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  1. Notifications stopped for some reason now im late to the party dang it. Oh lawd Alex's ute sounds straight up demonic, amazing work. Whats the price tag on the stage one brake setup if you dont mind me asking Aaron?
  2. I should just leave the write ups to the pros. For those wondering why this and why that, I suppose I should have said in the beginning that the intention of all this was never to squeeze every last drop out of the car, still wont be after the valvesprings etc get done, I simply wanted to take my ute to someone I knew I could trust to take better care of it than a general mechanic, and aaron did so and some. The mods were just for fun, I understand the reason behind the whole 'if you're gonna do it, do it properly' opinion and im completely aware of the limitations of the plat
  3. Hey everyone, long time lurker though only just a new member. After coming across the gold mine of knowledge this forum has to offer about a year ago I came to the thought its more than fair I chuck in a buck or two to help things along so I joined up. Firstly just want to say how grateful I am to be in the presence of such knowledgeable and helpful people, the Ford groups you find on Facebook while still useful can be a nightmare with no way to sift through the bull and immaturity and at times they feel more discouraging than anything else. Anyway enough suckin up, you know you guys run
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