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  1. I wonder if you broke the crank, which in turn shattered your oil pump
  2. I thought cylinder pressure is a bit of an issue with the stock manifold over around 500kw?
  3. Yeah those Atomic ones look awesome. @JETURBO what's the plan for the ute?
  4. Yeah, that was the feedback. Lifters are good in 99% of cases. Everyone is doing the right thing though, so I can't complain. I'm not fussed with delays, so long as it's right
  5. Yeah, you're right. I'd have no idea if the titanium retainers I bought were actually used...
  6. No man, it'll get new crow lifters next week. Hopefully it takes care of the noise. It's a bit frustrating when the head was fully rebuilt. Why would you throw 200k km lifters back in? My tuner is charging the engine builder for the labour, which is good
  7. Just the standard hydraulic man
  8. The saga continues. Phasers apparently fixed the timing issue, but it's still noisy. So lifters are now being changed out
  9. Oh, you are management. Well in that case, good luck getting anyone to do anything they don't want to do. The odds are stacked against you my friend. Same advice applies though. You'll escape any sort of performance scrutiny so long as you identify as an oppressed minority. The less factual the better.
  10. What sort of top end hp are you sacrificing with 0 degree timing?
  11. Yeah fair enough. 800rpm is significant. It would be interesting to see any potential exhaust backpressure effects from the changes in cam timing
  12. The possibilities are endless in govt jobs. So long as you identify as a minority. The more obscure the better. Make sure you identify as gender neutral, and if there is any hint of being held accountable for doing your job, you are obligated to accuse management of bullying and harassment, followed by taking unlimited psychological leave
  13. Nice work as always man. What's the reasoning behind water meth if you have e85? Just something to play with? What sort of spool difference are you getting by changing cam timing? Have you retained VCT?
  14. Welcome mate. I suspect if you run e85 and ramp the boost and power on progressively it might be ok. The stock turbo is superior to a pulsar or anything else for that matter, up to around 440rwkw. Don't touch it unless it is damaged.
  15. I'm not sure man, my tuner is working it out. They've been really good talking to all the right people to find the problem, no hint of trying to mask it by just locking the timing. Phasers are being replaced. Oiling is stock, and the right weight oil is being used for the clearances. Apparently the intake cam is all over the place on idle when it's hot, and it's noisy on idle. Oil galleries should be ok, its had the run in oil changed out already. They've done a very controlled and deliberate run in process, which is good to see.
  16. They're only small. Dyno-Mite 224/232
  17. Both vct solenoids being replaced today. Let's see if that helps. Apparently it's making horrible noises while attempting to idle.
  18. Hey mate, thanks for sharing your research with us. Sounds like this green top is pretty impressive. What are your plans for the car, and what is your budget? I've heard 10s for $2k is pretty easy if you know what you're doing.
  19. Sorry to say, nobody in Sydney will do that job for $300. If its just a centre bearing replacement, you shouldn't need to get it rebalanced. I can't offer any advice on where to take it to get it done, sorry.
  20. Pistons are irrelevant mate, the rods are the weak point.
  21. Shall do man. Hope your NA head comes through. My tuner was on the phone with Haltech today, so hopefully they provided some insight that most of us don't necessarily have access to
  22. Interesting. My engine builder has done a lot of barras, so hopefully he's put the cam caps on properly... Thanks for funding the troubleshooting for us all haha
  23. So, having the exact same problem with my built motor. Hopefully we can find the issue
  24. Ok, run in tune done. 460rwkw on 15psi gate pressure. Sorry, no dyno sheet, it's just a run in to make sure everything is working as it should. Small issue they're working through is idle breaking down when it hits a certain temp. Sounds a lot like the problem another member was having with the cam phasers, and possibly a result of oil pressure related to clearances. We shall see Keen to see what it will make on 25psi+
  25. It definitely doesn't sound good does it!
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