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  1. Thanks @JETURBO! I might send you a file in a few weeks, coz I can't actually load it up now. Car is getting a full respray. Nothing fancy, just tidying up all the rubbers, new plastic guards and undertray, all new genuine lights etc. And I love the Ego Grey colour, so it'll stay that way.
  2. Got some km on this sucker over the weekend. It's seriously fast. The response from the G35-900 is a great match for the manual trans. It is on boost pretty much everywhere. Hard to imagine a more fun street setup, but in saying that, it's on the edge between fun and scary. Still need to refine the tune. Currently averaging 50L/100km on E85 haha. Need to sort fuel cut/decel settings
  3. The spool stuff looks pretty decent hey. It seems to have held up well too.
  4. I'm guessing the beers enhance concentration for precision tasks like gapping rings, or general engine assembly? Haha
  5. Looking forward to seeing the resurrection of this bad boy
  6. Sorry, not the best pic. But you should be able to compare with the previous dyno graph. At ~3000rpm Dynomite is around 200kw, Atomic is around 260kw. At ~3700rpm Dynomite is around 400kw, Atomic is around 450kw. At ~4800rpm Dynomite is 510kw, Atomic is 590kw. I might try and graph both on the same plot with a common scale.
  7. Yeah true. So reviewing the data in more detail, there is up to 45kw difference in the low to mid range. Pretty amazing. The strange thing is the Dyno-Mite cams might actually be slightly faster in reality because of limited traction
  8. Bit of an update. Had the tune revisited, and it turns out the changeover from NSP to NEXUS software screwed with correction tables. I also changed out the Dyno-Mite stage 1 cams for Atomic stage 3. Huge thanks to @JETURBO for hooking me up. The Atomics are actually more responsive, make more midrange by about 30kw, 100Nm more torque and also make more peak power, up to 613kw. That reminds me, this thread needs a bump up...
  9. Did you say you got a new OEM boost control solenoid? Have you tried a new MAP sensor?
  10. Superpro is what you want anyway. Are you doing the welding? I think there's a bit of an art to welding it in the right position
  11. Madness if you don't do all the bushes while you have the cradle out.
  12. Yeah, give us the background and the story to save searching through old posts. What setup were you running?
  13. Huh? Are you asking whether a different intake requires wastegate porting?
  14. @bigmat yes mate. SR guys have used the 3582R with a 0.63 and RB/JZ guys a 0.82, many times. There are even more turbine housing options these days too
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