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  1. What I find hard to comprehend is that alot of Fords have there mid muffler deleted and they are happy with the way is sounds. There is no doubt that my car sounds bloody sweet but I would expect mine to not be as loud as it has a hotdog compared to others that have a only a straight pipe. As the car would be our main family car this is the main reason quiet it down. Seems like I will have to take a chance with generic muffler as there is no direct replacement for the factory mid muffler.
  2. I did not consider that the stock option could be half rusted. I expected it to be that easy to get a muffler for the car. I am stumped as to why it is not that easy.
  3. I did not. Reread my post If no one wanted a mid muffler a company would not be investing time and money to create one. Wreckers would be over stocked with mufflers and I would have no need to post here. Your original post was pointless regardless off adding further information. I assume that due to turbo territories age that Venom has seen an opening for supplying a direct fit mid mufflers. As I stated in my post. I was looking at other options besides what you mention here. Generic muffler would be my last resort. I thought I spoke to people in
  4. In order to not get pointless posts like above looks like I will need to provide additional information. I have contacted Ford for a middle muffler but they want $650 for it. I have rang many wreckers and they do not have any. While most ford owners know about deleting mid mufflers. Sourcing a stock muffler to reinstall is a challenge. Venom Exhaust stated that they are having problems sourcing mid mufflers and were not able to recommend a off the shelf muffler to install. They are currently in the process of testing mid mufflers but this will take some time. Tuner h
  5. I have a turbo territory that has had its mid muffler replaced with a hotdog. As I mainly do highway driving the drone is just too loud. I have been chasing a original mid muffler but have had no luck yet. What are my options besides just installing a no name muffler?
  6. I have changed the ball joints in my BF ute as front end was making noises and steering had slight play in it. While it is a improvement the cars steering seems to have the same issue as the territory but getting worse. Unlike the territory I am able to see the shaft to the firewall and hear it making noises. I will further inspect the territories shaft on the weekend. Thanks for your good directions.
  7. After 2 front end specialists looked over my territory and could not address the clunking in the front end. I decided to upgraded the territory front end with a SY2 front end myself. Previous owner told me that the car had quite a bit of front end work but was quite shocked in what I found when pulling the front end apart. Rubbers on drive shafts were new but incorrectly installed and broken Drivers side 36mm nut that holds the driveshaft was very loose. May I dare say hand tight. Bearings on drive shaft just fell out once removed. Bearin
  8. Thanks for that. Just you tubed the slide hammer and its a great tool. cheers
  9. https://imgur.com/a/yTd8HhK
  10. Hi, I have been watching on you tube how easy it is to remove front drive shafts out of a territory. I have not been able to get the front drive shafts (inboard CV bell in the transfer case) out of the transfer case. Is there a trick to it that I am missing? Whats a good front driveshaft replacement for a non turbo? Is it a option to dismantle and remove the driveshaft leaving the inboard CV bell in the transfer case?
  11. I plan to install new plugs and coils but I am not sure if this is the cause of the over boost fault. Besides getting it tuned, what else can I inspect while the car is in pieces?
  12. Put around 3-5 PSI in the actuator and it worked fine. After I tested I thought that I should of tested the actuator with the wastegate on. Unsure what the next step should be.
  13. We bought the car so I can do some work on it but I got cold feet as I have not worked on cars in 25 years. My problem is that I know nothing about turbos. I am learning fast considering I never knew what a plenum was not long ago I pulled off the turbo today so this has boosted my confidence and I look forward to do some more mods on the car myself. I hope to put together a final list this week. .
  14. Just removed the turbo and the actuator is moving freely. I am unsure how to test the actuator for faults. All the exhaust bolts and the manifold bolts to the turbo housing were all loose but was not able to hear exhaust leaks under the hood. Not sure if this has a effect over boosting.
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