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  1. 07-0033 is all I could find on the Gates kit. 7 replacement hoses. Not sure if that includes the engine and transmission cooler/heat exchanger lines though...
  2. I called it! Purely because it was not only miles past its limit but it had also been doing it for so long... Will be interesting to see what the shaft looks like. A quarter twisted before breaking? Place your bets!!!
  3. I'd simply drop the clamp from the dump pipe to the cat like was the original idea and see whether or not it's a restriction. I'm saying that the cat is unless it's gigantic. You're at the point where endless amounts of dollarydoos come into play (not that you haven't already sunk a decent budgets worth). Exhaust back pressure sensors, EGT sensors in every exhaust port or better yet to burn even more cashola an O2 sensor in every port plus one in the dump pipe because money... Almost forgot the compressor speed sensor to see if you're ringing its neck enough! I recommend beer
  4. Winding in the duty cycle I suspect it will end up with a lunched ZF but I'm knocking on wood for you atm... Cat removal is definitely the go. It's the reason why Nizpro use two of them in their 4" system, that's the way I see it anyway! It made the note deeper or at least that's what it did with my 3.5" xforce system. Do you have issues with roadside RTA's or police down your way?
  5. Is that a genuine Garrett G series or a clone like Pulsar?
  6. For the Terry in the meantime the owner could tap the line for the passenger side (using a T piece) window washer and get a plastic sprinkler nozzle with some clear hose from bunnings so it sprays onto the stock intercooler. Should pull a decent amount of heat out, otherwise tap into the rear washer motor from through the passenger front wheel arch guard to have its own motor because who actually uses the rear wiper or washer!? This should probably be elsewhere but I did notice that when the ambient temp was under 20°C up here in the tropics (freezing, I know right! It was 14 over night...) th
  7. I'll be the devil on the other shoulder... The fluid level doesn't matter squat as long as it's over the correct level. I've done this and replied on this forum about it and I'm using Transmax Z plus a bottle or so of Lubegard. 3lt+ overfill and the only thing it did was make it doughy central... I would think like most autos if it's underfilled it would jump into gear when a certain rpm is reached from a stop (my btr on the AU did this after Ford clowns didn't fill it properly). Long story short is they aren't as temperamental as everyone is saying.
  8. Yeah you might as well go the 6R80 especially since you are changing the convertor anyway. FYI I got pricing a while back from Dave Sheehy (CPV, blueboost here back in the day) and his prices were stage 3 - billet shaft box 600kw $4950 or stage 4 6r80 shaft 650kws $5950. $1k less or so for each of the lower stages (cryo shaft, standard shaft with extra clutches). Those are Nth Qld prices but I heard $4k for a full 6R80 build from an Andrew Grimes (met him through Facebook) in Melbourne or Adelaide? Those prices are half of what I've seen from some shops so It would be interesting to see your
  9. I'm surprised it's still alive (the ZF). By all accounts with the Facebook heroes it should have died at stock power, milkshaked and broke the input shaft... Lol. Don't you just love strokers! In all honesty though I know you have mechanical sympathy and aren't a bafoon like Faceboobs morons but even I expected it to go poopy by now on any number of random drives, especially with the weight of old Terry. I don't feel so bad when I beat on mine when I drive it once every month! It's an impressive feat that's for sure
  10. That's an excuse to do another quick YouTube video of it roasting the tyres when launching now... Pick up some milk and bread for the kids!
  11. I deciphered what you were saying. I have a mate who only messages via voice to text, it gets rad sometimes!
  12. So the fuel restriction is/was in the swirlpot be it the barb on the top, the check ball (where ever that is as I only have a picture of it) or the black fitting on the bottom? Are the knock ears the Tuner Nerds or did you buy a more expensive device? Quoting a mate from being on E85 and then had to switch back to 98oct, Hopes and Dreams... Lol Sounds awesome btw especially flinging past the 6k stock limit is just plain cool!
  13. AWD Falcon conversion ftw!
  14. Yes you told me about the mat for the tank and tbh that's probably the best method without going external surge tanks. Did you drill out the return quick fit on the top of the intank module (4mm I believe?) and also remove that check valve bead/BB that's in the swirl pot? Apart from undersized return line (if that's the issue) they are the only other things I can think of...
  15. Hope it's an easy diagnosis then. If you do the return then you know it's done but I'm hearing you about the fuel tank. I still haven't dropped mine for the first time and I'm dreading it... Still unsure of what I want my end goal to be which will likely end up bigger than planned as always! I don't have the cash for a built engine or the man power to do it these days anyway, that's why your build and others is good for me. Almost like I'm along for the ride plus I gain some knowledge to...
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