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  1. Hey mate, scrambled under there and saw the yellow lever attached to the white lever with that bit of bar ( I want to say wire because it's thin as I nearly bent it.) It was tight as and nothing I could do would move it, cycling the head/legs/both etc did nothing, made no sound or any movement. I can only assume then that if I've been looking at the right thing that it's stopped functioning. Also no air comes out down on the legs at all. It's demister (windshield) and rear vents only, with what I can only assume is "leakage" that comes out the front vents. Joy.
  2. That's a great reply! Thanks mate I'll have a good look shortly!
  3. Hey mate, thanks for the reply. Just the single zone. It's definitely still cold, you can feel it slightly creep out the vents. But seems like that relay thing that lets it swap from demist to front etc is just stuck on demist..
  4. Hey guys, Had my aircon re-gassed about a year ago due to a slow leak on an 'O' ring being worn. Worked perfectly. It's been on the cool side early in the morning up in NQLD recently so I turned the AC off when I started the car first up in the morning. Anyway, this afternoon went to turn it back on and nothing comes out of the front vents. The blower is definitely working and have checked the filter and made sure the blower is going, it regulates up and down with the fan speed control no worries. However it blows a gale out the front demister vents and rear vents nice cold air but
  5. Just dropped my car. I'll get better photos but SSL fronts and SSSL rear. Stock shocks for now but they will be getting changed sooner rather than later.
  6. Mine used to do this to recently, I flushed and changed the radiator coolant and it fixed the fan issue. If it's not something you've done recently you might have a slight blockage in there that's causing the water temps to be higher than normal so the fans are kicking in to help. Just a thought.
  7. Hey mate, no I didn't remove at all. There's a clear separation there between the fog surround and the front bumper and wherever there's a clear gap no matter how small you can basically just spray away as the plastidip won't "seal" that gap, so when it dries you can just peel whatever got onto the bumper off and it'll tear itself a clean line around the surrounds. I did tape up a little to help stop over spray (which plastidip does do a bit of) but over all I just sprayed it all over the glass and everything and once it's dry just pick out a hole and peel it off and because the glass and the
  8. I've played with plastidip on the front bar, fog light surrounds and plastic bonnet lip. I really like it.
  9. broke

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    A few pictures of my FG XR6T
  10. I've had Transmax in mine for about 2years now as my car did the ZF surge when stopping when I bought it. The flush with Transmax fixed it and no sign of it since. I'll do another flush at 100k which is about 17k away. Only gripe I have is when it's cold the Transmax flares a tiny bit, once then it's done and doesn't do it again. Always on first start up after work or first in the morning.
  11. Hey guys, just thought I'd throw this question out to anyone that might have a bit more knowledge than myself (not hard.) My car for a while now makes a strange intermediate squeal noise at crawl speed, and by crawl speed I mean in D with no brake right as I take off mostly happening in the morning. I can't pinpoint it's location but I'm thinking it's coming from the rear which makes me think maybe the handbrake needs adjusting or rear pads need looking at. If anyone could shed some light on what they think it could be would be great.
  12. Thinking about giving this a crack diy style. Good mate of mine is a steel fab so getting it mounted isn't the issue for me it's understanding how to rewire it. Anyone with some know how I'd love a pm to pick your brain. Is it just a case of running "extension" cabling from driver side to passenger side? The cable provided in the brand name kits looks quite short from photos.
  13. I think I can relate to the noise people are talking about with this pipe. I've had the 4" delete pipe on for well over a year and when I put the boot into it there's a little lag then this indescribable "wooosh" noise but sounds more like a boost leak than that sexy high pitched turbo spool noise we all crave. I'm getting my metal worker mate to build me a turbo side airbox for a 6pack in a few weeks and getting the battery located from my other mate who works for battery world. I'll throw the stock pipe back on and see if the performance increases as after the year or so that delete pipe has
  14. yeah just wasn't sure, I filled up pretty tight. actually way over their rated pressure now I've checked. but I'll chat to the mechanic tomorrow anyway. Selling the car pretty soon just want to make sure it's all right before I move it.
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