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  1. Yeah I wondered if you had an internal or external gate so that confirms that! My car is running rich atm (LTFT is pulling 15-20%). I'm driving the car daily now on short runs to and from the hospital (5km max each way) so I think I'll swap the O2 for a new one at some point and reflash the tune. The idle seems very low now in the high 500rpm range so shakes the drivers mirror so bad I'm surprised it's still attached lol. Keep the info coming no matter how small as it keeps me happy at the current time. We need engine bay pics also man as you are killing us.... Does SA not celebrate Australi
  2. I get my heat shielding from the wreckers. Territory or falcon at the rear floor has large flat sections of it. The dudes looked at me weirdly the first time and said just take it! It was $10 the next visit so I "borrowed" a few more items...
  3. What size turbine housing are you using for the 7675? I know@Grego.77 had a PT6266 (or 6466?) with internal gate and the first tune from CV Performance on 98oct was 450 ish kw. They just jammed 30 psi in it (plus it was fat as in the AFR) and told him to I <3 Bananas off! That's when he went to CMS. His engine had higher CR due to machinists screwing up...
  4. 450kw putting along! I hope boost is controllable for the ZF's sake.
  5. I've been looking for an alternative since I saw them on KPM's website but they were to exy for me...
  6. Is 40 micron small enough to filter fuel?
  7. Unsure where this fits from the swirlpot but I think it's the return line side of things (looks like a glass BB as a check valve?). My mate and Joe at CMS assumed it was a restriction so they removed it. All lines were upgraded to twin -8 feed and a -8 or 10 return. He had an external surge tank with twin 044's.
  8. Nice and warm down your way and we've had miles over 500mm of rain here with the tropical low just doing circle work... When the sun comes out fmd!
  9. My mechanical Autometer gauge just flings back to zero once it goes past the max value (20psi). Hilarious to watch but not so when the wastegate was temporarily wired shut for testing on a mates car years ago...
  10. Yeah I saw that a while ago but forgot and had the Aeromotive dual phantom in my head as it was done by a bloke on Facebook with a TT and he's in Cairns. Pretty sure he's a mechanic or similar and has been in the racing scene for years. It was to expensive imo and needed modding to the oem tank so I balked at it...
  11. I thought about having the pumps strapped to the outside of the swirlpot with a hose up and over to the bottom to scavenge fuel making the pot large enough for possibly two pumps to feed from but they'd need to have threads on the pump intake like an 044 has for it to work... Maybe Pierburg pumps? It would probably need assembly/strapping from inside the tank due to the opening being small on the tank. I procrastinate a lot!
  12. What's the size of the convoluted fuel hose for the swirlpot@Puffwagon? I've got a couple but not sure of their size or their location now (thanks to the flood)... Do you run a custom swirl pot or just the stock unit? I've seen larger copies online but unsure if our Terry swirlpots are identical to a B or F series??? If it was a easy as removing the back seat like the sedan I'd be laughing but this being the worst car in the history of Ford to work on (someone prove me wrong), it's a drop straps, undo filler, slide the farker forward blah blah blah... And that's not even from experience lol. R
  13. I'm pretty sure that 525 will be struggling for power but that's my opinion. E85 being way more demanding which tells... As for the traction control, yes mine only flashes when launching off the brake and as you said just seems to do nothing that I can noticeably feel. I think I'll just go straight to an external surge tank set up. The hobbs switch is the way to go for sure with multiple pumps. It's a pity you didn't have an external wastegate also to back to back between the two seeing as you are a guinea pig and knowledge base for some of us [emoji3577]
  14. Whilst I'm awake at this ungodly hour and thinking of random garbage and life I have a question... Would leaving the traction control on (the TT or xr6t's) potentially cause oil pump failure when it's activated? I don't have much issue with the TT in the dry even with the traction light flashing (in the wet it's a different story but rarely get rain so can't really remember!) but just wondered if this could cause it also.
  15. Is it the fuel pump or the turbosmart regulator running out of headroom? I assume you did upgrade the fuel pump wiring now? Merry Xmas and happy New Year etc etc...
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