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  1. I can't even update my xcal3 from my laptop so I can use the logging feature. It requires a licensed holder due to my older version.... Local shops want $250 just to update the fckrr which is free normally! I don't use it as I have PCMTEC but want some form of logging without stabbing in the dark or imitating beaker off the muppets.....
  2. Check that the sprockets on the CV axles line up with the abs sensors if it's only just happened since swapping them. I had ebay axles in the Terry and the pressed on sprocket came loose on the front right shaft. Side effects for me were when braking below 20k/hr the abs activated....felt like my teeth were coming loose everytime!
  3. Why not go the IMS diff hat? I know it's expensive but people swear they are the shizzle! Looks easy enough to do the mod. Air tools ftw also....
  4. Grow a choice mullet for 20kw!
  5. How much did you pick that up for PE? The wife picked her brand new CX-5 (GT model?) up yesterday. I had no input but aren't happy. The only question I have is....can I modify it? 2.5lt turbo.
  6. For us in the North the hose is the best fix for a hot veranda. Typically a spray head, sprinkler or cheap 10mt hose sprinkler to save water. Just turn it on when you go outside on the hot days to stop that radiating heat and you'll thank me..... You could also pay for the reflective, sealing paint that some company's do but cost there I'm not sure of? It is magic though after buying my house with it applied to 20yr old tin. I could walk on the roof in summer without shoes (need sunnies or blinded!) and radiating heat from the back was cut down heaps (EG: Winter, 24°C ambient temp, zero cloud, painted gal tin roofing 25°C and unpainted 40°C). This was in an open shed I have off the side of my house. The difference in temp of colourbond I could measure also as I have trimdek sheets left but I'd go with the hose for now and a decent pedestal fan so you aren't blowing hot air around.
  7. Soudal would do the job with no bolts required.....
  8. Are these a short service life item or is he saying that in 5yrs you should have travelled 80-100k km's? Is that an issue being down 10psi? In your case it is but.....
  9. Wouldn't cause issues at high rpm and backlash? How do they break otherwise apart from going brittle like the oil cap for instance?
  10. I swear by the no cat rule and on my last setup with a 3.5inch xforce system I had a bolt in straight piece of SS pipe made for a 10min switcheroo just in case I got any flack from the poolice.....never have and probably never will. Current Terry has a punched stock cat. Not the nicest when connecting a trailer/boat but they never smelt nice imo! lol
  11. I pull wings off flies to make them walks.
  12. Going fishing tonight and tomorrow and hopefully we'll get out to the reef if it's flat enough. Will fish Hinchinbrook Island or the end of the sugar jetty at Lucinda if we don't so no biggy. Will be good to get away for the night with a mate though as I rarely leave the house these days.....

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