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  1. Staying with my sister at her place for a week after returning from a cruise on Thursday. Best thing is while I'm here they were told to isolate for a fortnight... I do have the flu now though for the first time in at least 2yrs! I'm going to 12 monkeys as I'm a Kunt... Sent from my LG-H930 using Tapatalk
  2. bjc

    Over boosting

    @Wyatt PM @XAH03 who is also in Cairns. He's been around for years and would know who is suitable up there for any work on the Ford be it tuning or mechanical... Beau has plenty of experience with the Turbos also. He hasn't been on here since the 17th of last month so hopefully he'll jump on soon!
  3. bjc

    Over boosting

    @wyatt Yes the car has given some grief which I expected but overall it has been fun, especially traffic light racing in the barge lol. I don't drive much though, almost 28k kms in 9yrs of owning the car gives you an idea! I've still got the water/meth kit although not fitted to this F6X. Definitely worth it for us up in the North though if sticking with 98oct. Kits aren't very cheap anymore unfortunately (they have progressed with safety features) as I bought mine during the good exchange rate days...Dave Sheehy has had plenty of experience with tuning on water/meth and was the one who put myself and a friend onto it when he was "blueboost" on this forum...look up his old posts if they exist. Life seems to roll by a lot faster than I imagined with a daughter! Sent from my LG-H930 using Tapatalk
  4. bjc

    Over boosting

    @wyatt no worries mate. Although I own an F6X I've been out of the scene for a number of years but still keep a watch and follow everything from a distance...I do help when I can with previous knowledge on here or some Facebook groups although sometimes they can be tiresome! @broke is another member who was a regular with Xtreme Motorsport so if he is still active here maybe contact him for some current updates? I might still have his mobile number actually so will check also as he worked across the road from Paul... Sent from my LG-H930 using Tapatalk
  5. bjc

    Over boosting

    @Wyatt Mate, I'm unsure who tuned or tunes your car but I can seriously recommend either TMS (John Ryan "JR" will tune it) in Townsville or David Sheehy at CPV Tuning in Mackay. CPV just bought a 2000hp hub dyno so hook in... There is also Paul Morel at Xtreme Motorsport in Townsville, he is also an extremely talented tuner (has been since I've known him, 2005) BUT I don't know him as well with the barra engines as I do Dave and JR... Paul tunes Kent Battles now XD Falcon plus others but most up this way would know of Kent and his adventures. Either way do some research but pretty sure they all now have PCMTEC and SCT (XCAL). TMS have VCM also for the Ford. Hope this helps... Cheers, Brett
  6. I looked at the single post but found they (imo) restrict to much space under the car due to the bulky arms having to reach across and support the other side of the car. Great idea though and being a trolley jack essentially means placement is infinite... Sent from my LG-H930 using Tapatalk
  7. That's Arronm's pic Keith ffs but you knew that... I'm sure his slab isn't a wafer thin after diner mint! Sent from my LG-H930 using Tapatalk
  8. Sub standard concrete and the dynbolts are sitting there waiting to make a meal of the holes after they're tightened (probably were only 50mm also lol). Every time the hoist is loaded it's another notch in its belt until it finally gives...wouldn't take much over there where everything is sketchy! Sent from my LG-H930 using Tapatalk
  9. T-Rex is steel grey as the bloke who originally recommended it from the stainless steel place said it was thicker than the other colours so grab it for attaching stainless sheeting to walls (in this case it was splash back for the kitchen). Dried tube next to it due to my stupidity as they have an excellent screw on cap that seriously lasted me 6 months the last tube...I've got the $h!t holding everything from my car to copper piping on the house it's a classic atm lol. I normally use a small piece of clingwrap under the nozzle and screw it back on and the tube will last (as I'm a jew!). The two black dongers are sika and didn't even get to use them so not happy...it seems to go hard faster than the others products here or it's just so expensive that it sits on the bunnings shelves so long that the use by date ends within a quick period of time after getting it home! Sent from my LG-H930 using Tapatalk
  10. Yeah totally different hardness and texture to the Soudal. I've got both in hardened form (and others) thanks to our "DeLux" climate up here so I just skin the sausage (sounds dirty) or strip the tube when they dry and cut cookies off them to use as packers under workbenches etc! Anything that vibrates...that's also dirty!!! Sika is more flexible. Like the rubber bonds are softer if that makes sense!? Sent from my LG-H930 using Tapatalk
  11. Probably not for noise and I'm surprised the sika actually made the noise any worse unless the bush was half flogged out! Soudal is definitely stronger and stiffer than sikaflex imo (the T-Rex version at least is because it's stupidly thick!). It won't stretch/give like sika does though but so far the stuff in the front bushes is still looking great and it's copped a spraying from the diff oil spewing it's guts and the CV's with no issues that I can see after I've degreased it to death! No difference in noise there on the front either but it could be a location thing also...I use a solid (custom 2 piece hdpe bush) in the 3rd bush location on the territory (drivers side front) and it made zero noise difference over the factory rubber.
  12. So I watched this video this morning and yes they have the IMS diff hat but he's happy using Pedders front bushes. Haltech In saying that I use Pedders Nolathane throughout my F6X with no issues or flogging out... The front side bushes I did fill with Soudal T-Rex (polyurethane) as both times the mechanics installing them installed them incorrectly (how hard is it to follow a sheet with a picture?) and because these were for diff issues not bush issues I cbf...I have concluded though that after 3yrs Soudal is the king of bush void filling so will likely use it for EVERYTHING as I have done so far!
  13. How old is your battery Gazza? I ask as this can be an issue with the B series. Tacho not working, rear boot not popping, engine misfiring badly under load or poor idle...this is all funky $h!t that happens when the battery quality is bad. Yours could have been the connector though and when you were ferreting around to remove fascia or getting ready to it made a bad contact good again!? As for the diff bushes, don't they use superpro hybrids now? Me personally if you are chewing bushes out often then boat rollers are the go (hdpe) as its cheap and easy to lathe. Depending on where it's situated though it can be noisy... These? - https://superpro.com.au/find/superpro-diff-mount-bush-kit-for-a-superpro-suspension-parts-and-poly-bushings-for-ford-australia-falcon-2002-2008-ba-bf-sedan-/productnr-SPF3148PK/cid-999500234/vid- Sent from my LG-H930 using Tapatalk
  14. Generally the first mods we do in the tropics is a thermostat change (82°C) with fans kicking in accordingly (82 off at 80). The engine is tuned around this temperature so there is less heat soak present and as you know, living in those temps the car with a standard thermostat is as doughy as fark once at operating temp and simply cannot recover no matter how hard it tries! You can have the NT I'm never going back...even Townsville now is wearing thin on me and considering a change to Newy back with family. Sent from my LG-H930 using Tapatalk
  15. I wouldn't go worrying about it then... Very weird but it's not like the engines stock! I'd get an oil pressure gauge (or sensor and use obd2 gauge) if haven't yet.
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