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  1. jas98

    Electric problems?

    Long story short. After a heap of stuffing round and just before I decide to sway the BEM I was checking over car again when it was doing this problem and turns out it was a faulty relay.....alll corroded inside (one cover removed) Fun thing was it was 2 bad relays as when I swapped it from the power window switch one (to fault find) that one aswell was bad. So pulled guess box out and checked all wording and everything seemed ok and been working for a few weeks fine now
  2. Hmm dam haha I still have stock one lol... I do need a new pipe though as factory one is a bit worse for wear..do you know if it would have a negative affect on it that pipe being larger?
  3. Hi all. Looking for replacement hotside pipeing for a ba xr6t turbo. Car have a monza cooler otherwise stock pipeing on it. I have come across a plazman hotside pipe to suit. It's a 2.5inch kit however 1section of pipe is 2.75 inch which is the J section that comes from intercooler side...it is larger but only this pipe Would this have any bad affect is the pipe is slightly larger? Cheers
  4. Haha yeah. It used to spoke to mainly 9psi but when it hit 10 it went into overboost mode so dropped cylinders etc. Seeing I'm not looking for heaps power just a slight increase if say I'll be ok. As far as I'm aware it's factory valve springs but I was told it had 18psi put through it buy previous owner before my mate owned it. So it may or may not have had valve springs done in past. Either way couple more psi would be good
  5. Hi all. Just seeing if anyone here has tuned a high K ba xr6t in past. Mine has 357 000 on it (just engine everything else been replace in past lol) Now I'm not looking for heaps power. Only extra 2 or so psi and the tuner I spoke to said that's all he will go for anyway. Could plugs sensors fuel pump injectors actuator etc etc has all ben replaced so it has had a bit of money spent on all that. I'm aware sh*t can break but that can happen on any tune. And seeing I only go slightly higher I'm thinking I should be ok for now.. I know engine used to overboost to 10 psi for about a year straight before I discovered why lol
  6. jas98

    Electric problems?

    Alright. Spoke to another ford guy whos now a parts guy at ford. He said sounds like BEM and by me dosconnecting battery and reconecting it has reset itself. So hopefully its all ot needed as it seems fine now. Either way I will look into forscan and an extr key etc
  7. jas98

    Electric problems?

    Haha yeah. Locksmith was 150 for key. Mr minit 180. Ford wants 160 just to supplie key. I can get a ignition barrel....lock and 2 keys cut ...all genuine for 80 bucks just need codeing. Looking into useig forscan to do it. Anyone know the best obd11 plig to do ot with?
  8. jas98

    Electric problems?

    Haha yeah my bad BEM. Been fine since battwry dosconnect. But yeah. Turns out I need 2 keys to get it programed if I put another BEM in...I only.have 1 key ffs lol loterally cheaper for me to buy a ignition barrel with 2 keys to match with transponders (80 bucks all up) then it is to buy 1 key from ford for $180... Do you know if I can use forscan to program it all in myself? Ford said about 210 for them to install BEM and program...drive in drive oit if I supplied it. Another auto electric guy said they send them away to be gixed but need key....key reader and bem and will take up to 3 weeks plus....I <3 Bananas haha Although now everything is workig fine 😂
  9. jas98

    Electric problems?

    Haha yeah. So I was at work when wife told me. But now home. Basically start car....no wipers or aftermarket sterio that's getting power from the ACC plug that's located under steering wheel area. Drive along out of nowhere wipers cycle for 3 times and everything turns back on (after wipers cycle) I tried starting just before and no wipers etc. So diconnected battery for 30 seconds and back on and went for drive and alll back to normal....for.now.....so far.... Ford guy told me BCM issue. Auto elec said it sounds very weired but bcm is likely. Another place said nevwr herd it before haha. Maybe did just need a reset? How hard is it to swap BCM in a ba xr6t. Aer there different ones?
  10. Hi all have had a few issues but came good however yeaterday had battery disconnected on my ba xr6t when went to reconnect all was hood. Started car and idled ok. About 15 seconds later wipers flicked on by themselfs.....seems when starting car nownthry cycle 3 times...... Battery is brand new 3 day old. It did this last time battery was disconnexted aswell but came came good. I fid have to get a part of body of car in boot welded yesterday but seeing this problem was also there last time I doubt it caused any issues (battery diconnected)
  11. Thanks. But I found the issue and its all good and sounds great now. Boost to 5psi 6 at most and no more. Turns out I must have had a mind blank but the dump pipe to turbo bolts were loose...only on was tight others loose. Tightened them up and all good now
  12. Ok...but why is this noise happening and only after couple of runs..... I understand higher spring presure causeig overboost and a/f ratio issues but not this. Factory spring preaaure is like 3-4psi. This ones 5psi. I used to have a 8psi spring on it a few year ago which never ever did this noise it just overboosted when it hit 9psi.
  13. Hi all. Replaced the actuator on my ba xr6t (stock tune etc) I used a turbosmart 5psi replacement. Ok so...old actuator (factory) was only letting abou 3pi max no matter what I done etc plus it has a nice rattle inside it now that its removed from car. This new one is letting 5-6psi which is allllot better and feels heaps better...but have a problem. When engines cold to warm and I go for a drive and boost builds ...it builds boost up to 5psi (just to 6 max) but after a few pulls and engine get hot its only hitting 3-4psi and makes this loud air gushing sounds that also has a rattly sound.....it sounds to me like the wasgate flapper is bounceing very fast. Its does not make this sound when building boost up to 3psi only when it starts to hit 3psi. The turbosmart actuator requires it to be setup for pretension so im thinking I didnt tension it enough as I think I may have only did it 1mm not 2mm like they said to. Does this sound like im on right track?
  14. Hmm. Yeah similar to what mine looked like last time I had turbo.off. although I belive it did extend allllot further possibly to the turbine wheel area. (But hairline crack looking) I know.one of the hoiseing bolts keep comming out....I used exhaust cement last time when I put it back in and seema to have stopped it working loose. Id say its cracked there. Been looming for replacements and found a stock copied one on ebay for 220. Looks alright but unsure. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Ford-Falcon-BA-BF-FG-XR6-F6-GT3582R-Turbo-Charger-Turbine-housing-1-06-A-R-/112176571230&ved=2ahUKEwiCsPzt85jnAhU_zTgGHeoMCL4QjjgwA3oECAMQAQ&usg=AOvVaw1C70pkQAHSWmoDonyWSDkD Seems to be practically identical
  15. Haha sorry. Ment to say..I know I have read heaps about the houseings cracking arouns the wastgate seat... and they say its ok. But also have read that its also a bad thing to have cracks.
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