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  1. ask club fg they do crazy sh*t like that
  2. how the eff was I supposed to know that andy just said ' bought a replacement '
  3. that's ok mate ill keep fluff company
  4. nice keif my Samsung s7 battery wasnt lasting a full day with hardly any use so I also had to replace mine, but I just got a basic Samsung a52 5G. does the job.
  5. not fueling the fire plenty of culprits for their crap on club fg if if your not already on there
  6. stuff anything kayan make cheap sh*t
  7. go the fpv gauge that way if you sell later on any fpv owner can buy
  8. well dont know what I diked around with but seems to be running again no dreaded blue screen of death wont be getting another pc for the time beeing, got a v8 to play with now as my new money pit. might build another when I get decent nbn, so apparently what ive got is the sh*ttest speeds in vic. fml no more online gaming for me.
  9. yer mate heaps of guys have them havent heard anything bad. they look good with the matching ford logo on the faces!
  10. not the vn ss I wanted but its going to be my toy to fiddle stuff u keif ha ! hold ennn ftw
  11. if you keeping buying falcons you will need it again
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