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  1. ooh look forawrd to the new rims
  2. awesome build @boakesautomarine and work azza what wheels and tyres are you going to run for drags etc
  3. yer sorry, just trying to buy is house in country vic is proving harder than we thought. 😕
  4. nothing more funny than your voice when I rang your office and put you on the spot with a random call
  5. only one way to find out give it a crack jo jo !
  6. imagine paying 50k for a yaris
  7. well theres plenty of good options, think before you go a good daily tyre as opposed if your going a weekender tyre if you get another car to daily commute. I work for good year so naturally I would suggest them. the asymmetric 5s are good all rounder for daily for sure. Pilot sports 4s are up there but also goodyear developed a competitor called the supersport and both are very similar and go head to head alot with not much between them, end of the day I say get whichever you get the best deal on. but the goodyear has slightly better wet performance than the pilot sp
  8. s10 to s20 that's dumb no wonder im confused
  9. some guys get an interior trimmer to black it all out, you can buy the stuff in a can as well and diy. some guys buy the black interior and swap themselves then try sell the bone int.
  10. digging up an old thread cause but since when did samsung have s21? I have a s7 where did all the models in-between come and go ?
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