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  1. Ona ba xr6turbo the valve control solenoids. If these are playing up can they not set a code? Basically I replaced the solenoids last year with new fuelmiser ones which are ultrtech branded. Lately the idle seems to a bit rougher(not missing ) exhaust bote seems a bit veafier aswell at idle ..like a very very very mild cam ..also sometime it seems a bit underpowered to other times the car. Not to mention fuel usage is high...but everything seems ok. Sooo want to eliminate these as being an issue. How do I check these in forscan? Can I see what there doing? Wat should it read at idle?
  2. So have seen a few different brands of spark plugs lately and wondered what people have used in there turbos. Yes well aware of NGK and Genuine but has anyone used topaz spark it's before? Or even tri power? Surely a few have though
  3. Ok so needing to replace abs module in ba xr6t sedan mk1 Mines a 3r23-2c353-ab One I'm getting is from a ba MK2 ...3r23-2c353-ac What's difference in the AB and AC? I've heard people having no issues using them in either aslong as pipes match and rest of numbers Is it just production run coding?
  4. jas98

    Limp mode...

    Ok so those trans codes as said come and go however there not there anymore. This p0500 code is and also a u2197 is all modules except twh abs. So abs is getting a signal but pcm is either not or is but not releasing data correctly? Battery tested perfect on load test. He did say it seemed low on volts though 🤔🤔 but CCA was 560. So far I have come across 2 exact same issues I have and one guy never said if he fixed it or now and other guy waw becaus he had HID bulbs something about the ballast causing a power surge at startup?
  5. Hi getting a p0500 in PCM code Aswell as u2197 code in the HIM BEM and IC modules. Car is a ba xr6t sedan. No codes in ABS module It seems it's either a issue with the wireing of pcm? Am I correct in this? It only does it at start up and throws car into limp.mode with no Speedo Aswell. Turn car off and on and is ok again most of time. I have read a post were someone had exact same issue and it was there HID bulb ballast causeing issue as they unplugged it and was fine.....but I don't have them
  6. jas98

    Limp mode...

    Thanks So rescanned it this Arvo and now has a code in BCM for low battery Honestly unsure why again battery causeing issues and it's first time low battery has caused this issue anyway...if it is. No idea why yet again battery issue as it's about 5 months old if that and was tested fine. And all battery cables are perfect. New alternator .. and been tested fine. Maybe I'm just having bad luck with batteries 😂😂
  7. jas98

    Limp mode...

    Thanks. Soooo it did it again today...same thing turnoff and on again and fine. I have checked a few things but nothing seems out of ordinary I've been told the right rear abs sensor is one the pcm uses for Speedo. Is this correct? Even though no code for that particular sensor could it still be that? Also can reseating the BCM module help with this or is it more a dash reseating? Thanks
  8. jas98

    Limp mode...

    Hi ba xr6t sedan stock tune Yesterday started car and P was flashing ..went to drive and D was flashing. And was in limp mode as was stuck in third with no Speedo Aswell. Turned off and on again and been fine since. Scanned and found some codes relating to modules not recivering speed input however the pcm had a code for P0500 Also 2 other codes which come and go but never caused issues unless it's related now? But these codes are P8026 P8028 Any help thanks Also battery is near new 660 CCA and was also tested at 663cca. However wife did mention it sounded like it struggled to start other day so maybe earth issue??
  9. When changing a cv boot on the inner cv (factory shaft) on a ba rear drive shaft is it crucial to reinstall join in exact same spot.on shaft? Reason I ask is well ...I never marked it and have zero idea the exact spot It came from haha. Joints are fine it's just the boot was split so changed that. ...I haven't installed shaft yet. I did read that shafts with inner plunger joints and cv outer ones don't need to be "clocked" but the repair manual does state to mark it .. Soooo is it actually required haha
  10. Haha yeah shots are good 😂 Yeah I'll check all that. But I know the drive shafts are extremely worn as U can hear clicking when showing down etc . I have a genuine pair waiting to go in but haven't had time lol I'll get under and check everything Aswell. I have read it's common this issue with worn cv joints but mainly front wheel drive not rear ..so was wondering
  11. Hi all. Trying to figure out a vibration/complete car shake in my ba xr6t sedan. Before say it's brake booster I don't believe so as have tried that trick and the symptoms are a bit different and tail shaft seems ok Aswell So driveing today ona shortish trip (100ks away) and was all good going there as had a clean run. On way back was allot of traffic...slow traffic so naturally when overtaking lane comes you go around. Anyway was doing about 85kph. Then started to accelerate...not heavyly but enough and got to about 110kph and noticed a decent vibration/shake in my arse and center concept was shaking ..wife could also feel it In her seat. Now I got to 120pkh and as soon as I lifted foot from accelerating it was smooth....also noticed on what home every time I lightly accelerated while doing over 80kph I could feel the shake which felt from rear end.. When coasting it's smooth. Which is got me thinking the cv joints in teg rear drive shafts? As I know the shafts need replacing as they have a fair a pint of play in the inner joints (tripod style ones) .. Around town it's fine though 🤔 Suppose what I'm asking is can rear drive shafts worn cause a vibration like this? If it was brake booster I would have thought it wouldn't stop as soon as I took foot of accelerator 🤔
  12. Getting this weired sound from drivers side belt area of engine. Anyway it comes and goes ..not overly load but very noticeable. It stops if I have high beam on....or if I run steering wheel slightly at idle or if I put it into reverse or drive. Basically once system is under load it stops. All pulleys and belt and accessories are new. Water pump alternator...compressor pulley power steering pump. Anyway today I noticed that the near new GMB pump pulley has a large wobble in it when spun by hand...can't really notice it when running though but it's a large wobble by hand .this wobble seems to be that actual plastic pulley and not the metal shaft itself. I'm thinking belt is running off hence the sound...what Yous reken?
  13. How old is bottom hose? It's quite possible it's sucking in. Factory ones have a spring in it I believe. Most aftermarket do E but if it's old it can get spongy and suck in. Also make sure fans are working correctly. There is 3 relays. Try swapping them around Aswell but if you bottom hose looks suss I'd be betting it's that. I would replace it
  14. Hey mate I have similar issues and also this exact code on my ba xr6t now Aswell. Mine was open loop faulting. I tracked that to bad oxygen sensor wireing....fixed that. Change oxygen sensor Aswell. But also had TPS... throttle pedal....and 2 other oxygen sensor codes that I couldn't get rid of no matter what I did till I swapped around the ess(?) Relay and came good but the p0172 code I am yet to get rid off and it's using a fair bit of fuel again What I'm about to try is the CHT sensor as it's reading that it's at 1/4 on guage no matter tragic the jumps up a little then down just as quick. ..other thing is I was gonna check vacume leaks again and also fuel pressure return restriction in line as the FPR is fine/new. Don't like using bucket loads of fuel haha
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