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  1. Stroke would increase from 99.31 , To 103.9mm.
  2. Just looking at injectors doesnt really fully tell if they have been modified. Plenty of stock drilled injectors out there
  3. Shortens the pipe work and reduces lag. Go drive a turbo territory and you will feel the difference Dont know how efficient the water to air are.
  4. Top is 20 heat range, bottom is 22 both Denso. You could re-gap the plugs correctly, most dont or wouldnt know how. Can zoom in double that
  5. This is what happens when you regap a 1.1mm plug to 0.7mm Vs a stock untouched 0.7mm plug. Back in the day when tuners regapped plugs. Oh NO....
  6. Straight from the camera. Not touched. that's the real size....
  7. Sounds like boost cut as its over-boosting
  8. The oil normally sits on top. What does it drive like. Time to check the gearbox oil.
  9. Stock car is 7 and 15.5. Maybe an LS3 will fit ???
  10. These switches are getting hard to find. Anyone with a dead one that wants it repaired or wants to sell one give me a PM. I have a guy with a GT that his button failed and a repair was attempted that destroyed the whole assembly. So any help would be appreciated.
  11. 15ml water. 45ml ethanol. that's the ratio. Try it.
  12. Changed my mind. What was I thinking. Now its time for a project car. My favorite car for over 40 years. Time to build a kit car. Have to see what powerful engine will fit. Must be quick. Doesnt need to be killa. Just faster than the original.
  13. Do you want be to work out the mL ratio, water to fuel ???

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