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  1. https://imgur.com/gallery/bm4YFmd Hopefully the link to the dyno works for you guys. Yes has stock head and cams apart from oversize vales and upgraded springs , stock crank also . Other mods oil pump , timing chain ,girdle ,rods and pistons etc only driven it today but so far very responsive.
  2. Not worried , done a co2 coolant test right after the run and come up negative . Whatever happens now only time will tell , either way will be fun in the process.
  3. Don't think it pushed past the gasket as it was doing 40psi same motor setup on c16 when it was the ETM f6 back in the day , I think the pwr expansion tank and cap are a bit dodgy , Gonna still push the limits 👍
  4. When that happened we pushed to see what the turbo would do and even after that no probs even with more pulls ,re the timing I'll have to ask the tuner , that said I won't be pushing the limits of the turbo all the time hard enough to hook up with 500kw on the street.
  5. Not sure why that occurred, motor is running full copper 40thou head gasket with oringed block and head . Also 14mm head studs down to 150ftlb . Been fine after that run so see what happens.
  6. Maxed out at that power 33psi @6350rpm, comes on quick and that's what I wanted for a Streeter. I'll post a dyno once I got it.
  7. Sorry Don't have one yet . I'm not on Facebook either but if you click on the link you should be able to open it.
  8. Finally got some results for the turbo https://m.facebook.com/JustEngineManagement/videos/chriss-bf-xr6t-packing-a-punch-with-744rhkw-997rhhp-33psi-on-united-e85-built-4l/523675099691340/
  9. Yeah got it sorted after lots of head scratching and there was 2 issues 1st issue the ecu was not recognising the diff ratio so we reset the ecu completely and loaded newer firmware onto it . After that was sorted we could only write to the ecu thru the obd port when we pumped more than 15v into it but could read from it at lower voltage 2nd issue -Figured out it was a bad solder joint on the can wires at the obd port where previously had an alarm wire soldered to it . Pretty sure the 1st issue was caused by the 2nd since all this started happening when the alarm was removed. Been good since the joint got re soldered
  10. The setup was sold before I got the car and the rear housing is standard garret 1.06 The whole idea behind this setup is to be more streetable with similar top end as a gtx42 and spool closer to 35 frame turbo.
  11. Something different , also heat management and did not want a 6 boost as I wanted good low boost control being more for the street . The car did have a high mount and did run a 9.40 in a past life with a gt45
  12. Getting custom kit Atm with full divided low mount made up with g40 1150 turbo. Going on a built motor with kelford b cams . Hopefully will get the kit soon so we can test it
  13. I have swapped the BCM and the problem is still there Thinking might be the HIM as it has input hs can to pcm and hs can to cluster The odd thing is I can't always connect to the network (ecu) thru obd port ,says is connected to dongle but not ecu. The other thing when I can connect with forscan it sometimes cant / doesn't recognise the pcm,him,abs modules while other times it does. I can on forscan dashboard also pick up speed and tach via pcm but have no signal via cluster for speed and not even a gauge option for rpm via instrument cluster. I know that the mechanical connection of the hscan is ok as the water temp , oil temp and boost works on thethey are also transmitted via hs can like the speed and rpm . So is got me to a point where it might be EPROM issue also Last time I replaced the cluster and had it reprogrammed to the car the speed and rpm worked till I disconnected the battery to do some work on the car and when reconnected th gauges weren't working again. Recently I took It down to my tuners to get ghost cams done via pcm tech( dash not working) but the tuner could not write to the ecu and told me to check pin 13 on obd port . When I picked up the car the speed and tach worked. I got home and checked the connection by unplugging plugs and it turns out connection from pcm to pin 13 is ok But when I put it all back together it stopped working again . Not sure if it's an eeprom problem but this is past my diagnostic experience.
  14. Hi Still can not sort this issue out . Can someone recommend an auto Electrican that specialises in canbus with Ford's in Sydney Metro area .
  15. Hi Old thread I know I have been looking into buying the 12 pin plug or loom so I can finish reverse camera install in my FG mk1 ute Does anyone know where I can get these from as most mobs want to sell me a complete kit which I don't need.
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