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  1. Shall do man. Hope your NA head comes through. My tuner was on the phone with Haltech today, so hopefully they provided some insight that most of us don't necessarily have access to
  2. Interesting. My engine builder has done a lot of barras, so hopefully he's put the cam caps on properly... Thanks for funding the troubleshooting for us all haha
  3. So, having the exact same problem with my built motor. Hopefully we can find the issue
  4. Ok, run in tune done. 460rwkw on 15psi gate pressure. Sorry, no dyno sheet, it's just a run in to make sure everything is working as it should. Small issue they're working through is idle breaking down when it hits a certain temp. Sounds a lot like the problem another member was having with the cam phasers, and possibly a result of oil pressure related to clearances. We shall see Keen to see what it will make on 25psi+
  5. It definitely doesn't sound good does it!
  6. This is the best I can offer for now I'm afraid. Parts out of the 200,000km engine that's been running 400+kw for years. Pistons and rods actually look pretty good. Cams not so much.
  7. So, everything is back together. Just waiting on a few sensors to be installed, trim dial and some heat wrap on the dump. Run in tune next week hopefully! I'll get some pics when it's done, but engine bay looks great now. Painted body colour, super tidy.
  8. Hey mate, you just have to be careful with what you use due to the synchro material used in the TR6060. There are plenty of synthetic fluids out there that meet or exceed DexIII specifications
  9. Yeah, makes sense. Getting anything that isn't already in Australia is super unreliable these days
  10. I wonder why Nitto changed over to CP from JE. Maybe high hp durability, 2018 vs 4032
  11. Hey mate, you might have to look at manufacturing lead times. Everything is a bit crazy atm. Probably plenty of atomic stuff off the shelf available. If you don't mind waiting, I don't think anyone has anything bad to say about Nitto. I'd look at Nitto/JE if you have time and budget. Superleggera/Cosworth is worth considering if you have the budget for $2k pistons
  12. Yep, windage tray for oil control is pretty important. But the girdle debate remains unresolved haha
  13. Polarising indeed. I know there are plenty of people that have forgone the windage tray, or installed it incorrectly, which is likely to have a greater effect than a girdle
  14. Is a girdle really required?
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