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  1. rain this morning did not modivate me. pulled tank, drained the really old fuel. fiddled with the new pump hardware but now its time to see jw3.
  2. guess that answers the question if you had a stock pump. I went shopping today and got a new pump, fitting kit, Wide-band and rear diff bushings. so tomorrow will be fun times. one thing im still undecided about is the mouning location of the gauges... pitty those ones arent being made anymore to have them sit ontop of ac vents. Ideas?
  3. Depends how much you like the exhaust? see if there is a straight pipe section you can have remade to include an additional muffler. if old mate inspection requested a stock exhaust, then put the stock one on - get it passed out, come home and swap the exhausts again. you would only need the car re-tuned if your going to leave it setup like that, if your just swapping it and doing some normal driving there no need.
  4. ahh 10-4. weight n awd helps create load n spool too.
  5. Bruce Willis to go all die hard, and pull out a semi automatic and lay waste to everyone while Samuel j yells mother*&ker.
  6. + he had a dam window near his bed, escape plan 101.
  7. watched yesterday. still undecided myself.
  8. is the aftermarket POD enclosure new too? ie why you still have stock airbox?
  9. I compared my gtx v1 on the SR20 to an angry drill than a normal turbo noise. but they are great. also, more pics required thx.
  10. its a verry open ended question, most people will ask what afr and boost and all sorts before answering that kind of question. You would be better of asking your tunner what he prefers to do. dont take this as exact numbers, this is not exact. B series turbo injectors are something like 310cc from memory and will run out of fuel with he stock turbo around 10 psi of boost. Fg normal injectors I think are around 350cc so can push a little further. fg f6 are 440 cc ish and once again will go a little further. the exhaust system will remove a restriction for the turbo, so it may want to by default run more boost. in certain situations these fords will love to over-boost - that's why people fit-up the modified rear housing with larger ports, or external gates. If you have been talking to a workshop allready, perhaps ask them about getting the injectors done, especally if you want to up the boost and go for more power....if you want the exhaust for the note and standard boost levels then you might be a-ok.
  11. Most people with the two piece poly bushings as they are super simple to fit, but your going to have a basically solid mount and way more road noise. you best bet is to sus out what you have, then change it to something different. stock are usually black and old, superpro are blue or the solid polys are usually red.
  12. Mates fg makes 450 hp on 98, but had to change turbine wheels. For you to get your aim easxily you might want to look at a newer gen turbo, as mentioned a gtx v2 3582 will easily fit the bill. if you have standard actuator on turbo, bin it for something around 12psi or more. you will need to port the exhaust flap to, or go external gate Yeah if your doing valve springs, the cams are already out so put in some head studs. Dont forget to run additional power to your pump if its going in-tank, those walbros will use up to around 22 amps. You may be better of using stock fuel pump as a list pump and using the high performance pump in a surge tank. go flex fuel if you in an area with an e85 pump, if you in WA id say forget it, just not worth the hastel with only 4 e85 pumps.

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