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  1. Graham West has a hub dyno and Damien has his head screwed on pretty good. He asks better questions than most and seems able to figure things out from first principles on his own without any help from others. If for any reason people wanted an alternative that is who I can personally vouch for. They are obviously a bigger shop though, so they have overheads and time constraints unlike Jet who is on his own and can take as long as he wants, take from that what you will.
  2. What broke in yours JET, the gears or the clutches?
  3. He modified the trans for more pressure. Then the planetary set let go a few weeks later. Didn't slip though apparently, clutches still looked brand new. You wouldn't do that to a customers car. Obviously something is going to fail.
  4. Daniel Naggy cracked a 9.9 in his stock bottom end BTR BA turbo back around 2008. ~500rwkw 142mph
  5. Supply and freight costs have gone up dramatically. They probably have new employees to pay due to extra demand as well. Business is bloody hard, there are lots of costs to making it work. Don't assume people are just upping their prices and sitting back with their feet up.
  6. Other than the owner none of the original Nizpro guys are left now.
  7. With 400rwkw on the street you can't and still be quick. Boost by gear or a low boost tune will be faster on the street every time. I've set up boost by gear and flatshifting on my manual BF with ~380rwkw. I can pin the throttle from 1st to 4th without lifting and basically no wheel spin. Press of a button and I get full boost in all gears to do skids all day if I want.
  8. This is actually a really good book. I recommend it.
  9. Most boxes blow up because people mess up the torque reductions. Best box in the world will end up in pieces of you turn off the torque reductions. This is why most transmission builders supply a ZF tune and need to see the PCM tune as well to make sure the torque calculations are correct. Even messing with your speed density can kill a box. This is as speed density -> load -> torque -> torque reduction. FYI monstatorque warranty their transmissions as well. That was NSW
  10. Boost by gear will fix your traction issues. The 1.21 being less laggy is a really strange result to me. Was it running 100% duty before target boost in both? How about the cam timing? Did the 1.21 come with a different wheel combination or identical turbo other than the housing? It doesn't really make much sense.
  11. Also avoiding axle tramp, can break them with stock power if its bad enough.
  12. You can do that as well with PCMTEC if you want. You can do the same thing with the stock PCM where you manipulate the torque tables to trick the box into anticipating more torque than is actually being produced. If you have changed all the clutch packs etc it is not really an optimal way to do it though and it will be very clunky on shifts. Some people "tune" the trans by accident in a similar fashion by screwing with the speed density to the point the load (and hence torque) is very inaccurate.
  13. Places like monstatorque make something like 5 ZF boxes a week, they have the process so streamlined Rob's wife can assemble them now. Lots of efficiency when you are building that number of them, plus you can bulk buy parts to drop the prices. People still go C4/TH400 thinking its cheaper but the reality is its still $10k to do one of those once you factor everything in including stall converter, tailshaft, PCM/loom modification to manualise it. There are lots of hidden costs people forget about, the actual box itself is only part of it. None of the big shop
  14. Still no camshaft or tuning related discussion to be found...
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