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  1. It has been reused, has the sump been off before?
  2. Is the boost brought on lazy to help the gearbox or help traction
  3. there were cheaper in 1996. More expensive in 2011. family get luxaflex. Renters get ABC blinds. I was wrong I dong use luxoflex.
  4. This is what you want https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Ford-Falcon-FG-XR6-Redback-Mandrel-Bent-2-1-2-Catback-Exhaust-for-Sedan/254718300030?epid=3029136937&hash=item3b4e64cf7e:g:gc0AAOSwtxtcYQcC
  5. What a mess from just a loose clamp. The trick is tighten when hot
  6. Would you be happy with 40% for a maths test. 100% where its at........
  7. I gather its the rocker cover that's different. Try BA cover on FG with BA VCT. You will need to use BA BF coils. This is just a guess but try it.
  8. Anyone got a Note 20 ultra mobile. Is it good, any issues. Its time to upgrade my Note 8.
  9. Rear tyres will stick outside the guards.
  10. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/JDM-PRO-Exhaust-Manifold-Stud-Kit-For-FORD-6-Cyl-BA-BF-FG-XR6-FPV-Typhoon-BARRA-/123505069056
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