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  1. Thanks. Was told there different and can't be used without tuning to suit. Also connections different....but maybe I was mistaking it with the n/a with the connections
  2. So a FG turbo one should work fine Inna ba bf turbo
  3. Thanks...wow ford wants 280 here. I'll ring another dealer Although I was under impression that the ba bf tuebomones are different to the FG turbo? Different pinned and connector?
  4. Thanks. I can't find the specs on said sensor. However everywhere I look shows that number being suited for the car ...only a couple places don't lost it like supercheap but they lost other brands for it. Also I was wrong. It seems Bosch them selfs don't make the one they recommended anymore (says no longer available) so I'm guessing this is why this other number has come along.
  5. Hi. Wanting a new map sensor. It's a ba xr6 turbo. I have come across the following which I have seen is suitable for the car etc. But wanting to make sure. As I understand the factory one is a 2 bar and this one I've linked is a 2.5 bar. Would that matter? https://www.bosch-motorsport-shop.com.au/t-map-sensor-2.5-bar-130-deg-c The one Bosch themself recommend and also supercheap says there upwards of 250 plus. But a few places has said this one is the factory equivalant
  6. Haha yeah I'm open to all opinions etc. Just weired. Maybe when I'm swapping them I'm hitting some wireing or something. ..ah well I'll sort it out. Atm it's running ok. Prob just weather here as some days it's cold and dense air and others it's just normal Haha
  7. Hi. So. I changed spark plugs with factory plus and factory gapped (1.1mm) for a ba xr6t stock tune. Ran ok....when giveing it heaps went fine no issues etc. Couple weeks later I decided to try (experiment) just normal copper plugs with a 1mm gap. First drive I could feel it wanted to go better (very slightly) so took it on to high way and from a stand still have it a bit and it went pretty good then boost cut and limp mode (over boosted) so drove it steady and came good. Seems to hold 6psi then spikes . To 9ish Put other p
  8. Most likely the S5 solenoid. They can cause different issues and one is what your saying
  9. Heaps people put n/a box Inna turbo. Ofcourse if U pump heaps power or drive like you stole it even with a turbo box you will wear it out Turbo box has larger planatary gears and a stronger convertor housing otherwise everything internally and case wise is same same. (Unless been modified innpast) The output shafts do have side to side play bit the tail shaft yolk keeps it straightm as for in and out play I don't recall it haveing any. I'd say it would have been the needle roller bearing which sits between planatary gear set and output shaft or the one that sits on o
  10. Good stuff Curious. That banjo. Is it supposed to spin freely? Like really easily. I'm yet to check air leaks on it but just noticed since new it seems really easy to spin compared to one my mate had for his.
  11. Thanks. Have you ever herd of "maxtop" timming chains? There a tawain brand unknown. Online reviews have a few that have broken or stretched but I have also seen a few that say there good. Ot came with the Austral kit ....said it was for turbo aswell. I don't think I'll risk it and I'll just get the genuine one.
  12. Yeah I got a AUSTRAL timing kit very cheap (allot cheaper then RRP.) As just wanted to use the guides from the kit as they are the same ones nason use. However I'm not useing the chain that came with it as I seen I can get a genuine chain cheap or alike (as U said atomic) I had no idea they used different sprockets. Now I'm regretting throwing it out haha. Do you know how good the tensioners are from the nason kits? Or am I better of useing the original one. The nason/Austral ones look decent and feel decent though. (Tawain made..prob same as genuine now haha)
  13. Well the one on it now was from a N/A engine that had way less ks then my turbo engine. They both looked identical from memory....also ford list one for both turbo and non turbo bit I need to change guides as ones broken. So gonna change guides and chain with genuine chain.
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