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  1. I dropped the PRP R35 coil kit over this morning (and FG rocker cover). It should allow a bit more boost to be fed in. Limiting factor will be rear housing and turbo shaft speed. Stay tuned.... @joncitizen pedal feel is lighter than the single plate. There is a bit of chatter, but its reducing every time it's driven during break in. Twin plate is the only option at this power level, and this is not a bad one so far. Could do a drive through easily.
  2. Happy Australia Day to you! Forgetting the politics involved, let us all have a moment to lament the death of Australian car manufacturing. Among many great things condemed to the history books.
  3. Mal Wood option 5 twin plate. It feels good after run in.
  4. Only half sent so far. It will take more. The tuner reckons he can get 25psi into the midrange and it will trail off up high. We shall see!
  5. Progress report. 530kw @ 21psi. It comes on even earlier and harder than run in tune. I'll post a comparison when it's all finished, but it looks like it will be a handful. Running out of rear housing (it's only a 1.01). Expected this. And ignition issues are creeping in. Looks like I'll have to throw the PRP R35 kit in, and look at a bigger rear housing later on.
  6. Car is in for full send tune lads. Hopefully I've got some good news in a week or so. Only issue I had during run in period was some crank position sensor gremlins. I replaced the sensor with a new genuine one and it made no difference, so I'm hoping it's a Haltech settings thing
  7. Nice work mate. I wouldn't worry about the block
  8. that's not genuine. Hang onto that warranty! There seems to be some okay options around at the moment though, hopefully yours is one on them
  9. Is the turbo you bought a copy, or genuine Garrett?
  10. It flares out immediately after the connection point mate
  11. That 1000hp FG is insane. The low end power delivery is immense. It must be an absolute handful
  12. Penrite 10 Tenths full synthetic ftw
  13. There's a few threads on this. If you want 400kw on 98, a GTX3576 won't get you there, and nor will a GT3582R. You need something rated at 900hp
  14. IMO gen2 GTX3576 vs regular GT3582R would be quite similar. If you have the choice though, you'd always go the gtx. Agree with gaz though. The gen 2 gtx3582 can only be exploited with built engine and driveline. Having to turn it down will probably feel lazy. You have to turn the gtx 3576 down as well, to avoid breaking driveline
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