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  1. 25psi at 2krpm is going to insane cylinder pressures. In the launch map I would ensure you are running 30deg or or more of overlap to reduce dynamic cylinder pressure. The load sites in the non launch map will then need to be tuned to accommodate for these kinds of loads that would never normally be seen with very low timing and overlap also. Likely when you released the anti lag it hit a load site that was never seen before on the standard map with too much ignition timing. I would also set up the anti lag to not start adding boost until 2500+ along with overboost protection enabled. Definitely ensure all the factory safety features are still enabled as well as described here. https://forum.pcmtec.com/topic/237-howto-engine-protection-settings/ I've got an unopened (other than valve springs) 220,000km BF that has taken anti lag abuse for years now by utilising this methodology.
  2. You can do that as well with PCMTEC if you want.   You can do the same thing with the stock PCM where you manipulate the torque tables to trick the box into anticipating more torque than is actually being produced. If you have changed all the clutch packs etc it is not really an optimal way to do it though and it will be very clunky on shifts. Some people "tune" the trans by accident in a similar fashion by screwing with the speed density to the point the load (and hence torque) is very inaccurate.
  3. Ours aren't aftermarket. The stock boost control is excellent and doesn't need changing.
  4. Throw the gfb boost controller in the bin and put the stock controller back. All aftermarket systems go backwards over stock.
  5. rollex


    Not true. David at Tune Technic only does dyno tuning (nothing else) and has tuned pretty much everything you've ever seen. Sam at CTB is also very good. Both are in Auckland, not sure about the other end of the country. If you go see either of those guys I can give them phone support to walk them through the boost control issue. It's not that hard once you are made aware of all the tables that influence it. One that catches most tuners out is there is a VCT adder for over/underboost. Not all software packages have these tables mapped, so if you disabled closed loop boost control (lots of tuners do as time is limited and they do not have the budget to tune it) and have a boost error the PCM will play with the VCT to try and help reach the boost target, this will result in very weird torque curves. https://forum.pcmtec.com/topic/15-howto-boost-control-babf/ The FG has more tables again on top of this and the Sprint/5.0 supercharged also have temporary overboost and boost by gear on top of it as well. So depending on which vehicle you have there is a slightly different approach. It isn't as simple as just disabling the overboost, you need to configure the whole boost control strategy correctly, if you do this you retain all the factory safety features (overboost and sensor failure) and also retain the underboost (100% duty) to help get the car on boost faster at part throttle.
  6. Flex fuel is totally possible. About ~$1k for a plug and play loom, sensor and fuel rail fittings (assuming you are using the stock fail). Speak to Danny and he can sort you out with the right kit depending on which ECU and loom you are using. https://www.facebook.com/pirottaperformance If you need to pass emissions it will be much easier with the stock ECU, send me a PM and I can recommend a tuner who knows what they are doing and has the time to sort that out for you. It will be very easy to meet the RB30E emissions if you put a modern factory catalytic converter on a barra.
  7. There is a guide on our forum how to wire up an external switch to change maps or have variable boost. We actually released that functionality before the cruise control version.
  8. Also to add to the above. We have ~6000 parameters mapped for the Falcons. SCT only have 3k and HPT 1.5k. We also support oddball varieties such as the BTR 4 speed FG Taxi, Ecolpi and the late model 2016 FGX which no one else supports. We generated these definitions ourselves using our own disassembler and pattern matcher we wrote. If the defs were simply hacked/stolen, we would only support the same number or a subset, not more. Then we have our custom operating system which includes flex fuel and multiple tunes, no one else offers anything remotely similar for these vehicles. It is pretty offensive to call us out when what we offer has gone so far above and beyond what already exists. Perhaps the rumour started as our tree structure/layout looks similar to SCT. This is not by accident, it is as the majority of our customers have come from SCT and requested a similar layout to make their job easier. Anyway happy new year everyone and good luck tuning this year!
  9. For anyone who doubts the hard work you can read in detail the full development blog here. https://pcmhacking.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=41&t=4940 The source code for the early versions was available on github for 2 years so anyone could download it and contribute.
  10. Look the stock factory timing table in the stock PCM. You'll need to convert the loads though as the factory computer will calculate a different load than the haltech. Remember to add all the timing scalars on top.
  11. What pump do you have? If you have as walbro 460 or bigger and dont change the return line or regulator return you will get high pressure at idle. Check my post here Andrew, this will tell you immediately where your slope is wrong. In my case the car had slopes from the wrong injector inputted. I will finish the post soon showing how to fix it. https://forum.pcmtec.com/topic/42-howto-injector-scaling-basics/?tab=comments#comment-2627
  12. Do not do that. Ford call it number of O2 sensors, but it is actually number of "banks". If you set it to 2 it will make the PCM think the car is a v8 and you'll screw up the firing order. Not sure what 0 would do!
  13. Is it the factory calibration/strategy and engine? What about exhaust/dump pipe? If the O2 sensor has been moved the transport time will be wrong which can cause O2 oscillations/swings.
  14. Log it against cam angle. You'll probably find its fine for one cam angle and not for another, cam angle changes VE dramatically, hence the pulse width as well.
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