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  1. Aeroflow is fine, I have used them on a few cars. The trick with all fitting is to use teflon grease so they dont gall. You should have fitted a pan with a drain.
  2. Iam in the process of making up complete new buttons with bezel. This means you can have yours repaired or get a complete new one. Will be right to go in 2 - 4 weeks
  3. hey Puff, you put a LSD in yet. Once I increased boost that was the first thing I did. Still spins by 285/45/19 rears
  4. that's what I had for dinner.
  5. Going up fast. I never had two story. Each house I build I visit every weekend to see progress and make sure no dodgy sh*t, and take heaps of photos.
  6. Sounds like clutch issues.
  7. Most cars will have shims from the factory. more shims less camber. more shims front to back adjusts caster. Come on Keith , you should know this Fat shims are 6mm, This car has done some serious curb jumping
  8. boost cow sh*t its pants
  9. that's ok. You can chop fluffs house down to fuel you chip heater.
  10. Yeh I got one old capa box. Came with the BF Nizpro car I cashed in my capa box for trade in. Now all of my 3 turbo cars run xcal 3. I still never use them. Simon does the work , then I just chuck them in the draw
  11. My xcal is in the draw. Never used it. Only want max power
  12. Is the end of the metal rod threaded. If not Find 2 washers the same ID as the plasic end and weld them to the rod
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