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  1. Well done Matt and Aaron, definitely a top result 💯
  2. lol you clearly don’t get it all good 👍
  3. If you can keep both hands on the wheel it helps when trying to control big power. Auto shifting a ZF with 1000kw is not a great idea. WOT upshifts and kick downs etc will take its toll even on the strongest built box, and again with BIG power you want as much “control” as possible, I always manually shift unless I’m just cruising it.
  4. Yeah best on that night was 4.62 against the hot rod, watch it at the 2min mark. I’ve looked at it carefully and I’m confident it will go 4.1 maybe even a bit faster probably next time out. Still got some traction issues and had a throttle limitation on it that night to help manage that, worked well but need to fine tune it a little more. My brother tips the scales at 145kg so I’ll boot him out next time too lol. Full street trim, drove it home.
  5. Its taken a long time for the ZF stuff to reach the Adelaide market, and its great that you have the option of both shops to work with. Both Dave and Stuart have been very generous with their time, and honestly in my opinion are one of the most professional outfits out there. Simon from Nizpro has absolutely nothing to do with them anymore and I do think it’s worth a mention as he really knew how to rub people up the wrong way. DSR Ultra ZF holding 900rwkw right here! Good work as always mate.
  6. Interesting; Im trying to understand how the cams them selves could contribute to noise within the valve train, but can’t get my head around it. I wonder if it’s registering any false nock because of it. Good luck with it bud!
  7. Is it like an almost buzzing sound but definitely metallic? Also what do you mean the noise can be lifted with the Haltech? I am fairly sure I run the same cams. Are you guys absolutely certain its not timing chain related?
  8. Are you running a solid or hydraulic tensioner?
  9. Its may actually be a phaser then. If it doesn’t solve the issue then you wont have many options left other then locking the VCT to a fixed position. I don’t see it as masking the problem, it is what it is. Modified cars!
  10. Wont be the cam caps, wont be the OCVs. Disable the VCT in ESP and see if that helps. Can the VCT maintain target at all or is it just when the oil is hot? What oil temps are you seeing? Does it only stall when hot after a WOT? Is the engines oiling system still stock or has oil flow to the head been restricted? Noise at idle is consistent with a phaser struggling to work, a blocked oil gallery can also cause this.
  11. Awesome result Matt, I knew Aaron would sort ya out mate. Enjoy bud 👍
  12. 1 crank will fit 2 don’t need to port the head 3 install a torrington bearing kit, all other bearings will be fine 4 run a 9 to 1 compression ratio 5 send it!
  13. Good to hear that your stalling problems have been resolved. Could you post up a data log of the original problem? PM me if you prefer. I am keen to see if you were indeed having ignition timing problems. Doubt it.
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