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  1. just a gimmick keif I think to add a few extra hungee to the price lol
  2. could be lose/corodded or you could have bigger problems liek the bcm? also means something isn't talking to everything else like cluster, BEM, PCM, etc
  3. hopefully by version 10 the bugs are sorted hAHh
  4. kayhan units were terrible in the day, they bring out a new version every few months after everyone buys them and funds there r&d team to fix the bugs. no real other option I think for that big screen upgrade.
  5. my utes been on 3rd party for years now. gets driven twice a year lol
  6. ive seen some use that bowdens paint cleanse and restore product as it has no cut in it.
  7. I won $20 spent over $100 to get it though !
  8. was legit sometimes when I reply the reply doesnt load at the bottom I have to refresh my page for it to load, or is this an only me problem? but my reply processes as it disappears from the message box.
  9. puff you earn too much money whats your secret?
  10. yer sweet as, you wont need a bead blaster though unless your doing truck tyres lol yo might want to get plastic covers for the claws as well for when you have to reverse fit rims or to protect the rims as well when fitting face up.
  11. gee ive been under a rock for a few months came in here to see what azza and fluff been up to and was shocked! miss you guys
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