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  1. ya muppet I know azza likes the red stuff ive txted him Milwaukee pics of tools before and I know hes a hilti man on building sites. but you do you mate
  2. nice work azza as always didnt know you liked makita so much 😆
  3. yer mate DSR is owned by the boys from Nizpro. you can trust APS good place always packed and busy.
  4. lol fluff, I lost 10kgs when I stopped going to the gym and eating. but your doing so well bloody good job.
  5. not enough calories in that man
  6. if I was down that way 100% APS are the go to. so PITLANE closed for good? didnt see any social media posts about what happened?
  7. if the car is modified ford specialist is best, you get dyno health check etc. more than just a ultra tune special
  8. I moved to country vic there is no one out here but I will head into melb to DSR. its the boys from nizpro. I dunno if anyone uses springy anymore. pit lane seems to be closed. the main ones are DSR J and D seres engineering/dyno Dynomite tunnel vision bluepower maxx APS
  9. yer my job, dont really get a break. lol.
  10. I cannot physically eat enough to gain any weight. ive tried. so I have a shake with protein and extra carbs etc to help reach whatever I need.
  11. wheres everyone getting supps from these days? like protein etc. ? I went to order some stuff and protein I get has gone from 28 per 1kg and is now $35 in a matter of 12 odd months. want to shop around seeing whats out there.
  12. yer nice good on ya glad hwy is back
  13. oh yer there FB is closed and google says temporary closed ? why not head to the boys at DSR ?
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