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  1. Hi All heres the dyno sheet for the new car does it look ok ?
  2. Hi, All, Dave here from CHCH NZ , I recently got hold of a XR6 Turbo 2011 Lux Pack First ever turbo, have previously owned a few V8's but this thing seems to have a truckload of power "Love IT" Reason I bought this car was I have always wanted to have a go down the 1/4 mile and getting older thought I had better get on to it It has had a few mods done by previous owner and I have a dynosheet showing about 360rwkw Previous owner says it is tuned to 16 PSI Boost Have only owned this car a couple of months and been busy at work so only just now starting to have a look at it closely and see what else I want to do or things I should be doing Heres a list of the mods done by previous owner , I don't have a lot of detail unfortunately 4in turbo back x force exhaust Plasmaman 800hp intercooler and piping Heavy duty billet oil pump gears and timing chain and tensioner Heavy duty valve springs Ported wastegate Turbo smart wastegate actuator Upgraded injectors and spark plugs K&N air filter After looking through some of the forums I am a little concerned as it has not had a fuel pump upgrade I was thinking maybe a Walbro 460 intank kit , I would like to get the complete kit just to drop in but the Aus supplier wont ship to NZ so will keep looking Also maybe a Battery relocation and turbo side intake And some gauges wideband, boost , Oil pressure Hoping to learn all about these cars as my knowledge is pretty limited so any thoughts, advice, comments would be very much appreciated Cheers Dave

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