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  1. they didn’t actually give me a figure just said it be a sh*tload cheaper to put a 2hand one in, I’m in Timaru only really one shop that does transmissions, tbh I’m going to sell it after it’s sorted, Day after all this happened partner told me she was pregnant lol
  2. wow haha thanks mate, a lot of good info there, some I'm pretty much better off only really looking for one from a FG onwards really, have seen a couple in nz for sale with 200-211xxx km, think ill see if I cvan find a lower km one 1st lol did see a full FG manual kit pop up for sale last night, only 7.5k for it lololol
  3. thank you for the info some did say they have a fg trans with 60xxxkm for 700 but seems to good to be true, Facebook is so full of scams
  4. Does any one know if a bf xr6t zf would work in a fg xr6 t? Or does it need to be a fg one? Found a bf one for 1600nzd with 120xxx
  5. such bad timing hahah, friday night the trans cooler craped out, then the saturday the GF tells me shes knocked up lol oh well, any selling a zf for a fg in new zealand????????????? 🤣🤣
  6. workshop rung and said he took it for a drive and the torque converter is on its way out, he said the gearbox will be as well 🙃
  7. hi mate sorry for late reply there was some coolant mixed with the oil when they flushed it, they said there was more oil in the coolant than coolant in the trans, booked back in today, going to get them to check to oil level and take it for a drive and see what they think, then go from there, guessing if its worse case ill try get a 2nd hand gearbox over a rebuild
  8. cheers mate ill ring up and book it in, can the oil level drop after a drive or 2? https://imgur.com/dbTF86V - video of the revs
  9. looks like I may of not been so lucky, 1st few drives were sweet, gearbox felt better than before, but this morning when I was driving to work the revs were jumping around quite abit, will see how I go after work, just my luck lol
  10. Will do, I did flush all the cooling System straight away, was just the trans part I wasn’t confident in, here’s hoping
  11. update, got the car back, they flushed everything replaced trans cooler, and car drives amazing, gear changes feel smoother than before, looks like I got lucky
  12. Yeah lots of things I could of done better, got the car back, they flushed everything replaced trans cooler, and car drives amazing, gear changes feel smoother than before, looks like I got lucky
  13. have been looking at other bypass's etc, think ill stick to stock for now and just get the car up and running then look at it again
  14. hay guys looking at getting a 2nd ZF out of a 2009 ge6T 90,xxxkm, guy has a built gearbox but is going in a different direction with his car, atm valve body and convertor are in the car with his built gearbox question is can I use the valve body and convertor from my gearbox or would they be stuffed from the coolant and trans oil mixing? car is going in on thursday for them to pull it apart but pretty sure its stuffed, when I we checked the oil line on the trans cooler it was pretty much all coolant 😒 im thinking it might be cheaper to buy the 2nd hand ZF ( 1200 nzd without the valve body and convertor or 1600 nzd with them ( would have to wait 2 weeks for him to remove them from car ) than for them to muck around pulling part mine and doing flushes etc is there anything else I should be aware of? sorry if they are dumb questions, any feedback is welcome
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