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  1. I've called my local Ford parts and they reckon there's none, just seeing if anyone else has had luck
  2. Anyone know if you can still get short motors through Ford?
  3. I've spoken to Joe, and despite apologies I'm still well out of pocket. I've since moved from Sydney, so no way of taking back again. The point is, you shouldn't have to take your car back several times if a workshop does a good job in the first place. All I can do in this instance is try and move on, and share the experience so that others can make informed decisions about where they spend their money.
  4. So finally got around to driving the high boost e85 tune. Still haven't fixed all the issues since visiting that particular workshop. But here's the verdict. The car feels slower than the previous CMS tune which was apparently 399rwkw. It doesn't fry the tyres in second gear, let alone third, which it did previously. I've had an independent check done on engine health etc. It's perfect, 200psi across all cylinders, so nothing to do with that. Maybe the clutch is struggling, but it's not coincidence that everything went backwards after he car came into contact with this workshop. Beware guys, I'm not the only one that's had issues with tunes coming from this workshop... It's not what it once was I'm told
  5. Had no idea that forum exists. Thanks for that, great resource.
  6. Do you have a way of switching tunes that's not associated with the steering wheel buttons? Or is that still in the works?
  7. Continuing to work my way through redoing everything. Pulled my brand new coil packs out to find most of them covered in oil. Another contributor to misfiring. Clearly they didn't use the brand new OEM gasket kit for the rocker cover that I supplied when they fitted the painted rocker cover. Incidentally, I took it back once to get them to fix all the gasket glue they left everywhere, and to get them to actually paint the whole rocker cover, and not leave the welded AN fittings in bare metal. And I'm going to have to repaint the rocker cover because it's covered in run marks. Awesome workmanship for $140+/hr labour charge
  8. Yeah, I'll definitely get it looked at again. All I'll say is that I won't be letting that particular workshop anywhere near the car again after my experience. I know others have had great experiences, but mine couldn't have been worse. I got the impression that now they're doing $100k+ GTR and Lambo builds, a humble Falcon only gets the attention of the work experience kid...
  9. G'day guys, I'm going to describe a problem I had recently, and provide the solution, to help anyone who might have the same issue. I had a plazmaman plenum and FG throttle boy installed on my BF, along with all plazmaclamps. Work was done by a reputable workshop in Sydney. Car had major issues since leaving the shop, most notably a misfire at low rpm. Car was undrivable on the hwy. Took it back, they couldn't fix it, so I've had to redo everything myself. Pulled the throttle body apart to find they reused a sh*tty throttle body gasket, and didn't use any o rings in the plazmaman adaptor, resulting in a giant vaccum leak. So there you go. If you have low rpm issues and sh*t idle, check your throttle body!
  10. I still haven't seen any results with the gen 2 on full send e85. I wonder if 480rwkw is possible?
  11. How do you rate procharge? How legit are their claims that the 64mm will do 550rwkw and reach full boost at 3000rpm? Everything I've seen suggests it's laggier than a gen2 gtx3582. Figured you're the man to ask
  12. Yep, there abouts. It's pretty lazy on 98 compared to e85, but it's super safe, and still turns the 275 Nitto NT05s on the back. I actually got two low boost tunes too. It makes 320rwkw on 10psi 98 and 370rwkw on 12psi e85. Plenum makes it breath a lot better, but I think it's pushed boost threshold up around 200rpm. The tuner said this was one of those cars where everything seems to come together well to make power with modest boost. I guess that's what you aim for hey
  13. Yeah organic. It's a delicious clutch, so user friendly
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