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  1. I fitted a 4" Xforce. Not the easiest job in the world getting a 4" exhaust over the rear cradle. Lots of shops don't like doing it and will tell you only 3.5" is possible. Don't believe them.
  2. The Aeropro unit seems to be a good option. You just need to have it installed by someone that knows what they are doing. I like the idea of being able to choose whatever infotainment unit you want
  3. Yep, chucked in a high end Kenwood unit with Android auto, crystal clear reverse camera etc. Works perfectly with steering wheel controls.
  4. Installation of Aeropro facia, modified to accept Haltech CAN pad:
  5. Ok, got the Aeropro unit installed with a Kenwood unit (android auto, reverse camera etc). The facia has been modified to accept a Haltech 15 button CAN pad (coming soon). Will look sweet when it's all sorted
  6. Bit of momentum gathering to get her running again?
  7. I will one day. I've often wondered what the difference between a G40 and G42 would be. Lag in a manual is no fun, in my view
  8. Bit of an update. Still nothing broken. Pretty miraculous. It's going in next week to have an interior freshen up. Aeropro ICC replacement, new Polk speakers, rewire of some stuff. I don't really care about car audio because I'm always listening to the engine, but its all part of having this car super neat and tidy
  9. How did you go man? I did 6/4 brembos on the sedan. Obviously different, but no issues
  10. Fair point, I'll see what I can do. 0-100 will not be quick haha. It's been quiet on here lately...
  11. Managed to get out today briefly. Warmer temps in Canberra made a huge difference to traction. Managed to get 2nd and 3rd gear down, on the 3/4 setting (around 20psi, maybe 550kw or so). She's pretty quick when it hooks up haha. The G35-900 is pretty epic for a street driven manual. No waiting for boost, and still on like a light switch at lower load in 2nd gear, which is what makes it fun in my opinion.
  12. I've got the same injectors too. It should do 650kw easily
  13. Hopefully she's sorted! Looking forward to seeing results. You aiming for 1000rwhp?
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