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  1. Took out the centre console this arvo to have one last look at the connectors I could get to before I took the drivers seat out and the small connector going to the RCM on the centre tunnel was unplugged. How I missed it when I first did it and the 2 times since I have no idea. Thanks guys for the problem solving and throwing ideas my way. Cheers JR
  2. Ok I got the code. Its P1534 PCM Airbag Deployment Fault. Apparently its a bad connection to the RCM Wiring Connections. Can anyone confirm this BEFORE I take the centre console and drivers seat out to check the connectors? Also is the RCM under the seat?
  3. Barnz thanks for that. Ill look into them unless someone in the eastern burbs of Melbourne (Knox) has one I can borrow or buy cheap.
  4. Just thinking. The ICC is all good now. Any point in taking out those plugs to fix the airbag light?
  5. Thanks for all the replies guys. Was off down the coast today with the kids and only just walked back in the door. Aaron, no hurry mate. I wont be able to do it again till next weekend.
  6. Battery was disconnected the whole day. I'll redo the icc connectors this arvo. Know what order they need to be plugged back in? How can I scan it without taking it to Ford?
  7. The Orange connector on the Passenger side wasn't clipped in all the way. Seems to have fixed the display on the ICC. Now its just the AIRBAG light that is on and wont go off. Ive checked the connectors under the seats and all the ones at the fuse box. Fuses are good too...........Im stumped!
  8. Just went out and the fairys must have come last night and fixed it. Took it for a drive around the block and all was fine. Stopped and tried putting the heater on feet to see if it worked and the ICC flashed then all the aircon display disappeared and just the RECIRULATION symbol is flashing. Going to check connections again this morning. Hopefully its one of them.
  9. Rokkie thanks for the quick reply. When you say the him module is that the one behind the ICC?
  10. Hey Guys, Just took the dash out of a 2004 BA XR6 Turbo with Dual Zone climate to fix the mixer shaft that had broken in the passenger side. Got it all out easy enough, replaced the broken one, and replaced the drivers side just in case that is about to break too. Put it all back together, for some reason I have 2 screws left over. Not sure where they went but oh well. Took it for a drive around the block and now have some issues. 1. The ICC has SECURITY CODE ALERT come up. I have read that this will fix itself and not to worry. 2. All dash lights are on, including all warning lights, there is no speedo or revs working, doesnt say what gear you are in either. 3. Noticed that the car seems to be stuck in 3rd gear. yes its an auto. I guess somewhere along the lines I have messed up. Anyone have any ideas BEFORE I take it all apart again tomorrow? Thanks in advance
  11. Happy Birthday Maximus!

  12. Happy Birthday Maximus!

  13. Maximus

    Dba 4000 Rotors

    Finally got around to organising them to get done. Pedders in Ftg are going to do them. 1hr labour to fit...... Cant go wrong! Sure beats doing them myself. Thanks for the input. JR
  14. Maximus

    Dba 4000 Rotors

    Thanks for the quick reply Steve. I did the discs on my old EL without a hitch so might give these a go. Needs a service anyways and I think most palces charge about $60 for fit them. Just need to find them cheap.
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