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  1. jas98


    Original issue similar to yours was a combination of 2 things at time ...stuffed actuator and a stuffed cat as the cat was half blown through.
  2. Does sound like a lifter/lash adjuster tick to me. Have you tried different oil or even a additive to help free them up? Worth a try
  3. Would this be ok to use on a ba xr6t stock 6 psi boost? I'm looking at new plugs but looking to just get copper ones and not sure on gap I need on stock boost. Yes I know heaps will say get normal ones if normal boost but I'm looking for copper ones.
  4. I have a noise at start up for about 30 seconds on and off then all good. This noise sounds like from front of engine....very loud aswell almost similar to belt squeal but not a high pitch sound. Anyway other day I took belt off to look for another noise(still there with belt off) but I spun all pulleys and found the water pump sounded bad....I've attached a vid of it. However I took belt off next day and it was silent however was very hard to turn.....about 5 times harder then a new one to turn (checked in supercheap with one on shelf.) So I drove it for the day and checke
  5. jas98

    Turbo noise??

    Fixed ...!!! Was the PCV valve hose.....it was sucking inwards as it was all soft. Would never have thought it would be that but I seen a similar noose on YouTube from a different car. Cheers all
  6. jas98

    Turbo noise??

    Thanks all. Went out and started it from cold and no noise untill about 2 min of idleing. Then noose came in...then when ac clutch tuned on noise dissapears till AC clutch turned off....however as said it done this noise even when belt was off and fans out of car. I put it into reverse and noose dissapears this time. Noose was there in park neutral and also drive. Now I'm.wondering if it's gearbox...maybe bearing in it gone or convertor bearing 😂
  7. Pffft what chassis rail "gets biggest hole Saw can find"
  8. jas98

    Turbo noise??

    Ok have ba xr6t has developed this sound but today it's worse. Started off as a one off noose and went away. Last few days it's been there on and off but now it's there most time but not always. Weired this is....when driveing and coasting you can hear it however if I tough accelerator ever so slightly it disapears but take foot off (and I mean only slightly) goes away. Boosting there's zero noise...boost fine no issues there. I have taken belt off and removed fans and noise still there. Turbo has a little shaft play
  9. .going with ignition coils. I also have a Maza premacy (same as a 323 engine) and after about 10 min driving it used to do exactly same issue as you say.... But come after turning it off and back on after like 10 min or so In end it was a coil....was only running on 2 cylinders......I didn't think it would be coil as it ran fine for 10 min or so then did this. Thermal expansion I'm guessing killed coil internally
  10. as title says...what is and where is the TILA on a ba xr6t. I have a code which I have had for a while and it tells me to check wireing fron the bEM to TILA. It gives the pins to check but I have no idea what TILA refers to cheers
  11. Just wondering if I was to take out the butterfly's etc and block hole off could a N/a intake manifold work Inna Turbo? Reason being is...I would like to give it a paint however I have a spare n/a manifold sitting here and it would be allot easier and quicker if I painted it off car a few days before and then installed it once dry etc. Or are they different even without butterfly's? Cheers
  12. Ahahaha yeah. Don't really wanna buy a new kit lol. Mine not broken but mates is. I remebr reading a post about it a while back and kinda remeber a pic of how some people have used a cheaper brass fitting. Just can't remebr haha
  13. While on this topic what have people used in place of the black plastic screw connector the goes into crossover pipe that this hose connects to? I know you can get them new but I have herd there quite expensive and people have used a brass fitting etc ?
  14. That's true. New one should get here Wednesday hopefully. Car still drives etc. However sometimes it want to stall all of a sudden waiting at lights or while comming out of a corner and accelerating. I did check the volts on a mates ba xr6t at idle and his was .7/.8 and with stab on accelerator is was 1.2v. But yeah I'd say his is genuine sensor.
  15. Cheers. Yeah I will be. Just waiting innit to arrive . One thing I noticed was when I checked it with forscan while idleing the bolts were .3 to .5 bolts and with a stab on the accelerator it only went up to like .8 to 1 volt I'm guessing this is tell tail sighn aswell as it being bad.
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