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  1. Hi. Does anyone know if the locating bush on a ba xr6 turbo tail shaft slip yoke is removeable? I've been told they are just trying to work out how. Long story...bout a year and half ago changed the rubber coupling and it was seized on and pulled the bush out aswell. So I just slapped it all back and been ok since but would like a better fix. I have a non turbo slip yoke that has a almost new looking bush etc Would they be same size turbo and non turbo? (Bush part itself) and how do you remove them? I have a press etc just want to know how to remove it
  2. What was the outcome on this? I'm betting it would be rings or ring land? On number 5
  3. Update....so weired but it hasn't done it since I've kept the irridiums 1.1 mm gaped plugs in. I even tried it again couple weeks later with 1 mm copper plugs and it overboosted....old plugs back and fine. It's always used to have a overboost issue. When randomly overboosted but these plugs made it do it instantly O
  4. Haha thanks guys. So they be ok in a ba? I've read that heat ranges are differant now but I can't see that makeing much difference
  5. Hi...I know gap sizes has been discussed before. But the ba and bf turbos obviously have different sized spark plug gaps. Ba is 1.1 bf .8? Anyway can I use a bf/fg turbo genuine plugs in a ba turbo (stock tune) If not why what is different besides gaps. ...I'd like to go a smaller gap then 1.1 but was thinking if just get the bf ones there already gapped. .I asked NGK they didn't know why ford called for a smaller gap compared to the earlier ones but in saying that they also said both plugs are pretty much identical specs besides gap sizeing.
  6. Although it's not as bad as the heat exchangers it's certainly not a non common issue in the ba btr. Mines done it....sister inlaws has done it and so has a mates. Also I hear it allot at work when people need new radiators due to same issue. But as you say it is more known in the heat exchanger units especially earlier on in life. I've herd of the FG haveing this exact issue with less then 1000ks on clock only a week old even Some last 300 000ks aswell
  7. The cracks on all my bolt holes go all was up to the threads. I'm looking at a new houseing eventually. In saying that though there are a few eBay...pulsar etc ones. I've herd stand clear of the Mambo ones as there crap... There is the Areo glow one which says wtf replacement and looks pretty good but not sure anyone had experience with stock setup useing it? Mine currently has larger flapper mod by looks as it's definally larger the factory ones
  8. Mines hot cracks in all bolt hole areas and dontt come loose .....how Bad's the cracks on yours?
  9. Hmm 😕 didn't think that....... Is that a common thing to happen in this situation haha as never seen it before haha
  10. While I was changing the turbo core couple weeks back I seen that I had cracks in all the exhaust housing bolt holes. (as per pic) Besides fact bolts mite loosen (which they were tight) would there be any other issues? There is a couple hairline cracks in wastgate hole area aswell. But yeah any performance issues with the cracks in bolt holes? If so...besides genuine garrett exhaust housings what other brands have people used on a stock tune without issues?
  11. That's true. Also noticed it allot quieter when on boost. There was always a air gushing sound when accelerating now it's gone haha
  12. I'd say so but surely would have been causing a leak? Of some sort
  13. Ripped turbo apart and found this. It's the o-ring for the compressors houseing (see pic). Now I have suspected this being damaged as few years ago I did a pressure test in I take and could hear air gushing from there, thought maybe it was the turbo bolts loose but found them being tight. Anyway question. What would this cause if anything? Boost lose? Fuel economy ? Nothing? Cheers
  14. Haha true true..just don't have the $$ for a tune...one day hhaa All good thought sister-in-law has a ba turbo that she wants to sell soon so I asked if can swap cats before and see if mine improves if not swap Back lol Hera is a BA cat mines BF turbo one. Turbo one is more round then the ba one. Not sure which would be better as ba one looks like it might flow more due to twin outlet hmmm..plus has heat shields still haha
  15. Hi all. The CAT on a ba xr6t. Wondering is there a replacement besides obviously a genuine or one from wreck etc that can replace with that won't cause issues with oberboosting etc? Like is there any that can be welded in? I'm running a bf turbo cat section as original fell to piices a few years ago I don't think anything a wrong with mine ...it still revs fine no issues. Just fuel economy could.be way better and almost everything has been replaced. Currently like 20lphk round town but long drives can get 8 lph. That's town driving easy not hard.
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