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  1. You misinterpreted what I said if your car has identical/ very similar mods to another car I guarantee the tuner has copy and pasted another tune done to a car with same/similar mods and then tweaks it slightly to suit your specific car..... say for example a tuner did an FG turbo with 1000cc injectors intercooler and 100 cell cat and the next day another FG turbo comes in same mods wanting a tune, you reckon he's not gonna utilise yesterday's tune file and make slight adjustments where needed? No one is writing a whole new tune every car they do... (nothing wrong wit
  2. Mate you'd drink me under the table in the first half hour haha..... Im enjoying some Johnny W as we speak
  3. Puff the two bottles of whisky on separate days? Or both in the one haha solid effort my friend
  4. Biddie... I agree with you but I'm saying it's hypocritical... the tuners are ripping of fords intelectual property then wanna whinge that someone will take there's.... f*ck em the base of there work dosent belong to them Anyway it's fords...... Nothings a secret anymore I guarantee your gas detectors are on the shelf of the competitors... they'd be trying to suss it out etc Doubt it takes years to learn how to tune a basic Barra combo.... I did spend years developing products and technology along with a team and the competitors were always trying to take it fr
  5. 100%, products Ive had a massive input into designing for my former employer even though many had patents as soon as they were put onto the market the competition buys it and reverse engineers it finding a way to improve it further or worm around the patent... it happens everywhere my point just was they scream intelectual property when the base maps they work from isn't there property to begin with
  6. That's not a bad analogy actually touché my friend.... I wonder how Ford would of felt that tuners can have access to there base maps Ford would of spent many $$$ in the development in there base maps thus the shops being hypocritical they don't write there tunes completlely from scratch they improve upon fords initial investment, do they pay monies into Ford for using there intelectual property or do they say oh it's the customers car hence they own the tune..... hmmmmm
  7. So Keith how different do you reckon one basic tune, say injectors and high flow cat is from one tune shop to another?
  8. Tbh F*ck the tuners.... only in this stupid industry does someone say yea you pay for something but you can't have full use of it..... I'm not a tuner but this platforms been around for going on 2 decades theres nothing that secret about a basic tune they try to justify charging 1000 bucks for flashing in a tune they've already got created to suit your cars mods and make a few Minor tweaks from car to Car for basic tunes it Ain't nothing special... when I was a hvac engineer towards the end of my Career working with one of the leading global hvac companies I was involv
  9. Just tell them it's a tune on a BA with a standard engine not some magical combo that no one else knows about... tell the shop that you want to do the work that youl tune with them provided they don't lock the ecu and get it in writing! im betting that for that type of engine combo one of the good shops will agree... out of curiosity may I ask why you forked out for a haltech for the type of power/engine combo you will be utilising? not criticising just curious?
  10. Yea neighbour has a redback system not bad Dont think red back exist anymore hey
  11. Tbh it don't sound very nice on a NA IMO but sound is subjective check some YouTube clips and see what u think. sounds nice on a turbo on NA I actually feel it sounds worse
  12. 100% you can but man you've gotta be bothered.... back when my falcon was my daily I used to run e85 all the time now with the cost of it if it was still my daily I'd be back on 98,, I'm very grateful United still supply a pump e85 but tbh I'm super surprised they still do
  13. Yea 100 would be better as it has a higher knock threshold... if you can get it all the time with no issues then yea tune it on 100.... here in OZ no one makes a 100 anymore so a lot of us don't really have any experience with it, it's either 98 or e85 and the e85 has gotten super expensive now...
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