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  1. cheers guys will look into this over the weekend, would I need to go to ford to get new o rings or does supercheap/repco have them?
  2. Is that some what easy to do?
  3. hiya, sorry 1st photo wasnt very clear have a look at this one https://imgur.com/a/EyarqKg its not the flexible pipe
  4. Hiya’ just Noticed a week or two ago that I’m leaking just below the thermostat, can I drain the fluid and try undo the bolt and redo it up to see if it stops it leaking? also thinking about replacing the thermostat, car has just done 180000km so was planning on cleaning out all the radiator fluid
  5. cheers guys think ill get this one https://mackielecindustries.com.au/products/fg-fgx-turboside-intake-battery-relocation-kitis iot worth trying to do this myself?? never really done any work on a car before, or should I just take to shop lol
  6. hi guys after some advice isd there any real difference between those kits apart from price? its for a 2009 FG xr6 turbo https://plazmaman.com/product/fg-battery-relocation-4-intake-combo/ https://mackielecindustries.com.au/products/fg-fgx-turboside-intake-battery-relocation-kit https://www.xr6turbodevelopments.com.au/xr6turbodevelopments-for-ford-fg-3-inch-turbo-side https://antzperformance.com.au/product/fg-xr6-turbo-turbo-side-intake-and-passenger-battery-relocation-kit-full/ cheers
  7. R ichard

    oil leak?

    hiya what do you think the cause of this would be?, should I get it checked asap?
  8. is there much difference between the 3.5 and 4? only one I can find is the link above, also how ya think this would look? https://spoilers.co.nz/shop-product-view/cat-156/prod-522/title-falcon-fg-vented-bonnet
  9. im in timaru ( which is a small town, we have 2 NPD's which 100 im looking at ordering this https://www.nzperformance.co.nz/categories/exhaust-system/x-force-exhaust-systems/ford/xforce-falcon-sedan-fg-xr6-turbo-exhaust-kit-4-spe?gn=Ford&gp=7 also do you think its worth getting those headers or the stock ones ok? https://www.nzperformance.co.nz/categories/exhaust-system/x-force-exhaust-systems/ford/xforce-falcon-ba-bf-fg-xr6-exhaust-headers?gn=Ford&gp=3
  10. have both in town, is 100 better than 98? have tried googling it but not really clear cut lol
  11. when I get it tuned do you think I should get it tuned on BP 98 or NPD 100?
  12. cheers mate, I hear I should do the Turbo Oil Feed Line as well
  13. bit of both, its quite tidy, will save up for a few months and plan out what I wana do 1st
  14. believe its called dash green, 170,xxx, just has lowing springs and nice wheels for some reason it wont let me upload a pic
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