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  1. I have swapped the BCM and the problem is still there Thinking might be the HIM as it has input hs can to pcm and hs can to cluster The odd thing is I can't always connect to the network (ecu) thru obd port ,says is connected to dongle but not ecu. The other thing when I can connect with forscan it sometimes cant / doesn't recognise the pcm,him,abs modules while other times it does. I can on forscan dashboard also pick up speed and tach via pcm but have no signal via cluster for speed and not even a gauge option for rpm via instrument cluster. I know
  2. Hi Still can not sort this issue out . Can someone recommend an auto Electrican that specialises in canbus with Ford's in Sydney Metro area .
  3. Hi Old thread I know I have been looking into buying the 12 pin plug or loom so I can finish reverse camera install in my FG mk1 ute Does anyone know where I can get these from as most mobs want to sell me a complete kit which I don't need.
  4. Hi I have posted this on AFF forum before haven't gotten sorted yet My Speedo and tacho stopped working in my fg GS mk1 . It was after I done a parasitic test for battery drain and removed the aftermarket alarm that was in the car. When I use the obd dongle I can read both via torque pro. The cruise control still works and when the fuel DTE comes on on the cluster it suddenly starts counting from 80km down really quickly . Checked the wiring for the HS Can between cluster and obd port and it's all good . Then I done a cluster sweep with
  5. Other mods include wasregate mod ,4' nizpro exh ,injectors pump,4' intake from plazmaman and cooler ,tuned by cv ,could got more power but wanted to keep it safe and traction is hard to get on the street as it is even with semi slicks .its a ex chaser bf 2 std motor unopened with 110k kms ,btw its my wife's car with 2 baby seats in the back .To make good reliable power all you need is remove all the restrictis as possible ,make the motor breathe easy and power will come after it all about efficiency.
  6. I installed a nizpro coller and adapted a proccess west throttle body relocation kit The result was 360rwkw @ 15 psi std motor n nizpro 4 inch exh ,just my experience. Both coolers are good enough for easy 400kw just depends on which look u like.
  7. Hi I ended up buying it of the original poster ,as for fittment it is tight through the cat area and over diff cradle ,it expands a fair bit so you have to adjust it hot since it won't knock when its cold/warm takes a few goes ,sounds awesome 100 timed better than the xforce 3.5 that I had before and no drone with a deep note .This is on a bf2 btw it made 360rwkw on 15 psi,hope this helps
  8. Ended up being loose bolts holding flex plate ,flex plate was rooted too must be a common problem ,serviced the zf while at it ,thanks for everyone's responses.
  9. Thanks mate will look into the flex plate prob over the weekend It makes sense cos couldn't see any of the covertor to flexplate bolts Being loose through the inspection plate ,I guess its a gearbox out Job out job . Never done a zf looks heavy compared to c4 .Will keep you posted,cheers.
  10. After more investigation its coming from the tourqe converter flex plate region And carries through the motor , loud knocking rattle noise like a loose bolt Has anyone had this ?
  11. Not the oil but can confirm its coming from valve train Thinking chain or tensioner ,defetily coming from top end Still comes and goes , but comes on after a big rew nuteral 6500rpm Very strange
  12. It's conning from the top ,I think it may be the lifters ,it only does it when the motor warms up,I'm going to try some thicker oil the oil in it was put in by previous owner so I don't know what it even is , what oil would be best to use ? Any recomindations woud be helpful.
  13. Just got a bf zr6t mk 2 its go usual mods exhaust cooler and seimens injectors Have done 200kms in it so far and its developed a tapping noise Only on idle and not at higher rpm , performes well and runs smooth ,noise increases when A/c compressor kicks in , the fella I got it off reckons that's it is injectors Noise and it is imminent ( sometimes does it and goes away) I'm thinking it might be timing chain , any input woud be appreciated
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