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  1. I have the plug & play Haltech. wouldn’t do it for your setup, stock ecu is fine. Also if you are running BTR 4 speed Haltech won’t work. If your 6 speed manual ok, but again no need to go Haltech. They can be very fickle to setup and get right.
  2. You got it sorted Upi, this thing will be awesome!
  3. For sure, just will be flow limited by those pumps. With 2400 dekas at 80% DTC we were done at 765rwkw with twin high flow 460s.
  4. How much boost do you think you will run? That setup should be good for 1300HP on E85.
  5. Well, you have a bit of competition out there at the moment but if she goes low 8s that should give the other two something to think about. 1000kw will help! You didn’t want to go mechanical fuel pump? Three Walbros I’m assuming? Staged?
  6. What sort of power are you hoping to make without the gas? I don’t remember what trans you running in this beast mate?
  7. Looking good Upi, all good things take time. This is one very special FGX When is it getting tuned? Post some pics of the sick fab work on the pipes. Good work champ!
  8. Mate its a stock ZF stall convertor modified for the 6r80 shaft. I have a TCE convertor too which is around 3500 to 4500 stall but haven’t installed that yet. Box is an MV automatic modified ZF with all the relevant 6r80 components and modifications. Exdey clutch’s and steels, running a B&M trans cooler. I will go as far as I can with this box, including multiple rebuilds, billet planetarys and shafts, and maybe even do a 4R200 conversion, but in saying that the 6r80 conversion is fairly strong, so will see how we go and just build it stronger if need be. You can pretty much build a full billet box now out of the states and they can’t break them so I’m sure I wont.
  9. I'm in, better late then never but I have cracked the 700KW number! Since being a member on this forum for so long now I just felt compelled to leave this here. Dion is confident we can see over 800 KW at the hubs, but I'll need a mechanical fuel pump setup to do that reliably, and that will have to wait until next year! Little bit more fine tuning on the 6R80 and then hopefully the long standing 9.92 for SA can be beaten! Tomorrow Dion will finish tuning it and Johnny has promised to take a video recording which I'll try and upload.
  10. This build is inspiring mate! Will be one of the best in the country once sorted.
  11. Search the forum, (driveline workshop) they are available. They are made in Australia by PST and also available from the US for our cars. Best of the best when it comes to tail shafts.
  12. 3bond 1211 or loctite 5910 works very well for this job. Don’t forget to put it on the oil pan front section too before you install the timing cover otherwise it will leak oil and gather around the half moon gasket near the balancer. surfaces must be super clean, both those sealants will work well.
  13. Packed lunch, 800 wheel, 1.4 in the 60 and job done!

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