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  1. 349.1 rwkw 2005 BF

    Well this is what I was thinking that he was wrong ! Oh well I'm hoping mine can last at the power it's at ! I don't give the car much so let's hope that works in my favour ! I'm assuming that my bottom end is about on the limit of what they can hold ?
  2. 349.1 rwkw 2005 BF

    Well that's what I thought . He told me he's pulled plenty of these apart and all bf's have the same rods . Hopefully some of the guys with some know how can chime in on this ?
  3. 349.1 rwkw 2005 BF

    The jet looks tuff in that green I Rkn !! When I spoke to Bruce about which BF gets stronger rods and so forth he said that was all rubbish and all bf's xr6t mk1 or mk2 get the stronger rods . He said he's pulled them both apart and they are the same ? What you guys think ?
  4. 349.1 rwkw 2005 BF

    Oh I see ! All good mate I do like that plate though I didn't know what to have as my name so I thought Barra . Then 747 jet so put them together haha
  5. 349.1 rwkw 2005 BF

    Yeah with the engine still in the car . Modifying housing and installing gears supplied and fitted $1200! Nah mate I wish I really like Mercury silver ! Mines Narooma blue , I don't see many my colour going around here in Adelaide
  6. 349.1 rwkw 2005 BF

    Supp guys . Called up Heinrich my tuner today to ask question about getting a billet oil pump installed . He reccomend to get billet oil pump gears and he said he would modify the housing and fit the billet gears in there . He said supplied with the gears and his labour fitting and modifying $1200 . How does this sound guys ? Most people have said just to buy the atomic oil pump but Bruce said its just as good this way . I'll Probly get the billet gears from Atomic for him to fit.
  7. 349.1 rwkw 2005 BF

    Wow lots of $$$ he works at bursons here in Adelaide they are a car parts place. They have accounts with a lot of places . He could get me $500 of a full exhaust turbo back from X force so hopefully he can get the oil pump cheaper aswell ! What billet oil pump do you guys reccomend ?
  8. 349.1 rwkw 2005 BF

    Haha I sure did !! Few nice powerskidz feeling much better now what's the rough price on a billet oil pump supplied and fitted !! I do have a mate who ls a mechanic that does work quite cheap for me so I hope he can help me out !!
  9. 349.1 rwkw 2005 BF

    Hey guys . Thanks to you all for your help !! Some of you guys are quite smart . I now feel better about my tune knowing that it's all good !! 1st 2nd 3rd power skids ! Great fun !! I'm taking it abit easier then I want as I don't have a billet oil pump which will go in soon . What oil pump would you guys reccomend ? Cheers Steve
  10. 349.1 rwkw 2005 BF

    Yes I do have the dyno graph but only the one with kW and nm no psi on it . Standard waste gate and actuator aswell . I'm not sure to be honest . He did mention to me that boost spikes to 16 psi for a split second then stays at 14.5 psi untill basically red line ? If I could get this dyno graph up it would help but I'm not too smart haha
  11. 349.1 rwkw 2005 BF

    Okay thankyou I'll have to figure it out I'm no good at all with these things !! Haha . Well anyway my main issue is it hit peak nm torque quick quick when on boost then it drops off by a fair bit by red line ? Is this normal . ? Also with that power do I require a surge tank ?
  12. 349.1 rwkw 2005 BF

    sweet thanks . I'm using my iPhone so is it any different on the iPhone ?
  13. 349.1 rwkw 2005 BF

    Thankyou rob I wanted to use the injectors you mentioned but my tuners uses the dekkas so I went with what he suggested ! 114,xxx on it atm . Just regular survicing and earls oil filer that's all for for the maintainance . Will be getting the zf 6 speed serviced very soon
  14. 349.1 rwkw 2005 BF

    Can't seem to figure out how to post my pics ?
  15. 349.1 rwkw 2005 BF

    Thanks mate let's hope he can sort it out ! What mods do you have for your power and what psi? Mine set to around 14.5 psi ? I've seen a lot of xr6t with similar power with much more nm of torque that's why I've asked haha . Foot down in 1st 2'nd 3rd and wheel spin so I guess it goes well I will post some pics up when I figure out how too

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