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  1. Super keen to see how it goes. Is it possible to complete against all the 1000hp cars that show up these days?
  2. Yeah exactly, swapping bleeders etc. You're all over it.
  3. Mid 500s sounds perfect. Hopefully you can keep it reliable. It sounds like a lot of fun. It's pretty cool that you can get all fours spinning
  4. I like that people like you are thinking about these sorts of things. But the falcon market won't support it, IMO. The average falcon owner isn't flush with cash. And those that do have cash just buy brembos. Remember with the 6 piston brembos you need to ensure the crossover pipe is sorted.
  5. Does it hold that boost all the way to redline? So are you having more fun with a smaller turbo? Or does it not make that much difference with a big converter auto?
  6. Wow, what a difference an auto and AWD makes to acceleration. That's a crazy 0-100
  7. Whoops. Glad she's all ok
  8. @Slowxr6t ouch! What happened? 3 rods is a good effort.
  9. Even with a Haltech it's not that easy man. Especially transient throttle. Cams made a big difference for me, and they changed the exhaust note nicely, but it's probably not worthwhile for most people
  10. Cams are worth it depending on goals. But they make tuning a lot harder, which is why you've had that experience with a tuner. Cam specs and timing introduce variables that require heaps more time to make the car drive nice.
  11. Man if you're getting a 3584RS with a 1.15 rear to come on by 2700 rpm with stock cams, and you think it's laggy, I very much doubt you will do better with cams. They almost all improve mid to top end, and normally shift boost threshold higher. Also, with a stock motor, most tuners are pretty hesitant bringing in boost too early
  12. 5W40 is perfectly fine. 15W40 will make zero difference with regards to the problem you've described. It's hard to say what you may or may not have done to cause issues following an oil change. The best recommendation is to tow the car to a mechanic to have it properly looked at. Any other shortcut you attempt is likely to make it worse.
  13. You need a Z516 Ryco oil filter. As well as using the wrong oil filter, you may have water where it shouldn't be. Car should take about 6L of oil.
  14. I originally somehow missed your thread. Very cool! Your combo is very high end. Be interested to know what your boost issue is
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