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  1. Happy Birthday [XRS1X]!

  2. Happy Birthday [XRS1X]!

  3. Happy Birthday [XRS1X]!

  4. Happy Birthday [XRS1X]!

  5. Well factoring that most people will have an AUX input and perhaps a booster we wont be including that in the kit but in the instance where people dont have it ill post an appropriate ebay link (wont be me selling them). The kit will have no audio quality loss (from what we have managed to test) from any aux input to cars audio on standard premium sound. Im guessing if youve got a system youll get better sound
  6. Hey guys for those still interested just as an update. We are still waiting for some test parts to come in from china to develop our prototype. Due to the limited capabilities of the iPhone 3G/S there will we be developing 2 kits one for the iPhone 4 which we hope will be significantly cheaper than the kit for the iPhone 3G/S. For those like myself who have factory satnav and want to keep this feature you will also need to purchase a bypass kit. Personally I have ditched the factory nav in favour for the iphone and the TomTom app as it is easier and cheaper to keep the maps up-to-date. We are still a couple of weeks off what we want to do, having said that we could have a kit tomorrow but it is going to be much more expensive than what were looking at putting together. Cheers
  7. Hey guys just an update: Were currently working on 2 kits: Ones going to be more a low cost kit which will give you what you see on the YouTube video. Video to icc + screen overlay + mimics module. This will not offer reverse camera or factory navigation compatibility (realistically who will use this if they have an iPhone with tomtom app). The second kit will offer compatibility for reverse camera and satnav but obviously be more expensive. Spook your on the right track but your looking at paying around $700 plus all the soldering involved and headache with the calibration of the screen. If you can hold out a couple of weeks when we have got everything fine tuned you may look at a saving of a couple of hundred dollars if what we are researching actually works, which it should. For those with FGs at this stage we are going to trial this with the BA/BF and see how it fares and if we get a pretty positive reaction we will look at developing a kit for the FG The setup will utilize the AUX for sound output and the screen of the iPhone can actually be reduced to fit the screen for those who are interested. Just watch this space for updates and if your interested leave a post and I will contact you once the kit has been finalized
  8. Yeah after spooks post I quizzed him about it and he opened up and explained everything to me and how it works and that it was infact the mimics module he was using. He is looking to make a kit which will be plug and play which will involve no soldering (good for people like me) but he is still looking for places to source parts from to keep the cost to a minimum. He said the main issue he had was the calibrating of the screen but he had found an easy way of doing it and would have screens Pre-calibrated before sending them out. As we have got about 5 people expressing there interest he is going to get a formal price of the cost involved. Once his figured it out I'll post it on here for whoevers interested and they can go from there
  9. I usually wait for there to be a jailbreak available on the jailbreakme.com website because this is the easiest way by far. If your firmware is too recent then the best way if there is a jailbreak available would be to do a search on YouTube "iPhone jailbreak and firmware version"
  10. Yep that's correct will only work on color factory screens given the requirement for video output. Didnt have to cut anything at all on this install. The touchscreen I purchased off ebay was $60 and fit straight in but we are looking at alternatives to keep the cost of the overall project affordable. ASL offer a kit which costs about $400 and will just give you video output with no touchscreen capabilities. The kit we will be working on will do both. From what my friend has shared our biggest cost is put down to the communcation channel between the screen and the iphone. However while it will be a bit more expensive than the ASL package (by a couple of hundred dollars as a ballpark) you will get much more bang for your buck. Like I said I really dont know much about the technical side of things and the end kit wont be produced to make money on products rather time invested forming them. We are just merely trying to pass on this brilliant idea on with other people who like myself are really that technically savvy sure am! really only jailbroke to setup this project. will never look back, the phone has so much capabilities.
  11. Thanks guys. Yeah I did the overlay and rgb kit myself but could never figure the communication channel between the overlay and the phone (which is where my friend came in). I also found out that where I had originally sourced my rgb box and overlay from that I was charged a significant premium. Like everyone else I want to justify the outlay for the result. If there is a interest I will urge my friend to develop a kit designed specially for the BA/BF falcon because installing this for the first time took over 2 days, with the right cables and a bit of know how can't see why it can't be done in about 2 hours. As for the android as I am unsure of it's software capabilities I really can't give you a definite yes or know but if it has got a video out and rotational software I honestly can't see why not. If anyone is interested in this let me know and once all the fine tuning and bugs are sorted I will look to get a kit realease given there is enough interest
  12. Gday guys, So after being content with the performance modifications I had made to my car it was time to work on a new project and more on the cosmetic side of things. For years I have read several posters share their innovative ideas and things they have done in the audiovisual department and the capabilities that the standard ICC has to offer. I had been contemplating following the trend and doing a full incar pc setup running centrafuse but after seeing the outlay required I could not really justify this option. It so happens that like most people these days I happen to have an iphone and since having this device I barely used my PC so thought if it would be amazing if somehow I could incorporate the iphone into the ICC. After months on end of research I hadn’t had much luck. I passed my idea on to a technical minded friend and he has come up with the ultimate solution, As per the youtube video I can now not only output my iPhone’s video onto the screen but I can also control the screen. My friend is reluctant to share the technology behind what he has done but he has said he will look into developing a plug a play kit for anyone who is interested. At the moment it still needs some fine-tuning but you can see the potential of the project.
  13. Happy Birthday [XRS1X]!

  14. Congrats James, must feel awesome now. Well done to the Pit Lane Crew again continually producing the goods
  15. - Transcooler - DEKA Injectors _ Rapid Systems V3 Intake - X-Force 3' Exhaust Standard valve springs and drivetrain copped a beating due to the harshness of the tune though
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