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  1. arronm

    Lock nuts

    smash on a 22mm socket to the locknuts. Works perfect.
  2. Call Kev at process west he will maybe be able to help https://processwest.com.au/product/167/PWBATB01-Throttle-Body-Wiring-Harnesses-suits-Ford-Falcon-BA-BF
  3. Yep, Keith got a life. He has no problems now. Oh except a dead F6....
  4. Time for tune only and back on the rollers. Dont mod nothing. Push the pump , injectors , boost and timing to a safe limit. Reckon you can get 10 -20 rwkw, maybe more. ?? This is a great chance to document exactly what RWKW can be gained from each mod. Then you can develop some great packages.
  5. Dose noise is spring pressure is to high. How much boost are you running. Internet search indicates that BOV will be cop bait...
  6. Fluff. Look in the mirror and you will understand why
  7. This cooler as a minimum Must be 440 that's the new design . Old design is worse. https://www.hybrid-power.com/product-page/hdi-gt2440-pro-intercooler-kit-ford-bf-xr6-1
  8. Is it adjustable. Sounds like spring pressure is to high.
  9. Bet your diff bushes don't last 10ks now you have it. How many it done now ? Ims diff hat
  10. What is your budget. $2000 or $10000. Will you be happy with 300kw or will you want more??
  11. Ask your tuner what components he recommends. Then when they tune it you will achieve the best outcome.
  12. I use these for the cars. I connect a cable to the battery. ( included in the kit ) So all you have to do it unplug and drive off The unit stays outside the car. The thin 12v cable plugs into the battery cable. Easily shut the boot with this cable https://www.projecta.com.au/battery-charger-products/automatic-12v-1600ma-2-stage-battery-charger
  13. Trick is always keep it charged. I have the same battery in both F6. Mine last 5-6 years But $200 every 4 years ain't bad. And the small battery has less weight.
  14. Take oil filter and oil cooler off. Its a 24mm long reach socket. But you need to hold the fitting with 24mm open ender. It's a taper fit into the block so don't overtighten it. It's a tricky job , maybe get a mechanic to do it. If you car has high k's good idea to change the inlet gasket any rate. What state you in. Look here. Half way down the page What type of new line do you have. Don't forget to remove the small filter from the fitting and leave it out. https://www.fordforums.com.au/showthread.php?t=73561

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