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  1. No. There is as plate missing between the engine and box.
  2. Looks like crazy offsets front to back.
  3. Ford Racing Mustang Rims. Why Not

    Good info Keith.
  4. There appears to be copy/paste in this thread... Keith is normal switched on, except today, must have taken DUMB pill....
  5. Bf brakes from factory

    Sounds like a killer xr6 turbo.....
  6. Appears to be an echo in this post....
  7. You have to drop the rear of the box a bit to change the whole shifter. Undo rear gearbox mount and lower a bit. This will make access easier. Dont worry about Keith , it's been so long for him. He forgot how to work on cars.
  8. Need help guys boost problem

    I doubt it , I own 8 cars and 10 motorbikes, I am always working on something.... Dude I have a hoist and aircon in my garage.....
  9. Need help guys boost problem

    Every good tool set has a range of them. You can NEVER have to many tools. Not expensive/rare or useless. But we know you dont work on cars and just let them sit, SO you probably dont need any tools.... https://www.supercheapauto.com.au/p/toledo-toledo-wobble-extension-bar-set-3-8-square-drive-5-pc---301938/SPO81519.html#q=wobble&segment=1&page=1
  10. Need help guys boost problem

    Wobble bit and uni are 2 different tools., you tool.
  11. So STD airbox on passenger side?? You know its Monday now, why not just call process west and get the instructions??
  12. 2 Wheel Transport...

    I suppose all the other yamaha riders are the problem too.
  13. 2 Wheel Transport...

    He is sending Yamaha a message. He doesnt make mistakes like that in qualifying.
  14. Mkii Ute Fuel Pumps

    Anyrate doesnt matter fixed now....
  15. Mkii Ute Fuel Pumps

    Mine is a custom pot. But look at the top of the pot, the connections have arrows on them for fuel flow direction. Also the return is the large diameter. So you had the return line going to the vent. Who worked on this car.....

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