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  1. the work computer did it itself ffs its crap, nothing major seems different really.
  2. well windows 11 sucks they fkd up the start menu yet again. cant find sh*t.
  3. why bother tuning them? for eff all gains. stock is fine.
  4. ok whos selling up there falcon to buy the new ranger> ?
  5. yer I moved to a small country town so even lesser need for 500 kw
  6. maybe so but im really liking the instant spool n boost on tap for putting around town. its always toey ready to go so enjoying it. obviously runs out of puff but up to 150 ish its great. I dont need to go faster than that anymore. already jogged a few F6s in the 400 mark left them for dead up to those speeds.
  7. after getting chopped id leave it in storage too
  8. just installed COD vanguard or whatever its called, has a free MP trial. not bad I liked it, feels a little BF like this one. old WW1/ww2 type guns etc. might play a bit more and buy maybe.
  9. not really much point just doing the intake, do a few other mods at the same time and get it all tuned m8.
  10. the guy across the road from me leaf blows his garage and driveway out every weekend at 7am. eff wit gets up at 6am.
  11. if behind glove box that your fan, take the glove box out, have a look, pull the filter out go from there.
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