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  1. Man that response is crazy. Looks like the twin scroll paid dividends
  2. Oh no! How does a throttle body just randomly fail? On the list of possible things to break and leave you stranded though, this isn't too bad
  3. This looks awesome! You running stock crank? Anything done to the heads? Cams? I can't quite tell from the pic - what sort of response are you getting?
  4. Not needed if you're using stock heat shield. It won't make your turbo perform better. Heat management is a massive reliability issue when you deviate from the stock hot side, so it's good you're thinking about it
  5. Been waiting to hear AR-1 reviews. What size are you running, and what did they set you back?
  6. Holy sh*t. Look at the ramp on that sucker. What a missile.
  7. I have the turbo beanie, and wastegate beanie too, plus wrapped dump pipe. Seems ok, haven't melted anything. Stock manifold and heatshield is excellent though, you need to think carefully about upgrading from that.
  8. Latest upgrade - custom catch can! Super happy with it. Made by AT Performance https://atperformance.com.au/ here in Brisbane. It's 3L capacity (CAMS spec) internally baffled with an AN6 drain and replaceable filter. Was 3D scanned, laser cut, perfect tig welds. If anyone is interested, get in touch with Adam, he's a true professional. So much better than the standard catch can that bolts up behind the drivers side strut tower, or the Empire one.
  9. Would be cool to do an overlay vs G35-900
  10. Amazing boost and AFR curve, looks flawless. You are a wizard.
  11. @JETURBO I saw a G40 on your YouTube- do you have build details that you can share?
  12. Sounds similar to mine. VCT makes things difficult. Part throttle tuning is definitely the tough bit!
  13. Hows she running in general? Much difference in the tune to previous setup?
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