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  1. Had mine up on a awd mainline dyno today, we had to pull the abs fuse as is it was kicking in the trc/abs. apart from that the dyno did not like the torque split and we could not successfully power run the car, the operator had not done a territory before and was going to look into how to do it correctly. from my perspective watching its not doing a direct drive torque split, and the rears were getting power and the front would receive a pulsing motion of power once the torque and load started.
  2. yeah it actually fits in the tt scoop nicely. undecided if ill keep it like that, but for now im enjoying the huge amount of turbo noise it emits.
  3. did the removal of the territory top mount intercooler, for the super china 600x400 intercooler and custom pipe.
  4. I thought bov leak, but if its gone corectly then it wont be. if hes left the bov connected and blocked the vac going to the intake/bov that that would explain everything as the bov would be dumping at spring pressure override. upload a picture mate.
  5. if you dont know how your bov lines should be routed, put up a couple of pics and im sure someone here will tell you if it looks right. if the bov is not connected right it will just be a huge leak in the pressure piping. normally when the wastegate actuators die, the diaphragm leaks and they build more boost than they should. this is not to say something else could have happend, if you dont have your heat shields on just make sure the actuator rods still connected to the flap and you cant move it open by hand.
  6. When I did a turbo conversion I removed the t5 and put in a t5z and subsequently replaced the t5z 2 times due to failures. t5 and t5z are junk. The input shaft on the t5z has longer splines for the clutch than the t5. You cannot simply swap the input shaft as the gear-set on the shaft is different for each gearbox. It may still work, or you clutch disc may run out of travel on the splines, who knows. I dont know where my pictures of this ended up, but I can take some more later in the week. t5 has speed sensor in rear of the box housing, t5z does not. t5 has the much lower gear ratios. Given how weak the t5z boxes are, it would be somewhat a waste of time putting a t5 box behind a turbo car, the t5 would have to be free to consider it. also I never actually checked if turbo clutch fit in a na bell-housing, both bell-housing's kinda looked identical to me.
  7. Sounds like you need a better mechanic. Tailshaft - If you keeping the car stock you might get away with standard NA tail-shaft and Diff. Personally I would look at getting yourself a turbo LSD diff and decent SH turbo tail-shaft or new replacement tail-shaft before you go chacing any power upgrades. they proberly did not connect the boost controller because they couldn't figure out all the electric issues and did not want the additional headache, would be along the same lines with the ABS stereo and all that, if they have changed the ECM to a turbo one, they have not paired it with the car correctly and basically everything up sh*t creek. you will be best to go see someone who knows whats they are doing.
  8. Might be a wise idea to get a ford obd2 connector from ebay, there pretty cheap and load up forscan. perhaps start here and see if you have any luck. https://forscan.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2499 otherwise ford should be able to do it for you, just be wary and go to one that knows whats there talking about. when I put the cruse control buttons on my ba, my local ford said they have no idea how to enable it and would charge $125 just to look at it, even if they couldn't work it out. took it to another place and for half that cost and about 5 mins of time it was done.
  9. transmission has a computer, computer knows whats going on, ask the trans computer not the forum, the computer knows more.
  10. Probably want people to buy their intercooler piping not make their own.
  11. Nothing listed on their website, emailed them and they advised they wont sell the bungs separate.
  12. Hi Guys, does anyone know where to purchase a weld in bung to suit the air temp sensor on the intercooler pipes of the ford turbo? cheers
  13. had a smart bar on it when I got it, but I think there ugly af. Im still tossing up my options, but its on the list to change. just toward the bottom of the list for now.

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