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  1. This build is inspiring mate! Will be one of the best in the country once sorted.
  2. Search the forum, (driveline workshop) they are available. They are made in Australia by PST and also available from the US for our cars. Best of the best when it comes to tail shafts.
  3. 3bond 1211 or loctite 5910 works very well for this job. Don’t forget to put it on the oil pan front section too before you install the timing cover otherwise it will leak oil and gather around the half moon gasket near the balancer. surfaces must be super clean, both those sealants will work well.
  4. Packed lunch, 800 wheel, 1.4 in the 60 and job done!
  5. Try and reset the SA record with it. Its only a 9.92! Nice pick up Aaron
  6. ECU is great, I personally think it’ worth every dollar. The torque model table (within ESP) needs a bit of work to get it working well with the TCM on a high horsepower engine. But we have the upshifts working great at over 550rwkw Scott from Haltech has been great and done a fair bit of work with my trans shop locally. we still have a bit of work to do on the trans tune but will get there no probs. Monster torque have had some FG issues with ZF, although they are confident Haltech will get on top of it if they haven’t already. Spoke to MT about 6 weeks ago about it. Product is good, nothing wrong with it, but requires fine tuning of some tables especially around engine protection and ZF. Just like any ECU
  7. I use a YellaTerra flex plate. DYNO-MITE have done 3 Atomic plates under warranty and wont use the Atomic plates anymore. Dion also wont use the Atomic head studs. My engine uses atomic timing gear and race pump, JE pistons. I spent a week at the DYNO-MITE work shop and saw a number of other Atomic parts that had failed including a major component of an Atomic 998 engine only 2000kms old. There are no silver bullets and things break!
  8. lock up seems fine. Shiftting is a little off but my valve body has been modified so need to do a bit of refinement work with my trans shop to see where we are at.
  9. Dont see it that way at all. Was awesome working with Haltech and Dyno-Mite fine tuning my car. Was good fun and a good result. The out the box setup for one of these wont be the same for every car as they are all different. Will always require a proper custom setup/tune as ever car and every setup is different. After market ECU - what could you possibly expect. Also at the work shop whilst I was there I saw 4 other turbo Falcons with plug and play Haltech ecus so hardley a first timmer. that's one work shop in the whole of Australia with 4 plug and play cars in there at the same time. Haltech have sold heaps considering how long its been out. Haltech are all over this thing.
  10. Bit of feedback on the plug and play ECU. My experiences with my car BFMKII XR6T ZF Firstly it works; plugs in, engine fires up and everything in the car works. It seems to pump out a bit more voltage to standard OEM items. For example my interior lights are brighter and my premium sound is clearer and louder. We have experienced an engine position error quite a few times which puts the motor into limp mode. Turns out the voltage is set a little too high for the intake cam sensor. We drop the voltage and the error goes away. Haltech have been great with remote login and live road testing support. These are smart guys were dealing with here. Traction control is off by default and we can't seem to work out why we are losing the on off functionality. Haltech have provided advice but we seem to be at a bit of a dead end here. Not a big problem, who wants TC on anyway. We think it may have to do with different tire profiles. We have come across a fuel pressure sensor fault (Haltech) which may or may not be a mechanical problem. It is unlikely mechanical but won't be able to definitively confirm this for a few more weeks. But the ECU thinks fuel pressure is fluctuating 15 psi in either direction from its base/target. It's not a good base setting within the firmware, because you really want to be warned if pressure drops 15psi not so much rises 15 psi. They are aware of this and will be updating the firmware in the near future. Some default transient throttle settings auto add timing advance which is not good. This needs to be updated as to avoid too much timing going into the engine when it's not commanded. Again Haltech are well aware of this. This default setting is based around a largely stock engine and is designed to make the motor punchy when you touch the throttle. But of course when you have a 600RWKW monster you must have 100% control of timing advance at all times. Also some of the default settings need fine tweaking to avoid a perceived lean condition reading at the wideband O2 sensor. This is not a complicated situation but I have forgotten the finer details of why this occurred. Motor will go into engine protection mode and the problem is identified, and then changes are made. Engine is not running lean. Changes made to the ECU are instantaneous to the engine and sensor read outs. Live data on screen and data logging available, that can be set to only start when a certain condition is met. For example currently my data login starts only after 4000RPM. All bull sh*t aside the Haltech is super powerful and an amazing tuning and troubleshooting tool. One thing that really amazed me was the ease of comprehension the Haltech technical support guys had. No matter what we spoke to them about they were not fazed and immediately headed to the correct solution. Boost by time is setup and will need some fine tuning on track - I may need a different convertor but for now we will try with a stock stall and see how we go. Take this all on board with a pinch of salt - this is a public forum based on real world findings of one person!
  11. I have had experience with 3 Nizpro exhausts 2xBF 1xFG no problems at all. Maybe the early versions were better quality. Nizpro are not perfect by any means.
  12. Nizpro exhaust is excellent. Built tough, good quality can make over 1000hp, and I’v never had any problems with remove/replace or fitting it up. Clamps are good, just nick them up from time to time. Good system!
  13. not me champ, I sold my low km G2 GTX to a mate.
  14. Typhoon

    FG misfire

    loose plugs will cause this too.

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