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  1. I probably should of elaborated on that meticulous in terms of fluid and filter changes that and tyres is all I've had to do and I halved the service interval for oil and filter.... Ford/Expensive Daewoo did not do that (I get it it's a ford site) im a member here bcoz I love them as well I love my F6 il never part with it but you can't compare build quality there in different stratospheres.. the F6 by 85kays ball joints were making sounds and shocks were rooted that's piss poor. My VF maloo ate 2 radiators during warranty period and the electronic power steering module sh*t it self just after 3 years warranty was up.. Yea there expensive but for a large part you can see where the money goes.... I don't feel There overpriced at all so there is doubting that it's all relative.... I got no issue paying 150k plus for a euro performance car but I won't pay 76k for a new ranger wildtrak now that's a rip off. mind you we pay so much more for these cars bcoz of our Govt LCT and stamp duties... here I though LCT was in place to protect the local car industry haha.
  2. Respectully disagree.. I've had my 2018 C63s since new and although I've been meticulous with maintenance I have belted the absolute cr@p out of it and with 90k on the clock it still honestly drives like the day I picked it up... they are amazing cars... only about to trade it in as finance contract comes to an end soon.. @JETURBO Congrats on the new car mate may you enjoy it in good health... keep an eye on the oil consumption on that beast my brother in laws M5 comp 2021 model likes a drink but it's a cracker machine.
  3. If it makes you feel better keif had my merc parked out the front of my place someone hit the front bar and RHF guard 1300 to repair both guard & bar and respray them both.. surprised mercedes only charge 110 for the V8 biturbo badge that goes on the guard..... absolute scum to hit someone's car and drive off.... only had it parked out there to cut the grass
  4. Congrats on finishing well done... as you probably know uni don't mean nothing nor does it teach you a thing about the real world but the title is what your after and congrats on achieving it... having practical experience which you do will make the engineer in you. Let me tell you my story I got kicked out of school at 15 did apprenticeship in refrigeration and air conditioning gained a heap of life/work experience then over the next 10 years..... cert 4 in HVACR advanced diploma in HVACR engineering- this is where I actually learnt valuable skills. Bach of mech engineering at Sydney Uni racked up a massive study debt and didn't really learn anything practical if im being honest.... my work experience and being on the tools taught me to be an engineer and I'm lucky that I had an excellent employer along the way. All the best mate! Your gonna be great
  5. Yea I'm not holding my breath but have put a clause in the contract in the special conditions that if I don't receive car within 9 months I can walk from the deal with refund of deposit Due to chip shortage there not offering heads up display as an option as they havnt got the chips to fit it to the car... I'm not fussed as I forget it's there on my car 90% of the time anyway.... but yea a few options weren't available coz of chip shortages.. hope this covid stuff ends soon... unlikely though
  6. So bought the wife a new car this week, 2022 Jaguar F Pace SVR. 5 litres of supercharged goodness, thought it be a good idea to get one of these sorts of cars once more before there confined to the history books... I would of preferred a sedan but she wants an SUV so is what it is.......... so 9 month wait according to Jaguar COVID apparently...... one gripe with Jaguar is that everything on the car is an option so you basically have no choice but to get a car built... here's hoping the reliability goes ok.....
  7. True true... but Tesla's real world stats aren't usually to far of what they advertise but your right wel have to wait and see
  8. Tell you what though... I could deffs get on board with the tesla roadster it actually looks pretty cool just looked up the specs hot car yea it's gonna be about 350k but itl leave pretty much everything in it's dust.. top speed of over 400kph 2.1sec 0-100 and Tesla advertise 1000kays of range... What surprises me on it is the targa top glass roof which stores in the boot.. I thought Tesla would be able to come up with some sort of folding design etc
  9. I actually really like the Tesla concept and the interiors have gotten really nice for the new models but I won't buy 1 bcoz A- il miss the sound of a proper performance motor B- I really don't like the exterior design and wheels etc they just look so generic can't get on board with the looks no matter how much I try to. acceleration on them is out of this world though the torque rush is hard to describe
  10. TESLA FTW......... awaits reactions hahah
  11. Is it 420rwkw on 98 or E85? My fg f6 motor stock bar valve springs was making 500rwkw on E85 for a few years... when engine was torn down (engine was fine just building for big power) I was told motor looked quite healthy.... there's a lot of variables at play though some people have popped them with 400s whereas some people have run mid 500s for a long time
  12. Best way to do it is find a good lowish Kay wreck (easier said then done) then take everything you need from it and transfer it to your car..... hassle but if your ute is nice and clean which it sounds like it is probably is worth your time... especially considering the cost of turbo falcons atm
  13. If your going to use the spa daily then it's worth it enjoy!!!, I got a new spa though they still need sh*tty maintenance... Suburb I lived in last in Sydney entry level homes were 3.5million.... people still told the agent they didn't want the home coz of the pool... pools add value to the home for some buyers and reduces value to others I really don't feel there's a hard and fast rule to pools Adding value... but that's just my opinion. oh if your going to move on and rent the home you don't want that hassle... very few tenants will take Care of a pool most will insist you have the maintenance paid for as part of the lease (it's common practice in Sydney at least) we sold our last place Rather then rent it out specifically coz of The pool
  14. sorry to burst the bubble... but spas are S#it as well... Had it at last place and the new place and I never use the damn thing when we first got it it's all oh yea how relaxing is this..... as time went on found ourselves using it less and less often.. pools are a great piece of furniture though, when it's all clean and pristine really makes the backyard pop... Just be sure to add your stabiliser in summer to prevent chlorine evaporation. Run the filter and the kreepy crawly/barracuda for a fair amount of time (can run it less in winter).. check PH levels fortnightly and add acid as required. I've had both chlorine and saltwater pools, chlorine is less Maintenance and cheaper to maintain. backwash for filter maintenance fortnightly Not to mention all the other crap you gotta do which I cbf to type out
  15. Honestly don't do it..... my last house I had a pool and the damn thing was so maintenance heavy I simply got over it I used it maybe 10 times a year yet it would cost thousands to maintain... electricity alone was dear as I kept the pool pristine all year round filter needs to run for at least 8hrs a day even in winter. Come the new house... guess what it has a pool as well.... and here I am doing all the maintenance so the misses and her family can use it a few weekends during summer 😞 Also when we sold our last place a lot of buyers were turned off by the pool... they didn't want the headache... I really didn't think it would be an issue considering the suburb we were in 90% of homes had a pool and the median household income in the area was at the point that you could easily afford to pay for someone to maintain it ... yet it was an issue with alot of buyers
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