things a while ago, get in touch with jeturbo and ask him about them hel let you know and I also saw a video on Independant motorsports YouTube channel and he was talking about them as well..... I have process west turbo side intake and intercooler and they have been great quality so idk what it is with the intank system...... I have kpm motorsports intank 1500hp System and have never had a fuel surge issue on 98 or 85 and that includes track work
  13. @01txr I've heard that the process west internal surge tank isn't ideal make sure you do look into it more and check out jets recommendations tom oh thanks for the info I Thought they were popular as I've seen a few cars with them but thanks for letting me know with the high mount will bonnet paint cook?
  14. Hahaha yea that's my issue I'm abit of a perfectionist and I'd love an external gate, but don't love the costs involved with it hahaha 😂😂,, I shall see what I decide and keep you posted haha, have you gone high mount and put in a metal overflow tank ? Or Gone low mount? With low mount would a dump pipe suited to factory manifold bolt up or no?
  15. Tom in your opinion I know we spoke before but just to clarify I want 500-550 should I go a gtx gen 2? Or a 6 boost with a g35 reckon the extra cost is worth it in my case?
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