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  1. that's legit. Nice work. Super interested in how those cams turn out
  2. Yeah, I actually bought brand new nyloc nuts from Ford. $3.60 each I think
  3. Loctite on all the bolts? Whoever did mine last must've used red on everything...
  4. Nice man. How was it going back in? I've also got my cradle out now
  5. Nulon do a GL5 80W90 mineral oil suitable for hypoid diffs. Only extreme pressure additives
  6. 😂 @cat007 Jet is THE barra dude on here. I guess the point he was making is that the accuracy of dyno numbers is a known quantity down the 1/4. He's provided so much info on this forum, he probably gets a little upset of people don't read it all
  7. Looks good mate, props for innovation and initiative. I think the only way you could make it viable is if you get them produced in Mexico for the emerging US barra market. Would still be difficult to compete with Plazmaman
  8. @TRYME high mount with metal overflow. Low mount 6 boost is pretty unusual. I'm not sure if you can get it made in vband, they're made T3 by default. And wait times on 6 boost are already long enough for regular line items @01txr review Jet's recommendation for fuel system. Deviation is a proven own goal @Bulletime do it. You know you want to haha
  9. Not for 550kw, IMO. You can maintain stock heat shields and have it nice and neat with stock manifold. But like I said, for me, I hate internal gates. The external gate mods to stock manifold end up costing as much as just buying a 6boost, if you can find someone decent to do it. And I also don't rate the response for a manual car with GTX3582. I think I can do better, but it requires coin that most wouldn't consider worth it. There is probably 10% benefit for 200% cost... which is totally worth it if you're a perfectionist haha
  10. A genuine 550kw with boost crammed in from under 3000rpm, and big semi slicks is where it's at. Definitely not a job for standard motor or driveline
  11. Have you looked at the Precision turbos? 6466? Or Borg Warner EFR 9180? Both of these have T4 turbine housings.
  12. I think big auto converters can get some of those big turbos moving much earlier than a manual, and stuff like antilag is becoming more common. And yep, flow above 500-550kw is compromised. I think even forged pistons break ring lands or melt
  13. I think the problem relates to the step from 500kw and beyond. You can get a nice responsive turbo on the stock exhaust manifold which flows perfectly up to 500kw. Beyond that, you really need an aftermarket manifold to avoid engine damage. As soon as you move away from the stock manifold you give up response. So a lot of people end up jumping from 4-500kw to 700kw. There isn't really an in between
  14. Nice. How are you actually doing it? Are you flow matching? Does it make much difference with the barra?
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