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  1. Hopefully you can get to the bottom of the failure it self. Good luck mate, don’t give up!
  2. I run this one mate. https://www.dynomiteperformance.com.au/product-page/mechanical-timing-chain-adjuster An absolute *beep* to adjust, but once you do it’s fairly well set and forget. Do need to run a billet guide with it however as it beats the hell out of the oem cast item. no issues, just need to always replace the oem guide as they are soft cast, we’re the billet guides are just tougher, and last. The Atomic tensioners have got an absolute shocking reputation as of late. Its been all over facebook Use OEM or mechanical type, With mechanical type the oil feed needs to be threaded and blocked.
  3. sorry to hear you have had issues with this fresh build
  4. what type of tensioner were you running last time?
  5. just that they are having all sorts of issues with them, the posi stop included. Brad has even mentioned it in a round about way on a recent youtube video. I have heard of others having similar issues running a posi stop. sorry I can’t go into more specifics, as I don’t really know much more then that, but its the one common thing that keeps popping up. Is that the same tensioner you were running when it snapped the chain last time? examine the tensioner carefully, I have heard of the posi stops having major failures
  6. something not right there Puff. ive been running a solid tensioner from day one, and Dion from Dynomite has always told me to run the chain tight, and I do. are you running an oem or billet guide? Im just not so sure how the chain snaps like that. is that an Atomic posi stop? they are also having heaps of issues from what I’ve heard. very odd
  7. Typhoon

    VARi brake kits

    All the photos of the 17inch rims are with the 343 installed, the 20inch wheels and the raw rotor pics are of the 375
  8. Typhoon

    VARi brake kits

    Pads come with the callipers, and yes they are all the same size.
  9. Typhoon

    VARi brake kits

    I have a full bracket, and rotor set for BA/F brand new. 375x32mm I think I even have a bolt set too. You will just need lines and callipers, which he will sell you. The 6-pot calliper is universal, the only vehicle unique components are the rotors, brackets and lines.
  10. Typhoon

    VARi brake kits

    Cant be bothered compressing photos takes to long. You will get his 375mmx32 behind an 18inch wheel no worries. Actually I have a set of brand new rotors here (375mm) I’ll sell you cheap if your keen, I have brackets too if you own a BA/F. I bought two sets of rotors. Basic review is they are very good value for money, Ceser is great to deal with, well packaged, good shipping. All the components are top quality and as I said Im running a 343mmx30 rotor and his 6-pot calliper behind the stock BF 17inch rim! If you have face book friend request me and you can see photos there. “billet barra” Brakes work really well, I have recently driven a 600rwkw FGF6 and it was running Brembo 6-pot front 4-pot rear. His brakes felt a little better them my setup but not much in it to be fair, and also Im running the stock rear setup too. The rotors take heat really well. The 375mmx32 is an AMG rotor with a modified Falcon hat. Just buy a set, you wont be disappointed, but I will warn you they can rattle a bit. Ceser said you can dial it out but I’ve never bothered. Let me know if your keen on my 375mm rotor bolt direct fit for the Falcon.
  11. Typhoon

    VARi brake kits

    I run his big setup on my car and they fit behind the stock 17s. Good kit, easy to install, but do rattle a little from time to time when driving. 6pot running on a 343 rotor I think.
  12. Well done to everyone involved, Alex is one determined young man! I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if he takes the out right record out too. Awesome work! 👍
  13. Makes sense Injectors are actually very reliable. Also we tend to always think they fail close when the could just as easily fail open.
  14. Pivot bolt broken equals loss of chain tension and the piston hits the open valve. It has failed right where the valve recess is on the top of the piston. If its run lean the spark plug would have melted before the piston so have a look at that. Looks like a timing gear failure to me.
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