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  1. one I got looks good, so we ended up replacing the water pump, the idler and also the tensioner, the tensioner roller/pulley had started to delaminate so thought might as well replace it while we there, rather pend the money and do it all right the 1st time lol
  2. pretty much lol should of just hit the dam cat lol nah guess its not to bad lol price of pump is cheap so might as well replace it as well,
  3. this the correct water pump for a FG xr6 turbo? https://www.repco.co.nz/en/parts-service/cooling/water-pumps/true-flow-water-pump-with-pulley-heavy-duty-bearings-seals-oem-quality-2-year-warranty-tf2079p/p/A1262162?kwSearch=shop_this_vehicle think your right the pully for the water pump is f*&$ed
  4. hi guys last night I'm was driving in town and had to hard swerve to avoid hitting a cat on the road, 10 sec after that I lost power steering so drove home with was only a min away, just as I got home the temp gauge hit max and there was a battery error on screen which im getting is because the belt came off, reckon a new belt will be all that's needed or do you think I might of damaged the engine or water pump etc, in hind sight I should of pulled over when it happen, will get a new belt tomorrow and get a mate to help me change it but just thought id ask you guys on your opinion
  5. steel one id paint dash green, carbon one wouldnt be painted lol,
  6. hi guys looking at getting a xr8 bonnet for my 09 xr6 turbo, can get a steel one and get it painted or I can get this carbon fiber one https://bodykitkingdom.com.au/collections/frontpage/products/carbon-fiber-bonnet-with-garnish-fg-falcon what do you guys think would look nicer? price is pretty close between them cheers
  7. looking at getting a xr8 bonnet for my xr6 turbo, anything wrong with those? https://www.ctponline.co.nz/products/2569428-1 people always say its hard to find bonnets for the FG's
  8. well wasnt as bad as what I thought itd be, especially for some one who has never done any work on a car before lol, I used a cleaning flush kit for a few days, drained and flushed it all out, replaced the thermostat/seal and oil ring, pipe I had to pull out to replace the o ring was a Bit*h lol, green o-ring was f**ked cheers for everyone's help, was good doing the work myself
  9. had to order the oring in, got the oil ring, new thermostat and seal today, going to put a cleaner though the cooling lines for a few days and do it all on the weekend
  10. cheers guys will look into this over the weekend, would I need to go to ford to get new o rings or does supercheap/repco have them?
  11. Is that some what easy to do?
  12. hiya, sorry 1st photo wasnt very clear have a look at this one https://imgur.com/a/EyarqKg its not the flexible pipe
  13. Hiya’ just Noticed a week or two ago that I’m leaking just below the thermostat, can I drain the fluid and try undo the bolt and redo it up to see if it stops it leaking? also thinking about replacing the thermostat, car has just done 180000km so was planning on cleaning out all the radiator fluid
  14. cheers guys think ill get this one https://mackielecindustries.com.au/products/fg-fgx-turboside-intake-battery-relocation-kitis iot worth trying to do this myself?? never really done any work on a car before, or should I just take to shop lol
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