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  1. Hello.. anyone home. God is back
  2. Pazzo

    Good to be back.

    Hey Jet still tooning
  3. I train my son now..
  4. Pazzo

    Good to be back.

    Pretty much what my shed looks like Keith lol
  5. Pazzo

    Good to be back.

    Only picked it up 2 weeks ago.. great car .. wife drives it daily now Already looking at new wheels.. Vertini semi forged
  6. Pazzo

    Good to be back.

    Nah that's to much effort.. had alot of time on my hands back then, not so much these days.
  7. Pazzo

    Good to be back.

    Keith I have seeked help and won't be abusing anyone well anyone who dont deserve it.. btw Keith I miss you, haven't seen you in a while
  8. Pazzo

    Good to be back.

    Off course Keith it does.. I was a integral part of this community and living legend.
  9. Hello everyone... it's great to be back.. miss you all long time. Sold the ute and bought a Volvo S60 polestar 2016 model.. still have the wife bf mk 2 Turbo and I sill have a 9.5" pen*s... but with old age I think it's down to 9.4inches
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