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  1. code P0420 do you have single 02 sensor like the BA spec or twin 02 sensors like the Bf spec? if your using a BF ecm I would make sure your secondary 02 sensor is turned of correctly https://forum.pcmtec.com/topic/547-removing-rear-o2-sensor/?tab=comments#comment-3085 AFR in the 10 is indeed verry rich, if you want to play along with 02 sensors issue then you can look further into the enrichment the ford ecm will do when it thinks the cat converter is to hot.. obviously works this out based on the 2 02 sensors (up and downstream of the cat). https://forum.pcmtec.com/topic/237-howto-engine-protection-settings/?tab=comments#comment-1544 Fuel enrichment on catalytic converter over temperature Fuel enrichment on exhaust over temperature Fuel enrichment on turbo over temperature Otherwise - are your injectors leaking? A boost level of 4.5psi is not enough to induce torque reduction on factory b series boost map. are you sure its cutting and not just misfiring from over-fueling, due to your potential bad 02 sensors programming or hardware?
  2. You may wish to decide on how far you wish to go with the car, as you may be tumbling down the rabbit hole. You may wish to consider having the flapper mod done, or installing an external wastegate. Larger exhausts on these things do help them to over boost significantly. as said before once the exhaust is fitted, only drive it off boost and resist temptation to give it the berries. Pre tune you will also want a fuel pump installed. walbro 255 upgrades dont generally require much work or changes to your fuel regulator. higher flow pumps will need wiring updates, as they require more amps and your pressure regulator will require changing as they cant dump enough fuel that the bigger pumps send. GFB now make a drop in fuel pressure regulator that's suited to the task. ideally have it tuned not long after exhaust install, with injectors of your tuners choice, some tuners have injector preferences. your tuner will use whatever method they prefer to tune the car, but I do agree with MaStars regarding PCMtec, they are an Australian company so its great to support them as they are working hard to make the falcons do wonderful things on the stock ecm. with all these things you will be set for a fun time, I would also suggest an external cooler for the transmission but its not necessary before tune just recommended for longevity of the transmission. .
  3. as it would be near impossible to find this information on barra coils as I think no one really wants to do the testing..I found some data on the Ign1 coils that come with decent test data. its just interesting to see the correlation.
  4. wouldn't boosting the voltage to the coils be the same as forcing more dwell time?
  5. was this in manual shift mode or auto? id say your tuner needs to look into your shift points and id be questioning why the limiters charged from 6k. in my own experience getting more power from the engine means smashing redline on the shifts, so the shift points need to be turned down or shift speed needs to be increased. to go over 6k they would have tuned it like that, with good/bad reasons. I met a lad recently who had a manual e series with barra and t56, he told me he set the redline higher so he wouldn't be sitting on limiter while skidding, he was worried about the pump gears.
  6. Step one, stop driving your car until you find out what injectors you have. 10psi on a stock fuel system is out of fuel easily. my ba stock ute hit 8 psi before the afr's started heading for the moon. The injector near the thermostat housing should be easy to see, just take a photo of it and if there is no numbers maybe post it here for Identification. If you have aftermarket injectors then you have to have some sort of tune Your turbosmart wastegate actuator proberly has a 7.5psi spring in it if the pre-load is tighter than required, it will hold more boost as you have a free flowing exhaust its not uncommon to have your boost become uncontrollable. if you have your boost reference going directly into your actuator, this is your min boost - you cannot install a boost controller to make less boost than this. either fix you exhaust so it is more stock, or go get your wast-gate flap ported, or an external gate setup. These cars require SFA modifications to send them into over-boost territory. all my turbo barras run external wastegates, I have learnt my lesson dont worry about an external boost controller. the stock computer is more than capable boost controller - IF TUNED CORRECTLY. If you want to tune it yourself, get the required hardware and PCMTEC software, then you can change whatever you want. bbut id have to say, you may be better of finding a reptible tuner.
  7. I bought this, thread taped the bottom mount and just screwed it into the sunglasses holder thing.....mine was already broken so I dident really care about it. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Dual-Gauge-Billet-Aluminium-Holder-Cup-Pod-Black-suit-60mm-52mm-Twin-Double/231809117391?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649
  8. from memory the difference is about one cm.
  9. Hi Guys my mate has a AU falcon ute for skids, its been parked up for about 6 months and the engine has been out. we tried to start it the other day and we are getting nothing. it has a j3 in ecu, so no smartshield/smartlock. all relays have been checked and with the fuses. when you put the car to ign, the fuel pump does not prime. when you put it to start there is no starter. if you manually trigger relays for fuel pump, it works. if you manually trigger the starter motor, it works. kinda obviously we are not getting spark or fuel. the pcm gets its power and ground, and the key on 12+. we can connect to obd2 and pull codes from pcm (no codes) have been trying to read the wiring diagrams and follow through with fault finding, but I thought id ask the Internets professionals for ideas...so im all ears.
  10. Stock ECU is fine. In my territory I have pretty standard "mods" and along the line your going : Walbro Fpump, just make sure you put in direct power for the fuel pump the use alot of power. Front mount FG exhaust manifold, 45mm turbosmart wastegate, stock gt3582, 4inch dump, 3.5inch exhaust. using stock PCM's boost controller. Fg intake manifold Xspurt 1000cc injectors this is all controlled by stock PCM, using PCMTec to modify the PCM parameters. The stock PCM is quite powerful and verry configurable. I also have a pretty much identical setup in a ba ute, same thing - stock ecu is fine.
  11. How did you go with this, im now in the same boat. found another thread that had no answer also. here. https://www.fordxr6turbo.com/forum/topic/87997-completed-turbo-conversion-issue-with-speed-sensor/ happy to fire up a signal converter, just want to know whats works
  12. ba bf use full height injectors, fg uses 3/4 height afaik. you can get adaptors
  13. falcon electrics can I <3 Bananas you right in the ass if you dont know what your doing.
  14. Ill update this thread as ive been hunting for a tr6060 also and considered the Na fg box. I sent Mal an email about the FG na vs FG turbo gearbox's and this was his response. The NA TR6060 is rated at a low 390 NM of Engine Torque and the Turbo TR6060 is rated at 520 NM of Engine Torque, these are very conservative ratings.
  15. It might be reasonably hard to do on a budget build system, for little to no gain. If your car is LPG allready, you could proberly get a FG turbo manifold (for the direct upwards TB) Fit a carby to it, with a smallish jet size, with a similar opening to the stock TB, but remove the throttle blades. run that to a secondarily e85 tank Fir the stock LPG throttle body on-top of that. block off the std injector ports. start it and see what happens. otherwise to do it properly you might want a new instake manfold with two sets of injectors, do e85 set and egas set. you will then proberly need a haltech for 12 injector control and it will cost alot for verry little reward. IDK if you could just fit a meth injection system and fit it with e85 instead of meth?
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