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  1. just hit 50 000 the other week, only because I relocated from melb to the country
  2. you could get some good year asymetrics 5s I was around 500 kw mark in my ute on 20s, and havent had traction since stock so never really cared much. its a 1950's rear end so semis are the closet thing to grip unfortunately that will work.
  3. bossmang

    Dba t3 5000

    how many rotors do you plan on going through? really only designed for race cars who chew through them. not needed for street cars really so save ya coin.
  4. exciting stuff I knew I shoulda bought an atlas grey one years ago for a few k. 😞
  5. super keen to follow this I know keif will pop in and bitch n moan its a hold en not everyone is obsessed with barras keif
  6. put the kayan unit in the bin when your done sh*t product and service joke of a company using club fg as guinea cops hah!
  7. that's awesome bjc...im trying to think if ive even seen one in the flesh now. 😕
  8. if you want to make some money now is the time to sell up same with the property market, its gone crazy in vic. are we all blaming the covid tax still
  9. adams I bought the 1:18 scale instead ha why a reaction or the wrong place ? was a car related comment which was posted in a car related discussion 😕 you lost me so sit down. cheers admin
  10. anything like vn/vs/vt/vx/vy/vz/ve/vf would love any ss or hsv version in my collection. top of my list is the yellow vs gtsr, vl walky and red vt gts ! so ead
  11. you lost me at the sight of that gtsr dream car 😞
  12. yer seems too cheap I woulda gone higher to weeds out the low ballers
  13. yer you wrote " After a couple of days though......... " then posted a picture wasnt sure what you were reffering to
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