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  1. both componies gave the same car of the year was more a statement really
  2. didnt wheels give the everest car of the year?
  3. anyone got a idea where to get Genuine Ford BA Falcon Drive Belt from? ba falcon n.a
  4. im losing bone density etc, lost all my muscle mass from not going gym, physical work, long days and not eating enough. 😞
  5. no costco where I am had one near my house in Melbourne, never used it. didnt see any value or savings.
  6. ha I need more than peanut butter I think I studied all this shiz long time ago, I dont need a dr to tell me if im in the correct bmi
  7. well sad news....I dipped under 70kg this weekend for the first time since finishing high school in 2005. for reference , before my daughter was born 6 years ago I bulked up and hit 80 ish kg. I look frail and ill 😞
  8. mms makes photos and videos into nokia 3310 quality
  9. that's what I yelled out too haha punched in half the bumper to the chassis lucky it was my other ford and not my ute but still.
  10. someone reversing into my car and driving off 😕
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