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  1. Anyway.....lol. From all of my limited knowledge on water meth it's similar to C16 when 50/50 and using 98oct (or 95? can't fully remember). An upstream nozzle may still be worth it to drop the charge temps unless you are using 100% methanol to wring every last killerwasp out of it but Orlando knows what he's doing and it's an easy mod later if need be. DP is really the way to go now and usage as opposed to 1-2 400cc+ jets pre TB along with progressive controllers makes it easier. Upstream jets are no slouch still and Stathi has proven that before he went to DP. 540kw on an FG with two jets
  2. Yes, if you are using the 1" or wider steel clamps they won't hold, especially on the throttle body as well. Just buy the original style clamps which are more than enough for just the intake and will also take more boost than most engines use (30psi easily for instance)...
  3. Even being almost dry of oil (eg: not fitted to the car) the play is minimal, it moves slightly more but it is still only minor like Keith said. Listen to the turbo (or remove the intake pipe and watch it) spin down to a stop after shutting the engine off and see/hear how quick it stops. My BA when I had it you could hear the bearings but that's normal (imo), my F6X is quieter as I rarely drive it and it's not running 18-21psi on the top end like the BA was. On another note...removing the OEM filter that's in the engine block would be more important imo. Fit an aftermarket line with a filte
  4. Sounds like fun either way. I'll put dibs down on the rear right axle (cv axle/shaft for some) dropping its pills or the transfer case does something with the chain... I'm almost ready to burn mine if it wasn't worth so much atm!
  5. What were your average trans temps during summer if you can remember Puff? Do you still have the rectangle rubber seal from the original IC setup to get good airflow through the transcooler (if it seals on it)?
  6. Extra info... @Puffwagon might be the person to ask as I'm sure he's done it a million times! I will add that my hose was sawn off about 2" up from the plastic screw in bung on the diff. The mechanic and I used a larger piece of hose with the same ID as the original set just mated them together. It was a farking nightmare to say the least!
  7. It's the front diff breather. Wait until it starts spewing oil out on a long trip! Have fun refitting it also as it's virtually impossible to reach with hands... It just sits in the middle of the intake manifold, no fixtures just free floating.
  8. PRP = 1 million dollarydoos...
  9. Let me add by saying that my above reply is not pointed at anyone in this thread. If you think you fit my above criteria then it's only my opinion of you ...
  10. @FGeorge The stock 3576 runs out of puff up higher in the rpm (compressor wheel to small) which is why you'll generally see 300x kw @12-14psi "or so" figures posted but the midrange will have 18psi "or so" tapering off. We are always learning until the day we die mate so the more questions asked, the more can be learnt and hopefully passed on without being a fkhead about it. You also have to understand that some like to keep their knowledge regardless, like it's some sort of secret squirrel and think they are high and mighty over others which is hilarious imo and in saying that, those people
  11. Yes but as I said, everyone gets the same feeling regardless of what it is. New car, new house, new state, job etc etc... Yes, 18psi
  12. Devil's advocate here... If the car has the stock 3576 then don't bother, it'll hit 18psi in the mid and die off up top without being forced to try and hold more boosts for a timely death depending. If it's a 3582 (gt3540) and you want to wind it to "Max Headroom" then you'll need the mod to make use of it or pull timing and be down on power but still have a decent amount of boost going to waste. It's like saying you need headstuds, I understand the tuner pov and path but it's not required until you step way WAY past your power point but not all tuners tune the same, some like boost while ot
  13. Seems Tapatalk doesn't give notices until a fortnight later... My 2 cents was that you should have kept it and donor swapped the goodies to the new coon if you buy one. To late to late now though!
  14. You'd hear a loose flex plate. Diff bushes don't induce a vibration when stopped and in gear. I can't see any leakage from my engine mounts but it could be a bolt left loose somewhere as I've had the front end mostly apart and also completely out once since I've owned it... Does yours still vribrate after the engine and transmission has completely warmed up?
  15. That's the shift I usually don't do unless street light racing as it's the shift that I can get the huge continuous misfire until I get off the throttle... There's a heap of tuned mustangs around now but haven't managed to pull up next to one at the lights yet as they are to busy boy racing through traffic instead!
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