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  1. Yeh, I know a guy that runs over 450, BUT he tunes his own car. Its all in the tune to make the rods lasts. And E85. Also having a larger turbo to run less boost at same power helps.
  2. Not really full boost by 3k. Try 3400. My factory turbo comes in harder than that and full boost by 2800
  3. Its not his fault, he has limited knowledge on most subjects. But occasionally he gets it more right than wrong.
  4. arronm

    Exhaust upgrade

    Yep, they blow holes in the piston....
  5. I have done it many times without compressors, just use rattle gun. It is very dangerous. The new springs being lower will go on easier. If you are smart you can use the cars weight and jacks to do it in the car.
  6. E85 My BF F6 makes 400 on 98, factory turbo at 15psi. It can be done
  7. Good pickup. That is starting to be an issue on high K cars at the coil pack connector. The wiring goes hard and brittle.
  8. If its just top up 40c and fill till it runs out. Car running.
  9. True, I enjoy the forum, chatting with you all. I believe after 15 years of these turbo falcon ownership I also have some advice to offer.
  10. 40 donations at $10, so easy. We have 40 regulars easy. Dont be a jew bag cough up a few bucks. I will throw in $10. That makes nearly $500 for me. Come on guys, why is it always up to the same people to donate.???
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