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  1. I agree 100% that's why I'm popping them in storage to keep them in mint condition, so if I ever sell the car it will help resale value.
  2. Thinking of keeping the original wheels in storage and getting something like these. But can't decide whether to stick with 19" or go 20" also thinking 275, rather than 265 on rears. https://saviniwheels.com/wheels/bm12/ http://vertiniwheels.com/rfs1-1/ http://www.nicheroadwheels.com/wheel/4201/niche-sport-series-essen-m147/?finishID=3253&lugs=5
  3. Few pics of the new Sprint. New plates coming in about a week, once it's registered in NSW.
  4. 2nd hand of course. There are a few on car sales right now.
  5. I'll pop some pics up when I get it. Coming from Vic, so covid makes things challenging.
  6. Winter White. I think it works best with the black wheels and black inserts everywhere.
  7. So after all that the new rotors and pads arrived, but there was a 5 week wait on the intercooler from CMS. That gave me way too much time to think about the money I was going to spend on the Ute. So I sold it last week and am buying an XR6 Sprint 🤑
  8. I was quite happy with Michelin Pilot Sport 4s tyres on my ute. Much better than factory tyres and certainly better than the Falkens I was running on my last ute.
  9. You're convincing me to pay someone to do it 🤑 Definitely not the 19" ones the come on the FG, FG MKII or FGX. I guess that's why the HWP always went 18" FPV wheels on their XR6 Turbos.
  10. Well I have my answer. They don't fit. I had a mate with an FPV and we tried to put my wheels on his car and they fouled. So I have just ordered some DBA T3 4000 https://www.sparesbox.com.au/part/dba-t3-4000-performance-slotted-brake-rotor-pair-front-dba42107s Slotted Rotors and Bendix Ultimate Pads. I think I'll have a crack at installing them myself. I downloaded the workshop manual and it seems straight forward enough, but does anyone have a guide with pictures for a simpleton?
  11. That's bloody awesome. If my spoilt mutt would sleep outside I'd make one. But alas the wife is a sucker and keeps her indoors.
  12. You know your wheels. Yeah 20's. Not much of a jump from the 19's I'm running. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/20-Inch-Koya-SF04-Flow-Forged-Concave-Wheel-Ford-FPV-XR6-XR8-F6-FG-X-BF-Typhoon/253422455291?hash=item3b0127c9fb:g:huQAAOSwK6RZJjat Not even sure if they would fit Brembo brake kit. Would they allow for a wider rear tyre? more traction could be something I need soon 😃
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