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  1. I know of a dead stock TCM tune being used on a $10000 built box. 850hp engine. All the “tuning” as such is done from within the Haltech!
  2. Im not completely across the PCMTec stuff but I can tell you that line pressure can be adjusted through the modification of the torque model table within the Haltech software. Shift point load can also be adjusted along with torque reduction responses. You cant adjust shift schedules or overlaps. You can’t adjust any torque reduction requests. That needs to be done directly through OBDII writing to the TCM. You can turn off torque reduction although I think this is ignition cut for smaller reductions rather then larger cut requests. If you run a stock rev limit and run a stock TCM tune you can actually make some changes using the Haltech. Although this is not directly writing to the TCM, its just modifying advertised torque data to the transmission to get it to respond differently. Im hearing some of the best ZF tunes run surprisingly stock files. Im curious to know how the PCMTec stuff writes to the TCM through the ECU? Or is it a direct flash to the TCM.
  3. I just removed the cam, had it linished and reinstalled it. Installed the same cap and all good. I personally don't think engine out is required for a galled cam. It's likely cause by debris left in the engine after assembly. Galled cam bearings are not all that uncommon although not ideal of course. Please don't pull your motor out for this.
  4. I had the same issue. I linished the cam shaft bearing and re-installed it. Even ran the same cap, when I have a spare minute I’ll post a photo. inspected it a couple hundred kms later and no problems. Oil pressure is fine, engine runs wells.
  5. Puff it just looks like lobe damage there, bearing looks ok. Not saying you could leave the cam like that but you may just be able to swap out the cam. Some scoring on the journal’s wont be the end of the world, and caps will be ok to reuse. This damage may not have been causing your issue.
  6. Replacing both Phasers is a bit of work. Ensure no oil flow restrictions to the phasers first. Inspect cam caps on top of each phasers for blockages. Obviously the OCV screens were clean. Phasers can make noise when they are stuck too. Good luck mate
  7. So to have both Phasers fail together is less likely but possible and would show a static angle as described. Start with the solenoids first. The cam angle should vary more than -10 for sure.
  8. Log cam angel vs target. I had a dead cam phaser which caused the symptoms you’ve described.
  9. Your long term goals could change mate. Sounds like you need rods pistons oil pump gears and valve springs. job done.
  10. My hub dyno sheet reads 775kw No one has broken a set of 1400 shafts in Australia to my knowledge. RIPSS has run dozens of passes on hers and I’m pretty sure she has gone 1.3 in the 60
  11. RIPSS runs them she makes 2000hp and run 7.7 @ 187mph tested enough. I have them, they are top quality, cant break them! Expensive to buy and install by the time you do trutrack and diff hat, bushs etc.
  12. Hmm, that's about as efficient as a package could ever be to punch out those figures. Seems a bit high to me, even with a fully ported head cams etc. boost and rpm also low. good results none the less
  13. Give Jet a go mate, many happy customers and been working on the Falcons for ages. He probably is the best for tunning the ZF in SA!
  14. Mike from MV Automatics in Blackwood built my 6r80. His done a few. Box hasn’t let me down and I’m running 750kw @ the wheels. The ZF tune is the tricky thing here in SA. Mike can build the box no problem. Not many know how to tune them if anyone here in Adelaide. ZF is a pain in the arse that's why so many go T400. In saying that my box is just fine for a good blast on the street, no problems at all. It doesn’t flare on the 2-3 upshift its solid. I haven’t held WOT 3-4 on the street, it’s just to fast and to much risk. Need the drag strip for that. Give Mike a call for pretty much your only option here in SA. I think his a pretty good bloke and likes his performance stuff and will be happy to work with you if something is not correct. I have had no issues with his box.
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