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  1. Happy Birthday Dillz!

  2. Happy Birthday Dillz!

  3. Happy Birthday Dillz!

  4. Happy Birthday Dillz!

  5. Why doesn't that not surprise me lol
  6. Snookie getting punched in the face, was uncalled for and the dudes she was with did nothing.
  7. Not that I watch Jersey Shore but that was uncalled for and the guys with them's response was even worse.
  8. We should move this to Vic Chat, we'll never get more pages then off topic at this rate..
  9. What were they again? (genuine question)
  10. Really? I give it a shot every couple of months and car drives the same except economy goes way down.
  11. Get on the Ballistic cat group buy if you just plan on maxing the little turbo.
  12. Agree with both of you but problem Is relax the rules in here and some people tend to do it in every thread, that CAI thread as a prime example.
  13. Otherwise genuine members that are here to learn about the XR6 Turbo have to sift through all the crap from people that are just here to talk sh*t. Most of the time probably turned right off after seeing certain posts.
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