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  1. arronm

    The Off Topic Thread.

    This thread is just dribble.
  2. arronm

    The Off Topic Thread.

    Please NO 10,000 lots of crap. Someone ban him. Kittens needs to go back to Facebook. 1 month 19 days too long.
  3. arronm

    Software License Update Required

    Regular folk let's chuck in $10. Only need 16. New guys need to contribute to something
  4. And a Puff barra makes NO power cause BLOW up.... Your wife is going to put you in the DOG house when you blow up the territory....
  5. arronm

    The 32-Year-Old Modification Virgin

    I have a special plastic seat cover for drives in my car.
  6. arronm

    Actuator Replacement on BF Typhoon

    Can be changed with turbo on the car..
  7. You are correct but that's an inefficient way to mount. BUT as yours doesn't have direct air flow it doesnt matter..

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