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  1. I have the engine vin number but don’t know what site to use
  2. He said it hasn’t been swapped or converted, I have the vin number but don’t know how to check it
  3. Whoops I already asked the seller if it has been engine swapped or turbo converted.
  4. Oh okay because the cars making 550 hp to the engine and I saw the rocket cover is grey does that mean he’s swapped it?
  5. I’m looking to buy this fg turbo and noticed that it had a grey rocket cover which unusual to me because usually they are only on the n/a models. I was wondering if they also came with the turbos or if it has been turbo converted
  6. Oh okay cool thank you also for your comments
  7. @Puffwagonwhat price do you thinking should be charged for valve springs replacement
  8. Okay I’ll watch it now, I’ll try find another mechanic who can remove them and replace new ones in without removing the head m.
  9. Oh okay I get it now, is this process safe?
  10. Okay thank you for the help, I guess I’ll get some more quotes and no go through with my mechanic
  11. He’s saying it’s so expensive because he needs to take off the head
  12. Oh okay, I just asked my mechanic about changing my valve springs and he said it will cost 2000-2500 for the install. But I’ve read every else people say 600-700 for labour and about 400 for the springs. If anyone could help with advice would be helpful
  13. Yeah my car is still overboosting hitting 10psi, on a stock tune, is that due to the mods I’ve done and is that bad?
  14. Yep think I finally found the problem, it was the valve springs was diagnosed by a good mechanic
  15. Also the car doesn’t get boost cut when the engine is cold but it cuts out all the time when it’s warm, do you think this is somebting to do with to much air to fuel ratio due to my mods
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