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  1. @k31th Thanks for the response. In regards to the knock, I should have mentioned that in the process of chasing it I had the following replaced: Lower control arms lower ball joints, nolathane upper control arm bush kit, sway bar links and nolathane sway bar mount bushes and struts. As for the squeak, I guess ill just try the goo for now. This intermittent rear end vibration only started to sing when going over 90 -100 km/h, as times gone on (about a month) it now starts at 70-80 and continues as speed increases and gets slightly louder. I dont believe its a bearing nor does the mechanic as a bearing would start to whirr from a slow roll and increase in volume all the way up to hwy speed right? Diff oil has been changed and no debris was present. @SydCrazi Sheesh that sounds like a bad time, I would hope that's not the issue as the mechs were just poking around in that area when doing the centre bearing so youd think theyd catch it, I will keep it in mind though thanks mate.
  2. Hey everyone, can anyone please help brainstorm where this rotational wheel squeak is coming from, as its driving me mental. Car: BA XR6T Ute w BTR Brakes: Standard calipers, DBA T2 Rotors all round and some shiddy brand new repco pads on front. This squeak has been present for 8 or so months and seems to emanate from the front left and goes away while brakes are applied, though replaced with a squeal since the repco pads have been in, previous bendix ones did not squeak when applied but still the rotational squeak was there. Brakes have been pulled apart multiple times, new front hub assemblies installed and no abnormalities found amongst any of the brake components im told by a trusted mechanic. I suspected warped rotors but nope.. A few weeks after chucking the pads in the front; the right wheel started making a god awful loud squeak even whilst brakes were not applied. This comes and goes, maybe related to dirt or heat not sure. Wondering if its related? The lil shims on the left seem to rattle going over bumps but not the right, so im wondering if they're bent outta shape/rubbing on something? Should I chuck a bunch of brake goo behind the pads? Please help guys. P.S Alsowhile ive made the post, anyone else heard a knock knock when going around a round about slowly? Been told steering rack is fine but its definitely in that vicinity. P.PS. Just had centrebearing replaced chasing an intermittent rear end vibration, did not fix it, and it aint the wheel bearings or diff, any ideas welcomed. Ive spent hours searching for posts and threads by people suffering the same problem but no dice. Any input at all is greatly appreciated, hell I may even put up a reward for the info that leads to eliminating this noise. 100 dollarydoos! This figure may increase as my sanity decreases. Cheers! VID20220303153856.mp4
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