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  1. keif I use the invision kits have a look
  2. well done fluff I bet you looked and felt amazing. keep up the great work ! love you and azza
  3. well ford wanted 350 bux to do an oil change on my focus. its just a 2010 n/a lol
  4. renting is still expensive though.
  5. bastard, why no mortage? no rent? are you living in your mums basement? lel
  6. your getting paid too much keif all this buying of things
  7. farken keif stop breaking sh*t
  8. yer they show winners but everyone does these raffles these days I just thought they were all scams
  9. oh wow nice to know those raffles are legit !
  10. that's because everyone sold and moved on lol or had kids and got married. or like me and got the eff out of Melbourne
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