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  1. bossmang


    work it out yaself then
  2. bossmang


    hit the nail on the head with that bit alone!
  3. I have 3 cars to cut and polish then ceramic coat..... cbf lol
  4. bossmang


    offer a swap of your ssl springs for factory ones
  5. bossmang


    nothing about coil overs will be comfortable lol put your stock springs back in imo
  6. they definitely help im in regional vic where its 40 often, and they are a must ! but the UV here kills ya paint even quicker so 😞
  7. I thought you guys liked her esp during covid?
  8. bossmang

    VARi brake kits

    well I beat keif plenty times so
  9. bossmang

    VARi brake kits

    done it plenty times mate trying to stop a 2 tonne ute
  10. bossmang

    VARi brake kits

    I dont see the point in big brakes if your only going for little extra power and not racing it? man I still got original brakes and pads rocked 450+++ kw plenty of drags and racing shes fine lol
  11. bossmang

    VARi brake kits

    vari? never heard of her pm brembo pete for great deals that fell off a back of a truck haahahah
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