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  1. 10 Psi tune only making 5 psi

    Put the car on the dyno and get the tunes checked. The tuner will tell you each tune location, PSI and if the car is running lean etc. Maybe one of the tunes will be adequate. that's what I did when I got a car with a CAPA Box.. Cant retune but maybe the tune is OK...
  2. Adding a drain plug to a ZF 6 speed auto

    https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/ford-non-genuine-ZF-6HP26-6-Spd-Automatic-Trans-Steel-Sump-pan-Conversion-kit/201433334380?hash=item2ee65cc26c:g:r4YAAOSwFnFV~g1v:rk:47:pf:0 also install new mechatronics seal. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/ZF-6hp26-ford-bmw-Automatic-Transmission-Mechatronic-Plug-Sleeve-six-speed-OE/191650661670?hash=item2c9f450526:g:Ow4AAOSwDNdVvfsE:rk:110:pf:0
  3. The Off Topic Thread.

    Nah, no sausages or little chops
  4. What exhaust to run on FPV F6E

    I have 2 nizpro exhaust. No issues with mine.
  5. Whats On The Menu

  6. What exhaust to run on FPV F6E

    Why does everyone talk about the minimum to flow power. Why not start with the biggest and run less boost. Then later if you upgrade for more power its no restriction.
  7. TTG External Turbo oil feed

    AWD has transfer case...
  8. TTG External Turbo oil feed

    Its the oil pressure sender setup and the location of the trans cooler.
  9. TTG External Turbo oil feed

    Totally different. Call these guys. I got a great kit from them. All black. https://www.gjdrivelines.com.au/

    Its not process west, and I dont think its plazmaman. Its a knock off...
  11. What Made You Feel Good Today

    I had qnap for plex. Junk compared to PC dedicated server. I can stream to more than 6 TVs at the same time off my server.
  12. FPV ute alarm system backup battery

    Good job. I should really fix both My F6 as well. Being an electrician I will solder up 4 of these. https://au.rs-online.com/web/p/coin-button-rechargeable-batteries/3252872/
  13. Catch can setup

    I have many posts on it. Use search.

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