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  1. I like the sound of this place you speak of. Excuse the pun.
  2. Tom Tucker

    My Build

    Cheers man. Not something I can do for a while unfortunately. Looking forward to hearing how she goes. Mine has spent a bit of time on limiter recently, purely because my rear tyres are bald... so far no issues... 🙄
  3. Tom Tucker

    My Build

    Awesome. I think I might look at the same setup in future
  4. Tom Tucker

    My Build

    Hows the sequential going? Does it work properly?
  5. Great diagnosis man, really useful info for others. Keen to hear your further thoughts
  6. There are heaps of twin scroll options. But unlike the smaller capacity RBs, I'm not sure anybody has demonstrated a massive benefit on the barra?
  7. Tom Tucker

    My Build

    Looks like it comes on very nicely for a 42!
  8. Tom Tucker

    My Build

    Delicious. I absolutely love my T56 Magnum. Really keen to see how you make the sequential shifter work nicely. That will be epic.
  9. Tom Tucker

    My Build

    Looks awesome man. What gearbox are you using? And what turbo is that?
  10. Sounds pretty average if you just got it man. I'd say it has a blown head gasket, and the previous owner has chucked chemi-weld in for the sale.
  11. Pretty hard to tell from that man, but it looks pretty clean in there, which is a positive.
  12. Highly recommend NPC single plate organic. Rated to over 400kw, nice and compliant. Tail shaft will be fine if it's not making any noises now. Same with your diff and axles.
  13. Hey mate, if your FGX has the original gearbox, it'll be a TR6060. My advice would be to choose your workshop and tuner first. They will tell you what you need, and what they like working with. I sometimes feel for workshops and tuners who have people coming to them with unknown parts and workmanship, and expecting great results. It's often cheaper to get it all done together, in house. If you're going to modify and tune, do it properly the first time. Get valve springs done. You don't need head studs. I think just for tune anywhere from $1000-$1500 seems to be the going rate. Consider getting a new clutch, and tip to bottom service at the same time. Hope that helps
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