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  1. D21

    Turbo to n/a

    I was wondering if it was possible and what can I do to turn a b series xr6t into a n/a other than the obvious?
  2. Looking to get a catback system that sounds good but isn't too loud, any suggestions? Preferably fit within the 90 decibel limit. Thanks in advance
  3. Hi Guys and Gals, As requested by some mates of mine, I've taken some videos and photos of my 2009 FG XR6T Ex VICPOL HWP to show some of the differences and ways to spot an ex police car including the dual battery system in the boot. Feel free to click on the advertisements Comment/Rate/Subscribe! First is a video of the interior modifications and things such as where the gun rubs on the seat etc: Second is the dual battery system and modifications in the engine bay: Third is the dual battery system and modifications to the boot: Photos are self explanatory. Exterior Interior Differences
  4. Gday, bought a FG XR6 N/A a little while ago, was going to buy a cat back exhaust and wondering on everyone's thought on the best sounding for the N/A. I heard that a 3" doesn't sound good and 2" isn't loud enough soo I was going to go a 2.5" but thought id ask for opinions Thanks.
  5. Hi Guys, I am in the process of developing a paddle gear shift setup (pretty close to complete) for the FG Falcon auto gearbox. I have had the prototype working well in my car for about a year tweaking paddle shape, switch mechanism design etc. I need to get an idea of paddle (the bit that you touch) powdercoat colours that would be suitable as I have seen a couple of different vehicle interior colour schemes. My XR6 Turbo has silver trim so silver or maybe just black would be suitable. I have a friend that has a G6E that has gloss black trim where the silver bits are on my car so I would think black would be suitable in his case. I did a set in Gloss black but I didn't like the look of it. The set in the photos below (with white background) are powdercoated Satin Black which I quite like (probably hard to tell from the photos though). I will pre-empt questions about why the paddles are stationary rather than rotating with the wheel. The simple answer is that there is just not enough room between the steering wheel rim and the indicator and wiper stalks especially when they are pulled (high beam and wash) where the stalks almost touch the back of the steering wheel. I figured it is good enough for the following exotic cars so our humble Falcons should be OK with it: Ferrari F12, 458, 488, 599 Aston Martin DB11 Lamborghini Merchialago Lamborghini Aventador (I am sure there are more, these are just the ones I have noticed) There are also a couple of photos of an older prototype installed on my car. Any suggestions of paddle colours would be great or any other feedback.
  6. I've got the dreaded spoiler bolt hole rust and have the chance at a clean Fairmont lid and need to know if its a direct fit to the XR6 sedans? I'm not sure if the taillight sizes are different and cause it to not match up or something along those lines. I've already got ghia leather interior with chrome door handles so the chrome boot garnish will feel at home 😆 Cheers legends
  7. Hi guys, I'm a newbie to Performance Upgrades, so I thought I'd get some ideas from some of you experienced performance junkies. I have recently bought a BA XR6 that has already had Stage 3 cams fitted, oversized injectors, extractors, an X-Force exhaust and lowered about an inch and a half. It was performance tuned by a reputable company and dyno'd at just under 300hp. So it's no slouch. It needs some repairs done, rear struts/shocks, diff, one of the front bearings sounds like it's on its way out and some fibreglass needs some loving on front and rear bumpers. And an idling problem (surging revs and stalling on occasions) which I will hopefully have sorted over the next week. What I want to know is, aside from the obvious turbo upgrade, what else can I do to it to give it that extra VROOOM I love?? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated 👍
  8. Hi all, might possibly be in wrong topic. I was wondering if some one could possibly tell me the difference in a barra between a non xr, xr6, and a xr6t, apart from the obvious turbo lol. Cheers
  9. Alright guys, before you get straight to judging I have done this kinda of thing before but never on an XR6. So the plan is: Start with a stock XR6, get straight in with an engine rebuilt (forged everything, the works). Chuck the turbos on (obviously with slightly more care than "chuck"). With the extra power it would be making brake, clutch, intercooler, suspension and transmission (maybe?) upgrades are a must. What I want to get from you guys is both you're opinion on this plan (plus anything I've left out [minor things are just expected]) and opinions/advice on components within this plan (parts, any extra work needed). Plus anything from anyone who has twin turbo'd an XR6 before would be much appreciated.
  10. Hi there, I have a 2006 BF XR6 Falcon. All of a sudden my cluster and park lights stopped working.. My indicators, low/high beam and break lights work fine, pulled all fuses and checked them and all was good? Also I seen some other forums about this issue and seen that the combination switch are a common issue, so I checked that and didnt see any stripped/cut wires on the sharp turn of the green clip that pushes into the socket above the ignition and down the rest of the wires? Quite stumped tbh...Does anyone know what or if theres a fuse for the parking lights? Found the cluster fuse too but that was fine. Cheers & thanks Levi
  11. I have a 2007 XR6 BF MK2 Ford Falcon and I want to change the colour of the dash from blue to green, same with the headunit. Is either possible and if so are there any tutorials, tips or where to get the LED's to do so. Thanks.
  12. Hey guys just wondering if anyone knows where I'd get a set of black sun visors and map reading lights for my fg sedan or knows the best way to do it myself, can't find them anywhere. Thanks
  13. Hey guys looking for some advice. I converted my BA to a 6 speed manual and am about to wire up a reverse lockout solenoid Control box that actives under 8 kmh. The control box requires input from the vehicle speed sensor VSS. Some cars have this on the gearbox. But with the falcon the speed reads off the wheel bearings and into the abs? Can I tap into the two wire speed sensor from the back of the wheel for my VSS? Will abs affect any of this? Cheers http://www.grcperformance.com/Instructions/Reverse Lockout.pdf Attached is the instructions. Last page has the wiring diagram
  14. It’s not turbo. Not looking for a faster option just what will make the car sound better
  15. Hi guy first time car owner was just after suggestions on mods I can add to my 2014 fg falcon xr6. Now bare with me as I’m slowly but surely get a lil car savy lol but any advice would be great PS I see in other forums something called a CAT so anything like that if u could put it in lamen terms that would be great cheers in advance
  16. Hey guys does anyone have any idea how to pop the hood on a 2006 bf xr6 the hood release cable has snapped completely clean the cable including the little ball on the end of the cable have ripped out I've tried everything thanks
  17. Hey guys & gals, I’ve had this 08’ FG XR6 for about 10 months .. no probs with the stereo until recently, started cutting out on bass notes, be it from the CD, radio music & even station ads , been doing it for about a week and now finally died .. note I don’t crank the volume high, & it has a sub box in the boot which still works when the head unit cuts out.. any ideas people?
  18. I have recently bought a 2012 Ford Falcon XR6 Turbo and I have some issues with fault codes. Whenever I start the car I always get the DSC and System Comms faults, non of my cars drivability is effected although it is quite annoying having my dash light up like a bloody christmas tree. The guy I bought it off said they just need to be cleared by Ford so I hope that's just the case. I also sometimes randomly get a Check Engine fault. Sometimes I drive and don't get the issue, sometimes it comes up when I start the car or sometimes 15 minutes into a trip. Previous owner said that is happening due to the DSC and System Comms fault although Im worried it is something more. I also get the RSS fault at times although I think its just dust clogging a sensor most likely. My car always drives the same and sounds the same although are these faults something I need to worry about? My car has been tuned and is running 460rwhp so could that be a reason all these faults have occurred with the car? Also the car had these issues when I bought it so lets hope I haven't bought a lemon, the bloke also reckons I just need to get the codes cleared by Ford, is this true or could there be more lying behind the faults. Sorry for long post, thanks.
  19. Hi all, I'm new here and could really use some help. I have a 2008 FG XR6 Turbo with 240000km on it. It has the ZF six speed. For a while now it has been running a bit weird. I will be driving, mostly when it's cold or warm and it will make a weird kinda vibration noise, revs will drop by approx. 400-500rpm for the duration of the vibration. It will do this up to 7 times. It is intermittent and each vibration lasts for approx 0.5-1 second each time. I have googled it and even bought a Bosch OBDII reader and it came up briefly with trouble code P0133 . I have replaced the o2 sensor and it fixed the issue for a day. I found that the hose that runs from the PCV valve was snapped, so I replaced it with some fuel line hose and it fixed the issue for 2 days before starting. All the manifold bolts are tight and I even checked it for leaks and found nothing. It doesn't do it while on boost, only while on vacuum. Turbo has minimal play for a car of it's age. It is starting to do my head in. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  20. Hey fellas, Diff in my BF XR6 Ute had started doing some whine and I am planning on swapping it. Just need some advice. It has the 3:45 LSD with the one piece tailshaft. I purchased another complete diff *wheel to wheel* from the BF XR6 Turbo ute which is the 3:46 LSD and it had the 2 piece tailshaft. Now, the yoke is different obviously and caliper, rotor size etc. Will it fit if I just carry over the yoke from my diff onto the 3:46? Cheers
  21. Hey I Brought A Futura With A XR6 Turbo Motor Converted Into It. Drives Fine But It When It Goes Into Boost It Feels Like It Starts Going Into Boost Then Stops And Shudders Like Traction Controls Is On Or Something And Don't Feel Like Boost Is Even On Any Ideas On What's Happening And There Are A Few Vacuum Lines I Don't Know Where They Go Will Add Pics
  22. Hi everyone, I’m new to this forum, lifetime ford owner, paraplegic hoon and just recently Xr6 turbo owner! I’ve just bought a 2004 Xr6 turbo with 190,000 km’s on the clock, it’s been well maintained and feels and sounds healthy. There are things I replace on any car I buy like air filter, plugs, coil pack etc but I want to know what everyone on this forum recommends I do to the car. I did see on another forum they said something about using genuine coil packs and lubing the Wastegate?? Any help would be much apreciated??
  23. Hi there needing some knowledge and advice, I've got a 2003 ford ba xr6 turbo auto. I've owned it for around 2 and a half years now and it's always had problems, biggest one is when you put your foot down and hold boost for more than 3 or for seconds it starts to shudder really bad and go into like a limp or safety mode and wants to conk out, only way to stop it doing it is to feather the accelerator numerous times then goes back to normal. No engine lights come up or anything of that sort. I had the spark plugs and Coils changed when I first got it, changed the wastegate, that fixed it for a coupe days then went back to sh*t, changed the wastegate solenoid came good for a few days then went to sh*t again, it started popping and backfiring and over boosting so I changed both map sensors helped it a fair amount but still pops and misses under heavy load and goes into that safety mode again when I hold boost. Really need help and advice on what It could be. Maybe the computer needs a tune or something? Maybe the wastegate flapper isn't opening fully.? It's all stock standard besides a rear muffler delete.. If anyone can help it'd be much appreciated
  24. Hi guys, just done my first mod on my 2011 XR6 fg.I ( car was fully stock)... fitted a $650 combo pack from ss inductions including cold air intake and growler. Wondering what other affordable mods I can do apart from fitting a catback exhaust. Looking to increase sound, power, torque ect ( all that good stuff ) Just wanting some feedback on what the next mods I should do. Thanks everyone !
  25. I'm looking at getting a xr6 turbo, preferably 06 and upwards but still the ba/bf body, I want to get 500-550hp to the wheels but I dont know about a couple things and hope some of you know and can help me, 1. I've heard the bf 06 and onwards blocks are the typhoon blocks and are the stronger ones and are better to use? 2. Is the bf or fg engine better? Is the head different on the fg or what are the differences between the bf and fg block and head. 3. Can you put a t5 manual trans on a fg turbo engine? Then put that in the ba/bf body. 4. Any recommendations for the following parts? - forged pistons and rods to handle 800hp+ Valves and valve springs -what bottom end stuff like bearings ect would suit this kind of power? - could a fg head go onto the bf "typhoon block? Much appreciate any advice or comments that can answer these questions!!
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