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  1. So, thought I'd provide an update after driving it a bit. It's nice and loud, louder than a GTX. It easily makes 5psi at 2000rpm, so it's still torquey and responsive down low. For a manual car, its hard to fault. It doesn't come on as hard as I personally prefer, but for others it might be perfect. I seem to be able to get all the power to the ground in even 2nd and third. I do have decent suspension with squat, a trutrack, and semi slicks, but I think the GT3582R was more prone to wheelspin. Bringing the boost on earlier and harder with a built motor might change this
  2. Hey man, I'm not qualified to provide an answer to your questions, but allow me to say congrats on a well structured post, with clear use of the English language. Its unusual amongst new forum members! For what its worth, it sounds like you're on the right track
  3. Don't know what to tell you man, but supply chains are a fact, irrespective of the opinion of tuners. The additive packs have to comply with Australian Standards, they have very little room to move
  4. 9.0 comp should be fine. Hot tip for everyone that thinks BP is better... all the fuel in Australia arrives in the same ships and is divided up to the respective brands on arrival. Their additive packages are all pretty much the same at their distribution centres. The variances you get are mainly from individual service stations - some have newer, cleaner tanks etc
  5. Cool spec sheet. Its amazing how often you can spend $20k on a motor and not get a spec sheet. Who built it?
  6. I'd expect more than 350 man, especially on a built motor. I'd say something isn't right, whether it's an exhaust restriction, intercooler restriction, or any number of other things. But dyno numbers aren't the best indicator either. How does it drive?
  7. Haha. One last snippet of info. My turned down tune is 16psi e85, and apparently its still making 470kw. Explains why my clutch is so unhappy, but I'll make it hang in there. Love that NPC single plate organic 98 tune is 14psi making 410kw. This might be a good option for people looking for that 400kw 98RON turbo with near stock spool (if auto). So long as they know its not bolt on
  8. Thanks man! Interesting point on auto vs manual. Definitely give up some spool with the manual, but it's just so damn satisfying to have that connection with the drivetrain. Anyway, time to convince one of your customers to throw this setup on a ZF...
  9. Here is the direct comparison between GT3582R and G35-900, both e85, both 20psi There is a fair difference in response, which is probably a combination of the turbo and manifold. I didn't think there would be such a difference, but similarly, I didn't expect it to make so much more power. There is definitely response to be gained with a built motor, but I think this is useful data because the dyno figures are irrelevant, the curves tell the story. Driving it home, my first impressions are that it sounds awesome, it really whistles. It's been a while since I'
  10. Yeah, its deliberately ramped on slowly. Build motor I'd like to be able to run 30psi, but whether my budget can stretch to fire rings etc we shall see
  11. I actually had an FGX XR8 previously. Prefer the turbo, but that's just me 🤷‍♂️
  12. Hopefully there's some usable data for others. Should clarify too. Response AND power are required haha
  13. Its a fair question. I think for most people probably not, but this is just an interim step for me. I wanted to get the turbo setup and everything working together on the stock motor before building it. I guess most people would do it the other way around. But now I know the setup is capable of 600kw easily, I can build the motor to handle that all day, noting I'm way more interested in response and midrange. That 500+kw was never a goal, just part of the test and evaluation process of an ongoing build that seeks to optimise everything that I can, within reason
  14. Thanks mate. I'll get some more detailed pics for you when I pick it up tomorrow. Apparently it was difficult to plumb the external gate, because its a 2.5" pipe. Bulk flow! There's one pic in my build thread now for anyone else that's interested.
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