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  1. I managed to get to the drag strip yesterday and take her for pre-engine upgrades and tune baseline times. It was a hot day by NZ standards and she ran a 13.2 on every one of the 6 runs, so very consistent bit never quite breaking out of the 108pmh speed. My 60's were not great sitting in the 2.2s and while happy with the time for a basically stock beast I cannot help wonder if the turbo side intake and bigger cooler may have been holding the factory tune back? My plan is to get over to AU in the next month or two, or find a friend heading over sooner, and collect the new turbo, injectors, pump and tuner from @JETURBO who has pulled together a shopping list for me and hooking me up with a deal.
  2. Hi, Thread to track my G6E Turbo build - not sure if im going for a stealth F6E replica or radical F6 yet.... either way will be money I will not get back but will sink for the love of the icon I grew up with. I have owned and modified many Falcons in my time, this is the last and Im sure will be the best. To date: - Very straight 1 owner 80,000km example - mint interior also. - Factory 19's balance up Ok but have life experience showing. - Found and installed a reasonable price Turbo side intake kit. - Brought back to NZ and installed a Plazmamn 700hp intercooler and full piping kit including- throttle body pipe. - Dropped some big NZ coin to get DBA discs + Brembo pads front and rear, and did braided lines in front at the same time. - Next I did an XR8 bonnet - Just finished Kings SL and SSL springs and Bilstein Shocks all round. - New nolathan rear bump stops. All work was done by me so far, professional wheel alignment due this weekend. Aftermarket FPV kit just arrived from AU - Front and rear bars plus side skirts. Not really sure this is a good idea yet but have an outcome in mind and need these to deliver so away we go. Pic so far:
  3. @treay81 Thanks for replying, I am pricing up some billys now - where you running King springs and was it L front and SL rear or SL/SSL set up? thanks again.
  4. Hopefully its OK to post this question in this section as its the G6E I'm specifically asking about. Has anyone achieved the holy grail of a nice low stance without messing up the ride quality of the G6E? I am interested in owners past and present experience and setups and what they would and wouldn't do again. This is not a track car, its a very quick streeter that needs a better Stance but this is the second one I have owned, I did King SSL and SSSL on factory 18s in the last one and sure it looked and handled better but it lost a lot of the comfort... maybe needed shocks replaced too?
  5. Hi - Just got one including piping and completed install. Have made a post in the G6E section. Great kit and you do need to cut out a chunk of the black plastic, other than that it bolts up nicely. Will do another post once I have finished build and tune.
  6. Just for anyone interested or who is going to do one themselves thought I would just make a quick post closing out my install and experience. First - Big thanks to the guys ay Plazmaman who fast-tracked my order and got it to my Hotel in plenty of time for me to collect on my short visit to Sydney. I was an extra needy emailer trying to ensure I had everything lined up as I don't get across the ditch often and was trying to save some coin buying direct and bringing it back us luggage. Great service, packaging, communication, and the product is very high quality. I had a couple of tuners tell me to splash out on the 800hp which I would of if I wasn't trying to get it back into NZ in luggage, the extra size and weight was making me nervous and at the end of the day my plans for this build are well supported with the 700hp flow. Install experience was OK, I haven't done a swap before and the lessons learned: 1. Headlights need to come out to get the pipes in/out 2. There is cutting of the plastic bar required, more than expected 3. It will fit nicely over the air con cooler, once you have cut enough plastic bar 4. You don't use the original mounting brackets, although it looks like you should as the rubber bushes fit in nicely, once again if you cut enough plastic it lines up perfectly with the factory mount points for the OEM brackets and you can bolt it up nice and tight. 5. The piping kit was the easy bit and great quality too - I went with the throttle body elbow and already have a turbo side cold air so looking good. Happy to answer any questions or share closer pics if another newb lands on this post and wants a little help.
  7. I have the same question - did you have any luck with answers or pull the trigger on one yourself?

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