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  1. So I'm going the G35-900 also. Will post results on stock bottom end in a few months. There's a fair wait on 6 boost manifolds at the moment. Mine won't be about peak hp because of the stock rods, but should give an indication of comparable response to a standard GT3582. I'll send it with build motor, which will be in the pipeline.
  2. Thoughts on 1.01 EWG vs 1.06 IWG? Minus your converter sorcery...
  3. I'd be curious if it would be slightly laggier than log manifold, and whether it'd hold boost better in the upper rev range...
  4. Has anyone tried high mounting a Gtx3576 G2 on a 6 boost manifold? Surely the compressor would benifit from extra flow and better boost control with external gate? Or is it not big enough?
  5. Really interested to see how this goes. Send it!
  6. Thanks for the info. I've got Repco ones too after I had a cage fail. Finding it a bitter pill to swallow looking at $3300 for driveshaft shop upgrades. Massive difference $500 vs $3300
  7. Where did you get the HD shafts from?
  8. Looks like an absolute animal. Props to you 👍
  9. That's an epic result. How the hell do you get an 84rs on boost so hard so early? Clearly the larger rear housing... How much has to do with the converter?
  10. Hey mate, check the wiring to your cam sensors at the back of the motor. The wiring often melts and causes misfiring. Given where yours is breaking up though, it's probably something else like CAS. Assuming your coils, coil plug wiring and plugs are fine...
  11. Good to know. Is it possible the auto trans is more vulnerable with higher derived torque at that low rpm point?
  12. This turbo has me salivating 🤤. Good excuse to upgrade the repco driveshafts when they explode
  13. Thanks for the insight. Do you think full send with appropriate driveline is possible without a built motor, or is it entering rod busting territory? On e85...
  14. How was the boost response? Is it super responsive and torquey down low, or a bit lazier than expected?
  15. So what if OP doesn't have access to your sourcerer tuner? He also wants to keep the factory intake. A genuine 400 on 98 isn't easy. You risk engine damage, and a lot of tuners don't like pushing it on 98 with the factory frame turbo. I've had tunes from 3 different high profile tuners on my manual BF with stock GT3582 and on 98, none have done better than 375kw on 18psi. But it consistently goes 330ish on e85, 18-20psi
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