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  1. did you read back 1 post before yours? you will seek your answer.
  2. gee that car has got around in its life, didnt know it went all over the world then to NZ.
  3. any motor trimmer can do it just google whoever is closest to you. basic job.
  4. I worked in a tyre shop off and on over the last few years and everyone who comes in needing new trailer tyres always asks for second hand ! lol
  5. well... after about 12 years of having my achillies atr tyres on my ute (20s) and still having 90% tread I finally decided to scrap them. shouted myself some fresh falkens for the fronts, the rears are on there way. but my god the achillies were sh*t hated them.
  6. didnt even think too look my bad
  7. well I use a ryobi 18v thing atm I bought a bigger battery thinking it would help with more power but ive got my grass so much thicker and healthier now since we bought the house that the mower struggles and constantly turns off. I got it for it being light and easy on my crook back, but now might have to get a petrol to cut my grass. its only a couch type.
  8. anyone a lawn fanatic and know anything about a good mower?
  9. yer I was cross shopping those as well, already have a 2017 tucson, dont like the new tucsons or sportage. they are just too try hard to be different and they look wack. the cx5s look good, design hasnt changed much its a very old platform now though. I actually test drove a Haval H6 and was really impressed believe it not.
  10. congrats on the new mumma car what were you tossing up between? have you got kids?
  11. wowsers fluff your doing amazing, I dont even recognise you though.
  12. was up early taking down all the xmas lights and decorations today cbf going back to work tomoz 😞
  13. am I the only one who always falls asleep before midnight on nye?
  14. never heard of her before so yes had to google it
  15. I had to google what that chatgpt was
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