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  1. How do you rate procharge? How legit are their claims that the 64mm will do 550rwkw and reach full boost at 3000rpm? Everything I've seen suggests it's laggier than a gen2 gtx3582. Figured you're the man to ask
  2. Yep, there abouts. It's pretty lazy on 98 compared to e85, but it's super safe, and still turns the 275 Nitto NT05s on the back. I actually got two low boost tunes too. It makes 320rwkw on 10psi 98 and 370rwkw on 12psi e85. Plenum makes it breath a lot better, but I think it's pushed boost threshold up around 200rpm. The tuner said this was one of those cars where everything seems to come together well to make power with modest boost. I guess that's what you aim for hey
  3. Yeah organic. It's a delicious clutch, so user friendly
  4. Yeah, seems pretty good. Not sure how my NPC single plate is going to hold up, but apparently it was fine on the dyno 👍
  5. Just got my BF Mk2 tuned. Usual mods - fuel system, plazmaman cooler and plenum, valve springs, oil pump gears, 4" exhaust etc. Stock GT3582r. Will get some engine bay pics when I get the rocker cover powder coated, it's currently missing paint where the catch can AN fittings have been welded on. Will let the pic speak. You can see she tapers off, the stock turbo is on full send.
  6. I didn't get much from Mal, other than "you should use the FG TR6060". I guess it sort of answers the question. I'm assuming they're not comparable gearbox's, otherwise more people would be doing it. It's just a shame that you can't by new OEM FG TR6060 box's
  7. Hello Gents, First time post, soaking up as much info as possible. I can't find anything anywhere on the difference between the Holden/HSV TR6060, which you can buy brand new cheap, and the FG/FPV TR6060. I have a T56 in a BF Mk2, but am keen on a TR6060 upgrade in future. Am wondering if I can just change the bellhousing and bolt the sucker up? Thanks for any advice
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